Primal Life Kit is Legit!!

It’s back! Last year the Primal Life Kit sale was epic and it’s even more Epic-er this year! I love promoting stuff that, well, I love, and the goodies in this kit are love-worthy. What I like about the Primal Life Kit is that it’s packed with stuff, but all useful stuff, and not so much stuff that you feel overwhelmed, only overjoyed. The best part of this kit (in my obviously biased opinion) you have the option to try out Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness for only 1 cent for your first month and you can cancel immediately after you sign up to avoid the recurring monthly charge so if what we do is not for you – see ya later, no reason to stay, just 1 cent of your time and out. However, I have a feeling you’ll stick around like the 700 plus other folks who are now members. Yup. That’s pretty cool in my opinion and so is all of the other goodies up for grabs. Sooooo, the moral of the story – 49 Primal and Paleo products for only $39 from now until April 28th. BAM! Go get er’ done and I’ll see you over at Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness!!!!!



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    • says

      Literally too much to list! If you click on the banner it will take you to the landing page that shows you everything that is included, just scroll down once you reach the page and it lists all the items in the kit!

  1. Elizabeth says

    If I don’t actually redeem my $.01 month of :

    Primal Blueprint Meal Plan by Mark Sisson

    Will I still need to cancel subsequent months?
    Thank Elizabeth

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