Paleo Talk Episode 21

Howdy all! We present to you Paleo Talk Episode 21. This is a shorter one, and we keeps it light. To start off, we hear from our friend the Honey Badger hunter!



Inside Episode 21:

  • Australian woman on a mission to spread the Paleo word – having problems leaning out. Her URL:
  • Canadian Paleo family – Kids in school and bring own lunch. Two kids, need lunch ideas.
  • Paleo preparedness. Hurricanes and other natural disasters.
  • Destroyed a grassfed chuck roast in the pressure cooker. What went wrong, how can I fix? Dry rub suggestions.


  1. Trevor says

    In Canada, you were already legal two episodes okay. We start are legal drinking at 19. lol

    Do you have any good recipes for gravy? I miss gravy because I have gluten issues.

  2. paleo teacher says

    Re: school lunches:
    I bought a mini-fridge and microwave for my classroom, and it makes being paleo so much easier. Could you offer to do the same for your student’s teacher? This way your child could heat up and prep a quick lunch- giving him more options. Alternatively, you could just pack leftovers for him to heat up. If the only accommodation you are asking for is your child to have a few minutes to fix lunch and clean up it shouldn’t be a problem. After a couple of weeks they’ll probably be impressed with your child’s independence and cooking skills. Most schools are pretty used to accommodating a variety of diets at this point anyway. P.s. I recommend giving the staff some yummy paleo treats when you’re asking the favor :)

  3. Donna says

    Love ur podcast..with that said I was shocked when u suggested sneaking nuts into kids school lunches that go to a nut free school. With a nut allergy myself and with a child with a nut allergy that will be going to school this scares me to death. If your child had a nut allergy you would understand. What if the kids swap lunches as kids tend to do wether you tell them never to or not? This is a life threatening thing..

    • Cat says

      Your child will be seated at a nut free table in school. My son has a severe milk allergy, but he sits with everyone who has milk and is fully aware if someone touches him he will develop hives. Your child will be ok.

  4. Donna says

    P.s I still love the podcast I just wish you would reconsider your suggestion on sending hidden nuts to a nut free school cuz who would know

    • Sarah says

      I totally agree Donna, I messed up bit time with that recommendation. Here’s what I was feeling during that episode: Frustration that my kids are faced at EVERY turn with wheat products, sugar, soda, and candy – and often being handed out freely by adults and teachers and here I am trying so incredibly hard to offer the best nutrition possible while education my kids about why we shouldn’t be eating all the stuff that is offered up so willfully by those who should know better (I still can’t believe that teachers hand out candy or offer cookies as a reward in schools but it happens all the time.) My kids do not have severe nut allergy but will spend a day on the toilet if they eat gluten. I knew I would have people question what I said on the podcast and I should not have suggested it, and I will talk about what I said on the next podcast. I also have kids who go to a school that does not ban nuts so it’s not something I’m quite as used to. In fact, Jaden’s teacher offers almonds and pistachios almost everyday as a snack for her classroom but I completely understand what you are saying and I need to be more sensitive. Thank you so much for commenting, this is what this website is all about is educating each other and I need to be reminded as well of these types of things. : )

        • Donna says

          Sarah, I had a feeling that was what you ment I know you have everyones best interest at heart I just wanted to make sure people understood just from the nut allergy side of the fence 😉 I too am frustrated with what kids are faced with at school too..its crazy ..
          thanks for everything you do

  5. mister worms says

    For the nut-free people, sunflower seed butter is a pretty good alternative. We make our own at home in the food processor just like any other nut butter. I toast the seeds and sometimes add coconut oil to help it come together. Other nice additions: cinnamon, coconut shreds, pinch of sea salt.

    • Sarah says

      Great alternative that I should have suggested rather then my rebellious rant about sneaking in food items made with nuts. : )

  6. Elizabeth says

    Just listened to this podcast and had to comment. I felt badly for the lady who lost so much of her quality food due to the hurricane-related power outage. A great way to stock meats AND stay prepped for storms is to pressure-can the meat. Right now I have home-canned ground beef and home-canned turkey in my pantry, and plan to add some canned stew beef in the near future, along with some of our culled roosters. This also comes in handy when you have limited freezer space and want to buy meat in bulk. Pressure canning isn’t complicated at all, and only requires a pressure canner, jars & lids.

    I hope that’s helpful to some of your listeners!

  7. Jenn says

    Hi Sarah, Love the podcast and website. Just wondering if you had posted the chart you were talking about. The time difference in cooking between grass fed meat and “that other junk” :)

  8. Crafty says

    Hi guys!

    Thanks for a great podcast, as usual! I was, ahem, knitting while I listened to it – ha ha!

    I’m so glad you included the discussion of disaster-preparedness. We have a chest freezer full of protein (we fish in the summer, and buy a half-cow of grass-fed beef at a time from a local farmer) and OMG I don’t know what we would do if we lost power! We will be coming up with a backup power plans ASAP. Regarding the canned food suggestions, in addition to things like canned tuna, you can actually get canned meat (chicken, etc) at the regular grocery store. No, it’s not the best meat, but if you’re talking about an emergency kit, it would probably be ok.

    Also, I’m glad to see you’ve reconsidered the thing about sneaking nuts into lunches. My kids went to preschool with a child who had life-threatening nut allergies; that stuff may seem like a pain, but it’s for real. That said, we learned to sub things like sunflower seed butter (as someone else mentioned), coconut flour, etc. In fact, you can make yummy bars/cookies with those…

    The school thing can be frustrating, but I thought I’d share a nice/encouraging story. My twins just started Kindergarten and I had a chat with the woman who runs the cafeteria – in case they ever ate from the school menu. It’s going to be rare, but it will happen. Anyway, I’d told her they couldn’t eat gluten and dairy, and she’d had me introduce them face-to-face so she’d recognize them. Yesterday the school lunch featured local, hormone-free, grass-fed beef hot dogs (wow!), so I told the kids they could get that and take the bun off. At lunch time, my phone rang – it was the cafeteria; they’d seen my kids in line and were calling to make sure they knew what was ok for my kids to eat. Pretty awesome, right? (So for the record, their lunch was the hot dog, fresh fruit, and salad.)

    • Sarah says

      Wow, amazing and encouraging story about your kids school lunch experience. Hopefully this kind of attention and thoughtfulness will continue to spread!

  9. Debra says

    I am new to Paleo. I now have the book. Everything makes perfect sense. However, one of my children has severe peanut and tree nut allergies. That rules out every single nut. What would I substitute for coconut milk and all the nut flours in cooking Paleo. I want to do this as a family but am having trouble with how to substitute. Several seeds are processed on the same machinery as nuts and thus not suitable for him to eat – otherwise I would grind them for flour. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Shelley Jones says

      I would like an answer to this question as well. We are a nut free family and even have the coconut allergy ( I know….sounds crazy but true). Does anyone have an answer to this conundrum? Thanks….

  10. Ruth says

    In this podcast, you mention that you have a chart or table that shows the cooking times for conventional, versus grass-fed, beef. Would you (or have you) posted that on your site? Thanks!

    • Pam says

      I just came to ask the same question myself! I’m Pam in NC with the sad little chuck roast. I have since taken a pressure cooking class but am still hesitant!

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