Paleo Talk Episode 27


Oh boy. Just got off Highway 101 after being behind two complete nitwits on CA20 for the past 2 hours. Why does one need to brake going UPHILL? Yeah, I dunno either. Anyway, this was edited in four separate locations and posted from a Days Inn motel in Ukiah, CA.

It may sound a bit “off” and wandering at times but point is, we’re back. I wanted to get something up and out more than I wanted to make a shining sphere of glory. Thanks for the continued support!


  1. Allison says

    I was told to take a picture of my rear and leave a comment for you in response to your picture, but instead I’ll just say this, CHIVE ON!

  2. Laura says

    Thank you for answering my questions!!!! I was on a 13 hours flight to Asia and had downloaded the new podcasts to pass the time. So excited when I realized you were reading MY email!!
    Ya’ll are awesome. My college son FINALLY is interested in attempting to eat better. He texted my and wanted to know if I was still doing the “Paleo thing” because his roommate was going to do it. YAY!! I sent him your link! and tons of info.

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