Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast, Episode 71

Podcast PicSarah and I are back with Episode 71 of the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast!

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Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • An Epic Fat Loss Review

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  1. says

    Happy New Year Jason and Sarah and great episode. Jason- I have a quick question for you about something covered in this podcast.

    Currently, I am returning to school to become a registered dietician to eventually practice paleo and due to my schedule, there are maybe 2-3 nights a week I can actually get to bed by 10pm, however every night, I am sleeping at least 8-9 maybe even10 hours. Is it impossible for me to reach my fatloss goals because of the 2 hour loss and possible cortisol rythm upset by this? All other factors are pretty much set, I walk 2-3 miles a day, lift heavy 3 times a week and my diet has been dialed for a long time. I just have so much schoolwork as well as my job that most nights, sleeping from 12-9 or 1-10 are my only options.

    If that will keep me from reaching my goals, I guess so be it, but I just wanted to see if you could take the time to elaborate on it for me. Thanks for everything and keep up your amazing work.

    • Jason says

      I doubt you will have any problems if you are getting plenty of total sleep and most nights you sleep when you should. Don’t worry too much about it. It sounds like you’re doing fine and the situation is temporary.

  2. Holly says

    Great podcast!
    I am really interested in what you said right around 40 min. : that people can come back from almost any injury. I am especially interested in information you can provide regarding HOW to find a practitioner. My brother has been dealing with a work-related back injury for years and I’d like to help him find a practitioner in his area (Kansas City, MO). I know he’s seen several doctors already, so I am interested…what type of practitioner should he be looking for? He hasn’t done any physical activity other than walking for years, would EP Lifefit be something he should check out, or should he see a doctor first. I would love to see him just go one day without pain. Thanks!

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