Paleo Talk Episode 24

Hello readers and listeners. It has been a long LONG time since the three of us have been in the same room to record one of these things. For episode 24, we simply go over what we have been up to for the past 5 months. Playing a little catch-up and keeping it light. It’s good to (hopefully) be back. Send in those questions and comments and you’ll be hearing from us again real soon.


  1. Lisa says

    What’s the deal with salt and bone health? I have osteopenia, and I read somewhere that salt was no good for me. Is that true? If so, why? Are all salts the same? I think table salt is no good (not sure), but what about kosher salt, Celtic salt and sea salt? Thanks!

  2. becky says

    oh my goodness! it’s good to have you guys back! dain made a reference to caddy shack! you absolutely made my day. so i got that goin’ for me…which is nice.

  3. Loretta says

    So glad your back. I submitted a question awhile back and will again about keeping a very active 10 year old swimmer full. My daughter practices 4 days a week (2 hrs) and keeping her fueled isn’t easy.

    Thanks for all you three do!!! You are all amazing!!

  4. Alex says

    Youre back!!!

    This is my favorite podcast and one of the things that helped me go paleo.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Jessica says

    So excited for a paleo slow cooker book! We are always trying to find more ways to use our crock pot, it’s such a time saver. Great idea and welcome back!

  6. Trevor says

    Welcome back. Good to hear that you are back. I just figure you were busy. You all have so much on the go.

    As for the laughing, I think it’s awesome that you laugh on your podcast. It does have some entertainment value. Rob and Greg laugh on their podcast. It works so don’t be concern about the laughing.

  7. alena gourley says

    So glad that all three of you are back! I love the laughter and lightheartedness along with the way you answer the serious questions!! The people that hate on it are probably unhappy and may be happier if they start following a paleo diet and lifestyle!!! Sarah, I love your cookbook and am so excited for the slow cooker one from Chrissy!

  8. Brenda says

    I was just diagnosed with endometriosis & neuromuscular disease of the gastrointestinal tract. We will be changing are eating habits desperately. I was told this was a good site for receipes. Im excited to start this new healthy way of life.

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