Paleo Talk Episode 25

Grass-Fed Beef

Howdy all. Paleo Talk episode 25 is our first full-length since being “back”

Inside Episode 25

The group of idiots chats about whats been going on, projects, Chrissy’s baby broccoli and Dain’s new wardrobe. Then we get into

    • Very active daughter. Swimmer. How best to keep this rapid grower fueled and hydrated?
    • Got any book suggestions that I can give to friends / associates that best explain what this lifestyle is and why we do it?
    • Paleo friendly chocolate and water consumption?
    • Natural mosquito repellant
    • Since I don’t follow a conventional diet, I am wondering if conventional pregnancy wisdom is still appropriate? Talk of your experiences please!
    • Wondering if you would know anything about leaning out for figure competition.


  1. says

    Just in time! I have a half marathon this weekend and my favorite things to listen to while running are your podcast, Paleo Solution and NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. I think I may be the only person out there listening to talk radio while I run!

  2. Nancy says

    Thank you guys for addressing pregnancy stuff! I’d also add to make sure you are upfront about being paleo with your doc. I had to fire the first doctors office I was with because they argued that paleo couldn’t possibly be good for me! O.O

    Do you all have any suggestions for a brand of fish oil? I want to take one, but most of the brands I have tried make me feel sick.

  3. Molly says

    I have a question for after pregnancy…
    Being a new paleo fan, I went to pregnancy like most non-paleos (and put on a ton of weight to boot). We feed our son paleo (along with breastmilk) but since he is approaching a year we plan on weaning him. This is typically the time that one introduces cow’s milk to todfants and I was hoping someone could suggest an alternative. We probably won’t go soy or rice and almond milk is questionable until we clear the nut allergies. Is adding coconut milk an acceptable trade?

    • ShannonB says

      Why try an alternative milk at all? Water is good. Coconut is really rich, much more than breasmilk, so go in small doses if that’s what you decide to do. Or, alternately, you could try making your own almond milk if the commercial brands are questionable. If you go to water, just start incorporating good fats (like avocado) and don’t worry about the milk issue.

  4. matt says

    Dain: I always pictured you about 5’10, 200lbs of a brick wall……my mental image is forever changed…

  5. Derval says

    Hi, can we have Dain’s chocolate/coconut recipe please? I’ve no idea of what kind of quantitties to use..

    • says

      I don’t either. It was sort of a happy accident. I took some dark chocolate and coconut oil and melted them together in a measuring cup. So a 2:1 perhaps? Then a handful of unsweetened coconut flakes. Stir. Dump on a plate, spread thin and toss in freezer.

  6. Lilychemgirl says

    lol, I was so hoping we would see the photo when you were doing the podcast. I am so glad you guys are back! Totally my favorite podcast.

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