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I recently posted about Paleo Magazine which is a fairly new publication and I am so excited and honored to be a monthly contributor!  For the latest issue, the editor of the magazine asked me to contribute an article about school lunches; and furthermore, look who made the cover!! Thank you so much to Paleo Mag for the honor, and dear readers, please support and subscribe to this amazing publication. I promise you will be impressed with the quality and content!


  1. caroleigh pierce says

    Hey Sarah! I’ve been following your blog and cooking like a crazy woman out of your cookbook. thank you thank you! I live in Chico and work at Klean Kanteen. LOVE that our bottle made the cover as well! I’ve been spreading the Paleo word around work and bringing in healthy snacks to the crew. 4 kids at my house so i love all the healthy suggestions. Keep em coming!

  2. Mark Yatchak says

    Just wanted to chime in and mention that you deserve it for all you do for the paleo/primal community. Great work Sarah! I’ll be sure to grab a subscription to the magazine and look forward to my first issue.

  3. says

    Fantastic! You guys look right at home on the cover. That is super exciting! You work hard, girl, you deserve it! I will probably miss out on your featured issue, but I plan on asking for a subscription for Christmas!!

  4. says

    Great Blog! I love the idea of the magazine. I will have to subscribe and give it a look. The Paleo Diet seems to be a healthy diet option and I love the creativity with exercise options. Many diets today skip the exercise and I don’t see how this can be healthy. In order for a diet to work most professionals say it needs to combine healthy eating with exercise.

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