Put Your Own Mask on First.

Note from Sarah: Lisa is back with another great blog post about focusing first on YOU!  You can find Lisa here on her own Facebook page!

When I first decided to give Paleo a try, I made it a national declaration in our home….I called the family together, stood tall and boasted we were all going Paleo. Gave them the details and told them this was how we were going to eat from now on…Hmm not the greatest approach when I look back now.

I am usually a much easier going person with life’s changes. I usually laugh at everything. In fact, I confess, I can’t even get mad at my kids with out laughing. Nothing in life to me is ever that serious. Unless it’s serious….if you follow that one!?

Anyway….they all kind of looked at me like who are you, where is our mom, and while you’re at it, please get rid of this Sargent major, we don’t like her.

Now don’t get me wrong they were all totally one board for me doing this, feeling better, and all for supporting me..…But that was about it. It was kind of like the proof is in the pudding thing. You show us it works, and then we will talk.

Out the door that family event went. At first I was very disappointed, but as time went on, I was glad. I quickly realized it was kind of like “put the oxygen mask on yourself first” theory.

Cleaning up my eating protocol was a bigger change and challenge than I had thought. I was having a hard enough time trying to survive, figure out what to eat, and fight those nasty carb cravings..…The thought of a whole house full of carb craving, crazy people all at one time. Well, I can’t even bear the thought.

As the weeks and months went on my family started noticing things. I had more energy, I was happier, I laughed all the time, I say ALL the time because as I mentioned, l laughed a lot to begin with…..I wanted to be outside walking, talking, gardening, anything. I just wanted to enjoy and live life.

Slowly I notice the kids where saying, “What are you having tonight mom, we want the same” Hmm, good sign.

Then I noticed the “yucky” foods where sitting in the fridge and cupboard longer and longer, and “my” foods where disappearing faster, and faster….Hmm, great sign.

Now it is just a natural family affair. I did not have to beg, borrow, or steal to get them on board; I just had to live it, love it, and show by example.

So going Paleo alone at first is not all bad, in fact it just might the best thing ever.  Just like they say on the airplane: put your own mask on first…..

Until next time,
Much joy and happiness


  1. Shannon says

    I totally agree! I went Paleo about 2.5 months ago and while I served what I was having for dinner as our meal every night my husband and kids (4&7) still ate their regular food the rest of the time. As the cereal and bread ran out I started replacing them with GF versions. I made GF pasta along side my zucchini pasta, etc. About 2 weeks ago my husband became inspired to go full monty Paleo and I have my kids totally GF now. I do allow them steamed rice, rice cakes, and occasionally I make quinoa. But they are totally off bread/wheat/corn of any kind. They still ask for a sandwich now and then and we use rice cakes with toppings. The best part of this journey has been to see them excited about knowing and learning about where our food is coming from and WHY the choices we make are important to our bodies and the earth. If the only result of this way of eating is they leave my house more aware of what they put in their bodies, then I trust they will be fine. We are all feeling incredible, my kids have boundless energy, and hubby and I are looking the best we have in 10+ years. Proof is in the pudding!

    • Lisa says

      Way to go Shannon, Sounds like you are all doing awesome.
      I love your line, “If the only result of this way of eating is they leave my house more aware of what they put in their bodies, then I trust they will be fine”

  2. Kelli says

    Love love this article! Although the rest of my family is not there YET, I’m hopeful that the changes they are seeing in me will be a big motivator over time! :)

  3. Katherine says

    I am finding that my family is more on board now that I’ve been at this awhile. Especially my husband, who has made a connection to feeling better associated with eating fewer grains, especially eliminating wheat. I find I am sometimes the problem, feeling like I have to provide them with that starch at a meal. I’m getting over it!

