Paleo Talk Episode 19

Enjoy the latest Paleo Talk podcast – Episode 19!

Inside Paleo Talk 19:

  • Coconut Milk and the Guar Gum issue. Having Coconut Milk problems? This may be why.
  • Breastfeeding mother is rapidly losing her milk supply on this diet. Her 15 month old hates vegetables. Poor nutrition worries. Help my two children please!
  • Folate and Folic Acid – what’s the difference? Spina Bifida concerns?
  • Would grain fed meats affect a person with celiac as if they ate it directly?
  • Controlling petit mal seizures with a paleo lifestyle.


  1. Karen Harris says

    True Confessions. That was my first podcast that I have listened to. Very cool. I like the interactive part of it.
    My question for a later date, I started converting to Paleo in March, now I am working on converting the rest of the family. How do i differentiate between good paleo and other paleo items that should really be on occasion. I would like to instill good eating habits into my children as they join me on this transformation. Thanks.

  2. Dawn says

    I’ve got a question. There are so many gluten-free crackers and chips available at health food stores now. Is it ever ok to reach for one of these supposedly healthy options when a chip craving occurs?

  3. Veronica says

    Love this and your website!!! Thanks so much for the info. I have a 4 month old and a toddler – great to hear that meat, avocadoes, sweet potato and butternut squash can be the prime foods for a toddler. Other veggies get eaten on occasion… 😉

  4. Greg says

    Hi, I can still barely hear Sarah and Chrissy. I have to turn the volume up very loud to be able to tell what you both are saying and when I do that Dain’s voice is far too loud.

  5. kate says

    Dain — We have 1/2 a cow in our deep freeze as well. Sometimes it overwhelms me & we have a big burger party. When people visit us for a weekend, they are always entertained to have steak & a burger from the same cow. Ours is “Fat Boy” & he is delicious. :)

    • Becky says

      We are getting our half of a cow on Wednesday. Can’t wait. I am getting the inards, bones and fat to render as well. I’m very excited.

      • Sarah says

        I’m trying not to be jealous! I only have 2 steaks left from our last share of grass fed beef and I’m on the hunt for more. Enjoy Becky!!

  6. Sue Twyford says

    Thank you for answering my question .. The information you gave will help enormously :)
    Sue Twyford

  7. Phill Hill says

    Yes Sarah and Chrissy’s voices are still low compared to Dain’s.

    As for gluten-free crackers – I would stay away from anything called gluten free as these products tend to have other not so healthy things in them. Perhaps try making some kale chips or sweet potato fries or chips.

  8. says

    Hi guys! Great episode as always.

    I did want to comment on the folic acid question. The last time Chris Kresser was on Robb’s podcast (ep. 83), they discussed some concerns about supplementing with folic acid during pregnancy–there are apparently some problems that are caused when the liver is forced to convert huge amounts of folic acid into folate (and I think they also said it can mask the symptoms of other vitamin deficiencies). I think the recommendation was just to try to add folate-rich sources into the diet…liver and dark green veggies, maybe?

    • Sarah says

      Great point Lindsey, thank you! I agree that we should try to get all of our dietary needs through real food and the beauty is that when eating paleo and getting rid of all the gut irritants like grains, dairy, and legumes, we can do that easily! I only worry about pregnant women not getting those daily requirements when they are super sick and not eating enough variety or enough at all, otherwise I agree completely with Chris’s stance.

  9. Kristine says

    Hi, I am new to paleo, and tried listening to the podcast, but I can’t hear the ladies at all. one of the questions was regarding breastfeeding, and I’d like to know the answer cause I too have a little baby that I am breastfeeding and DO not want to loose my milk supply.

  10. Kristine says

    Also was wondering, I have seen a coconut milk in the refrigerator section of S&S, in like a cardboard milk carton, is that okay to drink and use in the recipes?

  11. mel curry says

    I believe the problem with coconut milk could be the fructose content. Coconut is reasonably high in fructose and some people have problems digesting or breaking down large amounts of fructose. Coconut oil should be o.k.

  12. Mandi says

    I wanted to comments and ask a question on the breastfeeding issue…I used to be a breastfeeding peer counselor. How is the diet causing the mothers milk supply to diminish? In all the research I have ever done, this diet should the the one to make mother’s milk most beneficial and plentiful. As long as the mother is drinking recommended amounts of water and eating as she should, a diet shouldnt have any effect on that.

    • Sarah says

      I agree Mandi. My assumption is that women who are losing their milk supply after switching to paleo are treating it like a low calorie diet, which is NOT the case. I wish women would not worry so much about body composition changes when nursing a baby and focus more on eating plenty of paleo food, drinking lots of water, and making sure they are getting enough sleep, rest, and not overly stressed. In my opinion, lack of sleep, lack of calories, and exercising too intensely is what leads to lack of milk production, not the paleo diet itself.

  13. says

    Tottaly agree with the “gluten free” products being just as bad as “non GF”. Nothing is better than real, natural food! I hate the tought of putting in to my body something that is not natural and could have lots of “mistery additional elements” to it! Great post!

  14. says

    Any ideas on what to do if your job has you very active all day? I usually work 6 days a week and walk outdoors anywhere between 5 and 20 miles each day on the job. I’m out in the dessert, so getting my daily D isn’t an issue (no sunscreen, so I’ve got the funky farmer tan), but I’m sure I don’t fit the norm for required nutrients. I hydrate with coconut water since I’m pretty much sweating for 6-8 hours straight (seriously, who turned up the heat?!) but is there anything else I should be doing?

  15. says

    When my 6yo was 1, he LOVED my coconut drink. I would put a tablespoon of butter (ghee would work great too; I just used butter at the time), a tablespoon of coconut oil, and an egg in my blender. Then I’d pour near-boiling water on top and blend it ’til everything was emulsified. Then I’d add a bit of stevia and cinnamon and buzz again for a second. The drink is really tasty and an easy way to get some fat and a little protein in. I couldn’t do more eggs and more oil at one time because of the die-off sort of reaction it caused in my gut, but my boy would fight me for it. Just wanted to share!

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