Paleo Talk Episode 23

TurkeyHappy Thanksgiving everyone! No, this is not a Thanksgiving-themed podcast; just wanted to wish you well. The site has tons of great Thanksgiving feast solutions so don’t be afraid to go searching!

Covered in this episode of Paleo Talk:

  • Don’t I know you ladies from somewhere?
  • Another birth control method is brought up by a listener: Fertility Awareness Method. Also the IUD and other methods.
  • The vinegar thing.
  • Kid is hungry all the time and I don’t want to withhold.
  • PMS food cravings.
  • Losing fat while nursing.
  • Thanksgiving final thoughts.


  1. Lynne Butterfield says


    I’m listening to podcast #23 and the question about vinegar was a good one.

    My question is: how about putting apple cider vinegar in water and drinking that daily. Is that a problem or would it be good for me, especially from a weight loss standpoint?

    I really like your chit chatting. It’s silly and I’m silly and it is totally understandable.

    Thanks for all the info.

    Lynne in Mountain Home, Arkansas

  2. Jennifer P says

    F.A.M. was originally started in the 50’s and known as Natural Family Planning. Just for sake of knowledge, it is the only acceptable method of “birth control” in the Catholic Church. It makes the person responsible for their fertility. It was using NFP, charting my daily basal temp (a basal thermometer is not expensive–and the charts can be downloaded and printed cheaply), taking cervix and mucus measurements, and knowing my body that I was able to prove I so not ovulate. I was later diagnosed with severe PCOS and unfortunately, will never be able to conceive. At 40, I have never been close to pregnant. There is far too much to say to put in a simple reply. The NFP book was over 200 pages, there is a lot to learn.

  3. Laney says

    FAM is absolutely incredible for gaining information and insight into your own personal cycles. Like Jennifer P., charting my cycles helped me realize what was going on with my body and accept my doctor’s advise that I likely had PCOS. When the topic first came up, I rejected his assessment because my periods were regular. Turns out not everything I thought was a period was actually a period since I was only ovulating haphazardly.

    And PLEASE don’t be afraid of IUDs! They’ve gotten a bad wrap in the US after the horrible Dalkon Shield of the 70’s that left so many women with complications, but modern IUDs are very safe, very effective, and very cost-effective. Some women do experience cramping, but it’s just like any other birth control–it works for some and not for others. Personally, I’ve had a Paragard IUD since 2007 and we’re quite happy together. And YES you can use IUDs if you’ve never been pregnant or given birth!

    • Sophie says

      Just to comment on the IUD, I know several people, myself included, who experienced ectopic pregnancies while having the IUD (non- hormonal). I realize that it is only a small percentage- but I know too many people who had the same experience I did. The bigger danger, is that because I had the IUD, I didn’t expect to get pregnant. Therefore, I had to have emergency surgery because the ectopic ruptured.
      I don’t mean to scare anyone, but it has very real dangers that aren’t considered enough (in my opinion).

  4. Melissa says

    I hate to be negative but I just have to point this out. Every time the question comes up of losing weight while nursing, you always say, “oh, don’t worry about it… you don’t need to even think of losing weight right now.”

    I think that advice makes perfect sense within the first 3 months or so post-partum but at a certain point, if you stop losing weight – you have to try something different.

    I’ve basically been nursing and / or pregnant for the last 3 years. I’m currently nursing my 9 month old and I nursed my older child until I got pregnant again with this one.

    I may very well may keep nursing my youngest until I get pregnant again. In my case, I can’t just have a “don’t worry about it now” attitude when it comes to getting the post-partum pounds off or else I would never do anything about it in between pregnancies.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is if you plan to nurse for at least a year and hope to have children somewhat close together (2 or so years apart), I think the advice is a bit different than someone who is just trying to survive the newborn phase and establish their milk supply.

    All that being said, I have found between eating Paleo and nursing, I lost all my pregancy weight within the first three months without even really trying. With my first (eating SAD), I struggled to get off all the weight I gained during pregnancy and didn’t get it all off until she was almost a year old.

    • says

      It IS crunchy! I’ve used the same method for 4 years now and each time is perfect with juicy meat and crunchy skin. Cooks Illustrated Nov/Dec 2009. Send me an email and I’ll explain further.

  5. Kimberly says

    Melissa, I didn’t find your comment negative at all. You raise a valid point. I think the long-standing concern about women losing weight during nursing may stem from concern that she may become malnourished from baby taking nutrients she’s not replacing on a standard “diet”. Paleo-style eating provides great nutrition for the kilocalories and has enough good fats for mom and baby if mom meets her k-cal needs, which can’t always be said even for a traditionally non-diet eating plan. It may be that for moms who eat Paleo, the concerns of women who eat traditionally are less valid. Extra abdominal fat can be stressful for health, even if you are in the middle of child-bearing, and I’d say you’re smart to reconsider the standard advice.
    On top of all that, the health of the mother during pregnancy seems more significant in the child’s later health than we even realized. (If you get the time, Annie Paul Murphy’s excellent “Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shapes the Rest of Our Lives”is a mine of info and easy to read in spurts.) Kudos to you for protecting your little ones by taking care of yourself.

  6. Erin says

    I miss the podcast too..! Love you guys. Robb Wolf’s podcast is great, but sometimes during my commute I’d rather listen to fellow females discussing Paleo! 😉

  7. says

    RE PMS and bloating: there is SO much more affecting our health than what we put in our mouth. The two other major players are stress levels and all the dozens of toxins that have been building up in your body since you were born. Eat the healthiest you know, and live the healthiest lifestyle you can all around, and you will still have some issue or other. Just be happy if PMS is as bad as it gets.

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