    • Lisa says

      I hear ya Katherine, I found myself in the same place at the begining…. Actually, I think there is an old post on here I wrote about Paleo and trying to be perfect…I think the title was Paleo Perfection..lol

  4. Mary says

    I have been doing Paleo for 48 days and loving it…..I still have cravings, and very nearly cave now and then, but I haven’t, and am still in good shape honoring the “plan”. My question is to all you experts out there….after all this time I have only lost 7 pounds….(was 9 then 2 returned)….no idea why or, how!!
    And, I am still too tired much of the time…..any suggestions? I am not exercising enough….I know that…but I still would have thought that my new food life would be reflected a little better on the scale than it is. I am putting that mask on first ……but need more “oxygen”!!!!!
    PS: I am 65

    • Sarah Bea says

      I’ve been low-carb for 10 years and Paleo for about 4 years and I’m still tweaking things to get it right for me. Giving up dairy when I switched to Paleo was a huge improvement for me. I’m still tired sometimes but for that am working on getting more sleep and trying to manage my stress levels as well as adding even more fat into my diet and dropping some Paleo carbs like fruit and sweet potatoes.
      I got into this way of eating for health reasons rather than weight loss, but I have lost 20 lbs from where I started and every once in awhile another pound drops off. I’m 55.
      Good luck, and keep at it!

      • Mary says

        Thank you so much for replying. Sometimes I get so confused and frustrated. I’m out there trying so hard…too hard maybe…is it possible that I’m not eating enough? I do get sick of cooking three meals a day! I have missed a meal here and there…but either, have been too busy, or, lazy…..or! I’m back in that old unhealthy mentality that less will provide quicker results. And that is a crucial mistake because I am always hungry…..even after a “perfect paleo” meal…..I am doing this for weight loss, but also for better health…I am healthy, but recognize that a Paleo change will keep me even healthier. I followed the Paleo 30 days, no cheating whatsoever, and now allow myself a treat here and there…consisting of a handful of nuts with a few organic chocolate chips or an apple with Almond Butter…..I will also have a glass of wine 2 or 3 times a week, otherwise, I’m a Paleo “saint”!!! No yams….no other fruits and never any dairy, grains or beans etc. But, I know the day will come when I cave for some Chocolate Chip ice cream!
        Thank you again for writing back to me…and if anyone else in Paleoland has more helpful tips, I’m ready and waiting…this has been such a gift.

        • Barb says

          I picked up a copy of Everyday Paleo about a month ago. I don’t know if you have it, but it really helped me with my “I’m tired of cooking 3 times/day,” problem.

          I made the garden meatballs and deviled eggs one day. I had hoped to freeze some of the meatballs for leftovers, but found that I’d eat a couple of meatballs with some steamed kale, etc. each day and add a deviled egg. Anyway, my week was much more relaxing because something was sitting in the fridge. I like the way I can make bulk food items.

          PS: I don’t know Sarah personally. Just like the book. Good luck!

          • Mary says

            Thank you Barb…
            I do have Sarah’s book..I consider it my new bible…and I do make larger than normal dinners so there are plenty of leftovers…but, I still can’t let go of, “just grab some pretzels”, (miss that crunch)…or anything easy….cheese!! Which I miss so much. And go….or anything else simple…
            Just hid the scale….think that’s the first new plan for the “rest of my new life”…. And plan on working toward getting stronger….I want the next 20 or more years to be on my terms…healthy and more fit than ever!
            Thank you again for responding to me.

        • Stacy says

          I would suggest a better marker for progress than your scale. Jason talks about this on his guest posts and they really helped me get out of my head about the numbers. After reading a couple of his posts (Attention Scale Addicts Part 1 and Part 2), I gave up my scale and now just take photos and my measurements once a month. Also make sure you are getting enough sleep – it’s almost as important
          as what you are putting into your mouth. Another thing that was eye-opening for me was to consider how many years I treated my body badly (fad diets, binge eating, etc)… it stands to reason that it’s going to take some time to recover and heal from that. Patience has never been my virtue, but after 5 solid months I can tell you it’s incredibly worth it.

          Part 1:

          Part 2:

          • Mary says

            Thank you….you really hit the nail on the head…mine! I AM addicted to the scale….and never really looked at it that way. The links you sent make so much sense too. I need to really hide it…kinda hard if I’m the one doing it! Going to put my husband on that task… Since only 2 days later I stepped on it again! From now on, it’s a tape measure, and how my clothes fit for me!
            Thank you again for taking the time to pass on such valuable information….will continue to try more patience…M

