Paleo Treats and Italy Adventures – Because We Love You!

Yes, love is in the air. Blah, blah, blah…. Valentines Day is tomorrow and it’s, you know, your typical Hallmark Holiday in which your kiddos get to (have to) hand out millions of dollars of paper cards and be given (forced upon) millions of dollars of candy (crap) hearts. Oh wow, I sound bitter. Yikes! No, no, no, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE love, really, I do. I’m quite frankly deeply in love, I have been now for years, and years, to the same dude. The guy I love every single day. The man I love so much in fact that I spare him by NOT feeling compelled to spew my love for him on Facebook, ever, because I’m pretty sure he knows how much I care because heck, I’ve stuck around this long, have had this large gaggle of boys with him, and continue to grow our flock of chickens and herd of dogs, and great adventures, and if THAT isn’t a proclamation of true love, I really don’t know what is.

So, since John knows that I love him already, this Valentines day, I will loudly proclaim my love for all of you. You and I have also had a relationship for years now and in my opinion, it’s been really really good. You give back to me a lot and I try my hardest to give to you and I had a really good therapist tell me once years ago when I was young and trying to figure out my life and just a tad bit crazy (I’m still crazy but crazy is good) that you have to give a little to get a little and wow, she was so right. So thank you. Thank you THANK YOU for always giving so much to me with your comments, emails, support, and kindness.  With that being said here’s the gifts we have for you in return.

First, a gift of adventure: The good folks at The Trip Tribe who are helping with our amazing Italy Adventure that’s happening in June of this year, decided to extend their offer of a chance to win an e-gift card worth $500 to use towards the Italy Adventure happening now through Sunday, February 16th and the contest will now end promptly on Sunday, Februray 16th at 11:59 pm PST. Click here for details and I can’t wait to see you all in Italy!!!!

Next gift, a gift of treats! Ya’ll know my opinion on treats; they should be treated like treats, but now and then a good treat is just that, a good darn treat. I’m not an exceptionally talented baker and except for the occasional grain free pancakes that I enjoy making with my boys, if we ever get a hankering for some treats, it’s usually something that someone else makes for us like the great people I’m going to introduce to you right……. NOW!

Below is a little note from the people at Paleo Treats, including a gift to all of you! We at EP love Paleo Treats (yum, great ingredients, I don’t have to make them) and with that being said, Happy Love Day everyone and as always, enjoy!!

(DISCLAIMER: please remember that everyday should be about love, compassion, caring, hugging, warm tingly feelings, and all of the goodness that makes our world go around. If you save all of your expression of love and joy for tomorrow, that’s a bit stingy so please love all the time and love deeply, life is way too short not to.)

Note from the Paleo Treats Gang:

“The beautiful thing about being alive today vs 50,000 years ago is the speed with which we can communicate about good things. The internet, a very un-paleo invention, has helped us get rapidly better at everything from the way we communicate to healthy ways to move to what we eat for dessert.

It’s with this last item in mind that we are stoked to offer up a special Valentine’s Day gift for those of you hankering to keep the old traditions of dark chocolate and gift giving alive in 2014.  

We’ve been making delicious Paleo desserts since 2009, and we’re equally serious about great ingredients and great taste.

We thought we’d do a short special of 10% off anything in the store for those EP fans who are looking for a fantastic tasting dessert that’s totally Paleo AND can travel in a lunchbox and still be tasty enough for a kid to eat.  It’s a tall order, but we think we’ve done it, and in case you’re wondering what to get we put together a special small sampler pack so you try ’em all out; check it out here!

To make it even sweeter we lowered our normal price on the sampler, so you’ll get to save double this Valentine’s day.

Use EVERYDAY10 at checkout for the 10% off, and enjoy the Treats! Sale ends on Sunday February 16th at 11:59 pm PST. 


The Paleo Treats Crew”



  1. Claudia says

    Awww…. that’s is so sweet. I want to thank you in return – in my early Paleo-days, you were my go-to website for delicious recipes. Plus you were (and are!) a constant inspiration. I mean, if you can adopt a Paleo-lifestyle and still have time to raise three boys and squeeze in work, then who am I – no kids, just work – to complain that it can’t be done. So all the way from the Netherlands, I want to wish you a wonderful Valentines Day! Love & hugs, Claudia

  2. Heidi Wittsell says

    Ii wasn’t find anything on the Trip Tribe Site that appeared new but I’d love to have a little extra spending $$ on the trip :). This is going to be so much fun we are REALLY getting so excited to go!

  3. Heidi Wittsell says

    Sorry, I take that back, it entered me. But seriously this is a trip of a lifetime for my daughter and I and we are super excited.

  4. Pam says

    My son bought me your cookbook for Christmas, trying to help me eat healthier and I can’t tell you the difference in my energy level when I do this way of eating! Also cravings vanish. It’s amazing. Your mini meatloaf recipe is a regular item at our house if I can make them before the hamburger and sausage get scooped up and we loved the Scrumptious seafood chowder! Today I was looking for something to make with scallops and shrimp and came across your sweetheart scallops. It looks like another keeper. Thanks for sharing these great recipes.

  5. Carrie says

    I think we share the same sentiments about Valentines Day. Better to express your love and dedication directly to your special person, instead of indirectly on Facebook, etc. What are people trying to prove? Thanks for a really nice post.

    Like you, I call it a “Hallmark Holiday”. and feel increasingly irritated that these *holidays* are another excuse for a cupcake/pizza party and for my kids to bring home all kinds of crappy candy from school. Arg. At least they know enough now that they don’t really mind my confiscating most of it, so that’s a bright spot!

    REALLY looking forward to seeing you and Jason next weekend in MODESTO!

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