Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast, Episode 59

Podcast PicSarah and I are back with Episode 59 of the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast!

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Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • Calories and fat loss.  (4:14)
  • Pull-Ups for women.  (20:46)
  • Cole Slaw.  (28:56)
  • Running and lifting.  (31:19)
  • Type 1 diabetes and paleo.  (44:28)


  1. kristina g. says

    im from southern california…and it is actually a law in california to have to post the calorie count…i work for starbucks and we have to post it…and most resturaunts have it on their or at the back of the menu…just letting you know.

  2. Chris says

    Based on some people who have done it, becoming fat adapted and using fat for energy with regards to endurance racing seems to take at least 1-2 years to adapt. Vinnie Tortorich, Peter Attia, Ben greenfield and others have done this and find it’s a much better option for endurance running but takes a huge commitment to fully adapt. Because fat utilization can only go so far super starch is required as well for extra fuel. It seems like if someone was serious about endurance racing and committed to it that this path might be the best/healthiest way to accomplish it with least amount of side effects.

    As for strength training. I’m playing around with post workout carbs as a really skinny dude looking to bulk up. I find shakes easiest to get post workout nutrients as it’s a 30 min drive to the gym. I’ve tried bringing a container of sweet potato but find it too hard to get down cold. I was thinking of blending sweet potato in with a protein shake making a thick smoothie that I would partially chew to get down. I know the issue with smoothies is nutrient absorption as opposed to whole foods but if it’s thick enough and requires some chewing wouldn’t the salivary enzymes be used and treat it like eating whole food? Ben Greenfield puts chunks of stuff in his shakes to ensure he chews it enough to get this to happen. Thoughts? I am >10% body fat right now with little muscle and 29 years old, 6 feet tall.

  3. Elaine says

    I am in Illinois and there is calorie counts on menus here too!

    Funny story for you two. The other day some co-workers wanted to go to lunch at a Pancakes house (of course I crinch at that and Italian places, but not to bad ’cause I know there are usually egg and bacon choices.) So before we leave, one of my co-workers is talking about calories and she needs to keep it below a certain point and the typical American diet thoughts. Anyway, she orders the 2x2x2, eggs, pancakes, sausage. I order a hamburger, no bun, no fries, they didn’t have a vegetable side option, I was offered fruit, but didn’t really want it. I ate just the hamburger, oh it had an egg on it and bacon. She just looked at me with the most discussed look. I know she was thinking in her head, oh my that is a heartattack waiting to happen. But you know what? I probably had just as many calories on my plate as she had on hers. Plus, I felt much better at the end of my meal than her.

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