Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast Episode 5

Jason and I are back with Episode 5 of the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast!

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Here’s what we discuss in this episode!

  • Dairy for calcium?
  • Paleo Halloween.
  • Shakes and post workout meals.
  • Paleo pregnancy.
  • Stevia and other sugar substitutes


  1. Davina says

    So glad you all talked about Paleo Pregnancy. I have been struggling horribly with food aversion and nausea and had resorted to eating crackers and chicken noodle soup and broke down and bought some bread the other day. I have not opened the bread and eaten any though. Listening to the podcast has strengthened my resolve to not give in to my old lifestyle of eating and I will just do my best to find foods that I can stomach right now without resorting to grains and sugary treats. Last weekend I cooked all the meats we would need for the week and have not been able to eat any of them, but at least my husband and kiddos have meals ready. Right now the only things I seem to be able to stomach easily is chicken salad sandwiches :( , apples with almond butter, and bananas. I hope this passes soon because I feel cruddy when I resort back to my old eating habits. :(

    • Sarah says

      Hang in there! Have you tried making some bone broth? Sometimes it helps sooth a nauseous tummy and is so packed with nutrients you’ll at least be getting some good stuff. Also try ginger tea and eating a little bit of something right when you wake up in the morning. Finally, some light exercise, walking, fresh air, all helps too. It will pass soon and you’ll be able to stomach more food options. Happy baby growing!! : )

      • Davina says

        Sarah, no I haven’t tried the bone broth but will do so! I have found that walking does help. I walk around my building at work when the nausea gets too bad. I will also try the ginger tea. Thank you for your suggestions!

  2. Janine says

    I am behind and catching up on the podcasts, but I love them!!! Thanks. I might skip to this and listen to Paleo Halloween. I need some ideas, unfortunately it is not my favorite day. (I apologize, it is a super popular day!)
    I enjoy the podcasts!

  3. Eric says

    Listened for first time and i have a few questions/comments.

    Why do you say a Crossfit metcon workout should not last more than 15 minutes?

    I’m not being critical of you statement that humans didn’t new to domesticate the cow to survive, but it does nothing to explain to people wondering how they can get calcium without dairy. It’s like saying humans didn’t need the invention of the running shoe to run, and therefore you should not use a running shoe.

    Also. I eat smoothies, as do my friends, and I’ve never heard anyone say they feel bad after eating a smoothie.

  4. Mindy says

    Heard this podcast when it came out but am so glad I could come back and listen to it again, especially the dairy for calcium part. My daughter’s Rheumatologist was drilling me today on how my daughter needs calcium to grow. She learned today that we don’t consume dairy and is convinced my daughter should be taking a multivitamin now to meet her daily calcium requirements. Her height didn’t change as much as previous visits so her growth chart isn’t staying the same path and she lost 4 lbs in the past 6 months so her Dr. is concerned whether she’s getting enough calories. She will be 10 years old on Aug. 17th, is 4’8 3/4″ tall and weighs 72 lbs. I feel she eats good ood and looks great. How do I respectfully tell her she’s getting the nutrition she needs without dairy?

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