Paleo Talk Episode 16

Inside Episode 16 of Paleo Talk

  • Eating Paleo with a very limited budget. Parents are older with health issues and fixed income.
  • Grapeseed oil not recommended? Also, Rosacea helped by diet?
  • Guiding the kids to make good choices. How to not offend or be labeled as the weird kids.
  • Doing the deal for a week, and have bad headaches and feel funky. Could it be sugar withdrawals? Caffeine?
  • Child with severe Reactive Attachment Disorder. (Symptoms and FAQ)
  • The Great Banana Debate of 2011


  1. Jenn says

    I recently moved my whole family to paleo. This first week with a complete paleo grocery list seemed overwhelming, but my grocery bill was actually significantly lower than my usual bill. I didn’t buy all organic items, but I tried to make the best choices for the interest of my budget. I couldn’t have been happier. All that crap food was slowly killing my health and my bank account!

  2. Suzan says

    Angel Food Ministries provides low-cost food boxes nationwide, no strings attached. They started providing a monthly box with just beef. It’s relatively inexpensive. Their site seems to be down right now, but hopefully they are still available.

  3. mmccourt says

    Hey Dain and Girls,

    Is there a big difference between cooking with naked cast iron or cooking with enamel coated cast iron? Also, dutch oven or slow cooker?

    Thank you!!!!

    • says

      Depends on how and what you cook. If you do a lot of high-heat searing/browning -bare iron is better suited. Enamel can be damaged by lots of high-heat use. Bare gives the added benefit of leaching iron into food. Enameled doesn’t retain fish or other flavors like bare iron. Enameled is pretty, but more costly. Enameled doesn’t react to acidic foods such as tomato sauce like bare. Bare heats more evenly and efficiently. Bare requires specific care and seasoning that enameled doesn’t. There are pros and cons – all depends on how you use it. I do not currently own any enameled ware, but would not turn it away if any showed up on my doorstep.

      I use my 9qt dutch oven almost exclusively over my slow cooker. When it comes to flavor, a slowcooker won’t come close. But I would feel better about leaving my slowcooker on if I left the house over a giant iron tank in the gas oven.

  4. Whitney says

    Thank you for settling our Great Banana Debate! My husband admits he was being a “little” ridiculous. :)

  5. says

    Thanks so much for answering my questions! It’s great to have your insight. I think there is an overarching belief generally that eating healthy = expensive. But I’ll work on talking to my parents and see if I can get them to shift their thinking.

    Kelly in Providence

  6. barb says

    Hi Sarah – I am was particularly interested in your 50 buck trip to the big box grocery store – would love to see a post on what you bought and the meal plan you used for that week!

    • Sarah says

      All I bought was produce: I don’t remember everything exactly but it was a whole big bag of zucchini squash, 4 artichokes, about 2lbs of brussels sprouts, 6 portobello mushrooms, cilantro, several onions, several sweet potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, apples, cabbage, spinach, and I think a few more things. I made the veggies with every meal for that week and ended up having some zucchini left over for the weekend.

  7. Joshua Daigle says

    Just wanted to say to Dain that he is incorrect about the caffeine content of green tea as compared to coffee. He said in the podcast that green tea has more caffeine than coffee which is not true. Green tea has been tested and shown to only have approximately 1/4 of the caffeine in drip coffee at an average of 30 mg of caffeine, where standard drip coffee has been tested on average to contain 90 to 120 mg of caffeine.
    Thanks for all you do for the paleo community, please keep the podcasts coming.

  8. says

    I absolutely misspoke about the green tea! Ounce-for-ounce Green tea will have less caffeine than the brewed coffee counterpart. Black tea has more than green. Pulled Espresso, is about equal to a potent black tea at ~75mg. There are varieties of leaves and beans that will go against the normal levels as well. My twisted logic must have come from how people consume beverages. Most people will not consume just 5oz of liquid (as in the tests), save for maybe the espresso shot. It’s gonna be a 12+oz coffee or multiple glasses of tea throughout the day. The constant dosing of tea will deliver a constant caffeine level that could affect sleeping, appetite, mood. In the end, I would NEVER tell someone to outright stop taking coffee/tea – it’s far too delicious!

  9. Joshua Daigle says

    Thanks Dain for following up and doing a little checking on that fact. I meet a lot of people who for some reason hold the same belief, oddly enough most of them are coffee drinkers. Espresso is great stuff and somehow contains less caffeine as you pointed out, however the jolt you get from espresso is greater than that of drip coffee for some reason. Your completely right about us tea drinkers though we tend to consume tea throughout the day, good thing it counts as hydration towards the old 8x8oz of water per day, not to mention the thermic effect (lipolytic effect) of EGCG. As always love the show and your crew’s unique approach to the material as opposed to the more standard paleo fare of Robb Wolf and Angelo Coppola.

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