Paleo Talk Episode 20

The crew is back for real with Paleo Talk podcast – Episode 20!

Sarah, Chrissy and Dain are back in the same room – yes there is giggling and good times. If you’re one of those fun-haters that is annoyed by jovial goofiness, then go read the sidewall of a tire. While it’s in motion.

Inside Paleo Talk 20:

  • Adrenal Fatigue – how Sarah dealt with it.
  • Puree veggies in order to get kids to eat them. Bad Idea?
  • Juice for kids. An OK beverage or worse than crack?
  • Looking for a chip. Crunchy, slightly salty, satisfying?
  • A mysterious badass has a desert job that involves walking up to 20 miles a day. How to take care of oneself?
  • New mom is trying to do this deal while nursing the baby and is wondering why she can’t get to hot-mom status quicker.


  1. Vicki Poulter says

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m in Australia and we are bringing Nora Gedgaudas out to speak in November. We would love to get you here one day too. I love your book and website and recommend both to many people. We would love to get a whole lot of your books to sell at the Seminar Series and wondered if I could get them any cheaper than through Amazon so that I can wholesale them and spread the word further?
    Would love to hear from you – Paleo is just starting to be on the radar here and we are hoping that Nora will be a great start

    Warm regards

    Vicki Poulter

    • Sarah says

      Hi Vicki,
      Wow, thanks so much! I would love to come see you all in Australia, when you are ready to talk about details, let me know! For bulk book order information, email me at and I can put you in touch with my publishers distributor.

  2. Jenn says

    Here is chart from showing the difference in sugars and GI/GL of raw, whole apples and juices. Thought this might be of assistance to listeners in realizing what a difference it makes in consume your food whole vs. juice form.

    Food Name GI serve (g) carb/serve (g) GL
    Apple, raw 40 120 16 6
    Apple, raw,
    Golden Delicious 39 120 16 6
    Apple, Braeburn, raw 32 120 13 4
    Apple, raw 34 120 16 5
    Apple, raw 44 120 13 6
    Apple, raw 28 120 13 4
    Apple, dried 29 60 36 11
    Sliced Apples, canned, solid packed without juice (Langeberg and Ashton Foods Pty Ltd, South Africa) 42 120 10 4
    Apple juice, unsweetened, reconstituted (Berrivale Orchards Ltd, Berri, Australia) 39 250 mL 25 10
    Apple juice, Granny Smith, unsweetened 44 250 mL 30 13

    Okay, the chart did not copy/paste perfect but you get the idea.

  3. Jeannette says

    Please give us Dain’s recipe for Chili Verde! That was cruel to tell us how fantastic it is & then not post the recipe!!! Thanks for all you do.

  4. dave says

    juice all of the sugar none of the fiber and probably likely few of the natural form vitamins. If you want to get a dose of sugar fear I’d recommend Dr. Lustig’s vid “Sugar the Bitter Truth”.

    For a tortilla chip replacement try Terrachips’s Taro chips. The negative is they use industrial oils(canola or sunflower) in their process. Caveat Emptor. (not all of their products are nearly as pseudo-paleo.) Read Labels. I haven’t found a recipe for them yet. But, if you need a RARE cheat of chip/taco salad/nacho-ish stuff this stuff rocks. TJ’s might have something too. I’m not so sure about satisfying though as it can be crack like at times.
    So it may knock you off the wagon or rock as it were.

    Good luck

  5. Megan says

    Interesting information on adrenal issues….I have hashimoto’s (autoimmune thyroid disease) which is being treated somewhat successfully….however, just as I’m starting to feel normal, out of the blue I “Crash” as in can’t -get -out- of- bed- feel -like- I- have -the- worst- flu- ever-crash. A couple of days of rest helps me to slowly come out of it but I have had people ask me if I have adrenal probs….I LOVE crossfit – but I did notice more “crashes” afterwards so have stopped going which bums me out….any tips on when you know its the right time to incorporate it into your life? I’m at a loss as to what to do to treat myself and get myself well and still have an active lifestyle that I love. I guess I’m asking if cross fit is safe for those with adrenal issues?

    • Sarah says

      Hi Megan,
      I would have to say no, the “typical” cross fit programming is NOT safe for people with adrenal issues. If your body is crashing every time you do a WOD that is a huge sign that your adrenals are being taxed and jacking your cortisol levels. The kind of stress that our bodies are put into over and over again when we work out at the level of intensity is simple not how most of us are wired to live. I also love crossfit and there are a lot of really great things about crossfit but not all crossfit programs are alike. You need to find a coach who understands your adrenal issues and can coach you at a level of low intensity. You can still get strong as heck and look amazing without killing yourself during each workout. I often do a low intensity workout which looks a lot like crossfit movements but done with intention and technique and not focused on how fast I can get through a particular workout. I’ll do some sprints, or push a prowler, catch my breath, drink some water, deadlift, do some pullups, do some hollow rocks, talk to a friend for a minute or two, sprint again, drink some water, deadlift again, practice some L-sits (you get the picture). Every now and then I’ll do a more intense workout but that’s like maybe once or twice a month but that’s what I am ok with at this point after almost 2 years of dealing with adrenal issues. Sometimes I just work on my lifts, sometimes I just drag the sled, sometimes I just practice gymnastics skills. I hope this helps, and best of luck to you!

      • Megan says

        Thank you for your thoughtful reply….I suspected as much :) darn it. I’m used to being able to push myself hard and it’s odd trying to re-figure my workouts bc of this. I bike to work a lot as its low impact/low intensity and I love being outside instead of on a subway :) however, I miss even boxing classes and things like cross-fit. I even have to be careful on runs (and I’m not even a fast runner!!). So frickin’ difficult. The hashi’s caused some weight gain so I’m frustrated trying to “go easy” bc of crashes and trying to level out thyroid hormones, and at the same time, wanting to drop a few pounds. NOT fun! I guess I can try to incorporate hot yoga/power yoga back in the meantime. So weird to have my body screaming “no!” when I THINK I’m trying to do the right thing.

        I am trying to find a good doctor (holistic md’s…. NOT the kind that just push drugs) who might be able to help. Thanks for the information!

        • Caroline says

          Megan are you local (Chico area)? I have similar issues and have been helped by Dr. James Nagel. His philosophy is whole health/preventative and is not a drug pusher.

        • says

          Hey Megan! I also have Hashi’s and have dealt with severe adrenal fatigue (I actually could only take a 25 min. walk at the time- anything else totally crashed me and wasn’t worth it!) I found that qigong (tai chi is good too) really helped my adrenal healing, as well as the suggestions in the book Adrenal Fatigue by James Wilson. Acupuncture can also really help.

          As for the Hashimoto’s, I’m seeing someone trained in autoimmune balancing using Datis Kharrazian’s protocols. I highly recommend his book ( as well as finding a functional health practitioner trained by him. They are listed on the site. Chris Kresser @ The Healthy Skeptic knows the protocols and works distance:) The traditional thyroid meds merry-go-round doesn’t at ALL address the autoimmune/inflammation/gut/neurotransmitter aspects of Hashi’s, whereas functional medicine does:) It’s helped me to become a functional human being again (and I’m not even on thyroid meds!)
          Good luck!

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