Paleo Lifestyle and fitness Podcast Episode 6

Sarah and I are back with the quintessential fat loss episode of the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast!  We discuss all the pertinent points of paleo nutrition for fat loss goals.

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  1. Anthony says

    Great advice about still eating the same way and Paleoizing foods. Just like when I go to the store and everything is marked gluten free but still has the starches that are against eating paleo and gluten free Like Corn flour, etc

  2. Terry says

    Solid advise as usual. I was shaking my head in agreement the whole time. As far as skipping breakfast, do you have anything against coffee with some fat (aka bulletproof coffee)? Love the podcast. Can’t wait to hear the exercise episode.

  3. Maggie says

    I really want to thank you for this podcast! It put things into perspective for me. I went on a package food diet (ideal protein) earlier this year, had great results, lost 20 lbs. But then once I was off of it, I gained back 10 lbs. It’s been really frustrating and I’ve tried starting it up again, but the idea of eating food out of a package to stay 10lbs lighter it just a horrible prospect.

    I use to xfit, but moved to Boston recently and it’s too $$ here. I am trying to lift on my own once a week and walk 4 times a week and play squash once a week. I haven’t fully gone paleo, but plan to start next week. This podcast was great because it addressed two things I’ve been struggling with trying to go this alone with real food.

    1. Extreme caloric restriction. I am only 130 lbs with 23% body fat, so by most equations I am looking at -1000 calories a day to burn fat. Trying to live like that is fairly un-fun. So it was great hearing your thoughts on that type of calorie restriction. I think before I start restricting I’ll do 21 days paleo, track my intake for a few days and then reduce the calories as you suggest by about 200 cal/day an go for a slower fat loss.

    2. I love your point about a healthier you is a more attractive you. And how if you are eating well, and excising and maintaining a weight doing all these things, you are going to be healthier, and in the end more attractive. It was refreshing and I felt this weight (ha) lift off my shoulders when I heard that. Thank you.

    3. Liquid food is a no go. THANK YOU! The only foods I could stomach from ideal protein where liquid and hearing your take on liquid food, just made me go, phew… I can start eating REAL solid food again and I don’t have to be afraid of it.

    Really the whole podcast was amazing. It just opened my eyes to all this crap I’ve been dealing with. I had never had food issues before I went on the ideal protein diet. Since going off of it, I’ve been beating myself up for the weight gain and floundering around on what to do next. You guys gave it to us straight and it really has helped me to reset my way of thinking. This weekend I will be stocking up on paleo foods and moving into the next 21 days with a weight lifted off my shoulders. After that initial period I’ll evaluate if the new healthy me is more attractive or still needs to lose those 10 lbs… it may just be we’re fine.

    Thanks again!

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