    • Lisa says

      Mary, you made me laugh, you are too cute…
      Funny, I just posted this exact question on my facebook page.
      Due to the fact that I deal with all autoimmune people, this subject is a very popular topic, becasue most people with autoimmune disease, don’t budge the weight very easy or quickly. So for us it becomes about all the other benefits of clean Paleo eating. More energy, less AI symptoms, better sleep, etc. If you would like to PM me I would be happy to have a look at your daily food intake and see if we can spot something that might be causing the fatigue…Also check out the post a ton of people responded with great supportive words, and ideas. Sarah has my facebook link attached above…

      • Mary says

        Lisa….thank you so much…I would love to have you go over my “Paleo Pursuit”…yup, that’s what I named it…and have kept a daily food dairy ever since I started on this amazing journey. I don’t have an AI disorder …. But am definitely struggling with the weight loss…I keep blaming my genes! I feel as if one morning, I woke up and wound up saying hello to my Mother and Grandmother! I was thin until 2 years ago and then poof…who knows :) (but major stress had a lot to do with that)
        I don’t know how to get to you privately…but I’m assuming that maybe you might be able to find me?…meanwhile, I will go to your FB page…can we be friends!!??
        Thank you, again and again for offering to help me. M

        • Mary says

          Sorry Lisa….didn’t mean to scare you…we don’t really need to be FB friends…I actually have no idea how to be a friend with anyone who isn’t family….and!! just cuz I’m 65, I can find my way around a laptop…slowly, and carefully…I appreciate your great post and all the replies so much….thank you again and again……well, I nearly do…know my way around….but, I don’t know how that fancy smiley face wound up in my last reply!!

  5. says

    “Let the results speak for themselves!” is my master strategy. Over bacon & cheese omelets tonight I prevented toast from being produced and consumed. Baby steps. Summer is coming gentlemen: you can run marathons, run across the USA, yet if you insist on eating grains and you will still have that paunch!…

  6. says

    I just ordered your cookbook on Amazon and can’t wait to check it out. I went paleo 22 days ago and am loving it! I am feeling awesome and I am even enjoying cooking whereas I never did before. I don’t have scales in my house so I have simply been going off of how I look in the mirror and how my clothing is fitting. I did notice that in the first two weeks of going paleo it was like I was dropping weight every day. Now I feel like it is slowing down. I do Yoga 3X a week and run 2X a week as well as walk my dogs all over hell and gone! I am not eating dairy but I do have a piece of fruit during the day. What I am concerned about is with adding dairy back into my life (even butter) for fear I will gain the weight back. Is this a rational fear? What is a normal time frame for the weight loss to plateau?

    • Lisa says

      Hi Kylie, Lisa here, ordering Sarah’s book is a fabulous way to help stay on the paleo track, it is so full of great meal ideas…it rocks you will love it.
      As for the dairy, dairy is not really a paleo food. But as I say often, this journey is yours, so please take the fears out of it, figure out what feels best for you, and enjoy the healing powers of eating clean, whole, paleo foods.
      Do not become fearful of food. I was in that place many years ago, I can relate. It is a terrible place to be. As long as you are eating, clean, whole foods in their most natural state you have nothing to fear, it has been my experience, we tend to fear a food when we know deep down it is probably not really good for us, but we are not ready to really face that….I hope this helps some…..

  7. katie b says

    That’s great they are all on board now. i just started this diet and I’m no longer buying the kids “crap”. They arnt real happy but i want what’s best ya know?

  8. Natalie says

    Wow, that is a great story, it really makes me feel like we’re going to be ok here. I decided that my 9-year-old son who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome (on the autism spectrum-but high functioning–) would greatly benefit from a paleo diet. I decided he would start by eating more (SOME!!) vegetables and drinking a half cup of broth with his meals. Well, he kinda hated me for a day or two. He would nibble the flowers off his broccoli just to get away from the table, but the broth was a total no-go. I even tried bribing him with a trip on the weekend to this totally sinful kids’ restaurant he’s been wanting to go to…but the promise of THAT wasn’t enough to make him drink broth. Well, I am reallly new to this myself, and, I realized maybe when I start to get better, be more energetic and more fun, then I will have a better chance of getting the food into my kids. So far I am absolutely a baby in this–I had a week under my belt paleo with dairy, ate complete junk for a week, and now I have been total paleo since the 24th, with just swigs of kefir here and there. I am enjoying it so far. Thanks all for being here!

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