Paleo Talk Episode 17

Podcast withdrawals? Paleo Talk Episode 17 is here! Sarah, Chrissy and I finally had our schedules align!

Inside episode 17:

Dain hijacks the intro to talk about baby food. Read the blog post that was sparked by this discussion at After “Babydaddy Talk” we get to the real material. Here is a brief glossing-over of the topics discussed.

  • A couple testimonials and letters of thanks from listeners.
  • Revisiting the “green tea” woman with headaches from episode 16
  • Not everyone can be all June Cleaver like Sarah – how to get your kids to help out.
  • Dr Cordain says coconut oil is bad! Or does he?
  • Menstrual cycle not improving with Paleo life. In fact, it’s getting weird.
  • Lost her period, not pregnant, cysts?
  • Ideas for avoiding the post workout crash while fixing dinner
  • My knee makes this terrible sound when doing squats.
  • Paleo perspective on peas and cashews

Dain hijacks the podcast again to wrap things up with results of the veggie ferment.


  1. Billi Cummings says

    I’m enjoying your podcasts and am trying to infuse more paleo changes into my lifestyle. I am 54 yrs old and have been on meds for gastritis for about 2 years. I am trying to do with out the meds and am having heartburn and pain after eating. I read that drinking aloe gel is helping a lot of people with gastric illnesses. I bought some and am trying it as we speak but would like to hear your opinion on this topic. Thankyou for the podcast and book. Billi

    • says

      I have a feeling that you will find a lot of relief from your symptoms by eating a 100% paleo diet. ADding in something like aloe gel probably won’t hurt anything but I am confident that by removing the inflammation causing/gut irritating grains, dairy and legumes will be the biggest step in the right direction as far as getting better. Listen to this podcast from Robb Wolf for some great advice!

  2. Marissa says

    I wanted to comment on the menstrual cycle questions – I stopped taking oral contraceptives and started paleo at about the same time. (I am also a full time Kinesiology student and understand the issues of body comp/fat levels and amennorhea, etc.). After I stopped the pill, it took me 6 months to have another period. I workout on average 4 days a week, not crossfit but moderate to high intensity and heavy lifting, my body fat is high enough to support menstruation (16%) and I eat plenty of fat. I went through every text I had and did tons of research thinking I may have had PCOS despite no symptoms, and was extremely relieved once I finally had a period. Although ive only had one period so far, I’ve noticed better moods and energy. I wanted these women to know they’re not alone, and while I definitely recommend seeing their doctor, I don’t recommend automatically thinking there is something wrong. Especially if contraceptives have been used in the past, it takes our bodies some time to re-regulate our hormones, so be patient and give your body time to go back to its natural self. :)
    P.S. LOVE the blog, love the podcast, and love the paleo way! Thank you so much for being a resource.

  3. Sue Twyford says

    Thank you for answering my question regarding coconut oil. Here in Australia Paleo is hardly heard of so we are not up to date on all the information that is out there about it. Really enjoying the podcasts, I’m glad I found them .. Thank you again .


  4. mmccourt says

    Hey Gals and Dain,

    A follow up question to avoiding the post workout crash – what if you don’t eat sweet potatoes/yams (they cause severe bloating/gas pains in my gut)? What other foods do you recommend post-workout?

    Thanks for all you do!!!!

    • says

      Try a coconut milk smoothie! 1 banana, handful of frozen blueberries, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and add enough So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk to cover the fruit and blend. : ) Hope that helps!

  5. Loretta says

    After listening to podcast #17 and the comment on the lady who cut out egg whites, night shades, fruits and nuts for weight loss, I have a question. I am trying to lean out as well and have cut the fruit and nuts with no luck. Do you think cutting the night shades will help? Also, if so, do I cut out eggs all together or just egg whites? Thanks so much for all your help. I’ve been strick Paleo for 7 months and have about 10 lbs. I would like to lose. I suffer from hypoglycemia and Candida and do take supplements including – L-tyrosine, L-glutamine, kelp, fish oil, magensium, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, B12 and B complex along with an everyday women’s vitamin. I am also taking oral Nystatin 3 times daily for the Candida. Any suggestions would be great.

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