Paleo Lifetsyle and Fitness Podcast, Episode 64

Podcast PicSarah and I are back with Episode 64 of the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast!

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Legendary Jim Laird is back, and this time we are also joined by the ever-awesome Molly Galbraith!

Jim and Molly’s gym is J&M Strength and Conditioning.
We hope to see you at the Train Like a Girls Seminar.
Be sure to check out Molly’s own site.
Jim’s blog is Where Performance and Health Collide, and if you are a woman trying to get fit, healthy, and hot, you need to follow Girls Gone Strong and
The blog written by some of J&M’s amazing clients is called The Miss Fits.
Here is Suzanne, the lifter we discussed who deadlifted 369 lbs in competition!


  1. Beth says

    Great podcast! Listened on my way into work this morning.
    But the link to Suzanne’s post is missing a : and doesn’t get you anywhere.

  2. says

    Hi Jason and Sarah,
    Thanks so much for a great podcast. Every time I listen I say “This is the best one yet”….till the next.
    You two are my hero’s. Usually I listen while walking my dogs but
    tonight I listened to the latest while cooking an amazing paleo dinner for my family (Boston Baked Beef w/ Cauliflower rice, mmmmm).
    Since it’s Thanksgiving (almost) I just want to say thanks for all the two of you do. You truly change lives…one podcast and book at a time!! Keep up the great work. Jason, there are many mom’s other then yours who listen to your podcast. I’m one of them!! :-) Have a great Thanksgiving.

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