Paleo Treats 4th of July Giveaway Celebration!!

Contest is now closed: Congratulations to Mavis! You have been randomly selected as our winner. If this is you, check your email!!!


Paleo Treats, The Original Paleo Dessert since 2009 Paleo Treats….. Yes, you can eat super and yes you should, however, life is too short to never have a treat and that’s where Paleo Treats comes in! Paleo Treats offer delicious desserts that won’t put you into a sugar rushed, gut wrenching, toilet bound tail spin and those of you who have my books, like the flagship book, Everyday Paleo, or listen to our Podcast already understand my philosophy on treats. Treats, in my opinoin, should be treated as such and respected as such and for most folks, having treats as an everyday occurance is not the best idea for health or their relationship with food; however, the reality of life is, sometimes we all need a darn good treat! Baking can be fun, but I’m not an excellent baker nor do I have the time, nor do I want to go to 800 different stores to get all the right ingredients but what I do like to do is hop on my computer, click a mouse, and know that in my mailbox will land a box of Paleo Treats for when I need them and then I won’t have to think, worry, or COOK anything at all and what’s even better – I don’t feel like absolute garbage after eating Paleo Treats because their treats have minimal yet quality ingredients and are not sickenly crazy over the top sweet – they are just gosh darn good. My favorite you ask? The Mustang Bar. Yup. Love it. social_media_mustang_bar So, there’s my love affair with Paleo Treats all spelled out for you and now I get to share my love affair with all of you! The awesome folks (and yes, they really ARE awesome, I’m not just saying that) are offering you a chance to try their treats with a 4th of July Celebration giveaway!!! One of you will win 5 of EACH Paleo Treat (which is a $108 value if you were wondering) to share with your family and friends!!! That’s right, you can win 5 Mac Attacks, 5 Brownie Bombs, 5 Cacao Nows, 5 Mustang Bars and 5 of the Bandito! That’s a lot of treats and what a better time than summer, with all the BBQ’s, campouts, swim partys, and weekend getaways, to receive such a great gift to bring along to share with the ones you love.  And now a gift to ALL of you. Anyone who orders from Paleo Treats can use the code EVERYDAY15 at checkout to receive 15% off of your ENTIRE order. Now that’s a sweet deal (pun entirely intended).

*Entering to win is beyond easy. Really easy. Super Doable Easy. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Simply go over to the Paleo Treats Facebook page and like them and then post to the comments on THIS POST that you did so. Tomorrow at 11:59am a winner will be picked by random and contacted the next day. That’s it! Now go enter to win 5 of each treat from Paleo Treats and have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!!!

EP_paleo_treats_4th_of_July_giveaway   Alrighty, now please enjoy some fun videos and pictures of how we enjoy our Paleo Treats.  

Babies love Paleo Treats!!!

Babies love Paleo Treats!!!


Paleo Treats brings friends a bit closer...

Paleo Treats brings friends a bit closer…



  1. Petra S says

    I’ve liked the Paleo Treats page for quite some time but, so far, have not tried these amazing looking treats! After testing, I’ve been told I am allergic to wheat and oats (among other things). I need help adjusting to a Paleo lifestyle and these would certainly help. Happy 4th of July!!

  2. Danielle Aldinger says

    These look like some tasty treats! I’ve already been a Facebook fan of Paleo Treats =)

  3. Jennifer Fotheringham says

    I liked the paleo treat FB page!

    With living in the UK, I would love to try these bars! Everyone in the paleo sphere talks about them but I can’t get them! Would love to win and savour the delights!

    Happy 4th July!

  4. Scott says

    I liked the Paleo treats Facebook page and I think I might like to order some treats even if I don’t win :)

  5. Jillian says

    Liked the page…and I think I will have to order sone if I don’t win. Perfect for my son’s day camp lunches.

  6. Cindy A. says

    I like Paleo Treats on Facebook as Cindy Aiton. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway!

  7. kristen mcclary says

    a fan of the facebook page this would be a delicious thing to win thanks for the chance and happyfourth of july

  8. says

    I am new to Paleo dieting and would love to try out some new things and find what tastes good! Would love to win this! Everything looks wonderful!

  9. Erica says

    Love their Paleo treats, but didn’t like their Facebook page till now! Fingers crossed I’ll win some :)

  10. Em says

    Hi, Sarah! Thank you for letting me know about this source for REAL Paleo treats! I Liked their page.

  11. kim cooper says

    I’m a huge fan abd definitely gave then a like. I’m dying to try some deliCious paleo treats!

  12. Heidi Wittsell says

    Liked the Paleo treats Facebook page but lol’d at the boys antics. These treats must be extra good, would love to give them a try!

  13. Danielle A says

    Excited to try Paleo treats. this is something I normally avoid.. always afraid the better for you version won’t taste yummy..

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