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Our friend, Evan Brand, along with Kevin Geary, have written a fantastic new ebook on sleep that we think you need to know about.  It’s called REM Rehab and it has all the bases covered regarding sleep. They managed to include all the pertinent science, but without ever overwhelming the reader. I considered myself well-versed on the subject of sleep prior to reading this book, but I learned a lot.

In my experience, poor sleep patterns are the norm among those who come to people like Sarah and me for help with their health and fitness. It’s a rare client indeed who doesn’t need some tweaking to their sleep patterns if they want to achieve their goals. It’s also a rare client who starts out with enough emphasis on sleep when they prioritize the things they believe will help them realize those goals. Diet and exercise are usually an easy sell (but not always easy to change), while sleep, like stress management, is often pushed to the back burner. We have seen sleep alone dismantle many a goal. We implore you to save yourself the hassle wondering why you aren’t making progress by getting your sleep dialed sooner than later.

So, where do you start? You get informed. That’s where REM Rehab comes in. The book opens with a crash course on the mechanics of sleep, followed by the problems that come with not doing it right. This is where we learn about how poor sleep patterns affect our metabolic function, satiety signals, mental processing, and an increase risk of depression and preventable diseases like heart and type 2 diabetes. All serious business and all deserve consideration when we decide whether or not we should stay up late for frivolous reasons.

The comes a really smart little section that asks us to take an inventory of our lives and goals before we begin making changes. I think this section is brilliant. In my experience, most people don’t spend enough time preparing to make change.  Getting your reasons for change out on the playing field before the game can do dramatic things for focus and perseverance. I encourage you take this section seriously.

In the Slumber Slip Ups section we learn all about the things we do that can rob us of sleep. This section leaves no stone unturned in examining a holistic lifestyle approach to the problem at hand. It would have been easy to one or two things, diet and stress for example, and move on to their recommendations, but everything is here. Again, they are responsible with their prescription for change by concluding the section with advice to not bite off more than you can chew.  “Progress, Not Perfection.”

Eating for Sleeping covers everything you will ever need to know about food and sleep. Their 7 Guidelines for Eating for Sleeping are impeccable.

Calibrate Your Cave is pure awesome.  After reading this section, I just wanted to go crawl in bed. After all this time working in paleo lifestyle world, I still learned a couple of changes that I will be making to my room.  For example, I think I need a new pillow. My loyalty to one pillow has been a bit excessive, me thinks.

In Revamp Your Routine and Hack Your Hibernation we find out how we can do things during the day to make for better sleep at night. Supplements, adrenal fatigue, light therapy, how to clear your head, and even good sleeping positions are discussed. These two sections alone are worth the entire coast of the book.

So, I love this book, but if you didn’t get that already you probably need some sleep. Evan and Kevin (I just realized their names rhyme!) have done a fantastic job with this thing and I really believe it will help you get more out of the third of your life you spend sleeping. Buy it, read it, and let me know what you think.

Go forth and be awesome.

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  1. LeonRover says

    ” who come to people like Sarah and I ” ?

    No. This is the language equivalent of “sweet bells jangled, out of tune & harsh”. It damn well hurts.

    “who come to people like Sarah and Me”

    I NEVER take seriously the views of those who write in English, yet are ignorant of its basic grammatical constructs.

    • says

      Wow, Leon, thank you SO much for catching this, I have fixed it! You should however blame me, not Jason because we all take turns editing each other’s work prior to posting and I missed this one. I hope you can understand that we are doing the best we can to help one another and sometimes mistakes are made. I’m sure you have made mistakes in the past as well and I do hope that people still take you seriously, even though you are not perfect either. Have a wonderful day and I really do wish you the best both in health and in your pursuit of happiness.

  2. says

    Thanks for the review Jason and thank you Sarah for putting this up on the site!

    I really appreciate it. The amount of people suffering from poor sleep that are flying planes, driving semi trucks and minivans is probably much more than we would want to know.

    Hopefully people get the diet part straight first (since that gets you a lot of the way there) and then work on artificial light and the other important topics.

  3. says

    Thank you for the review Jason! Evan and I truly believe this guide is going to create an impact in people’s lives on the same scale as transitioning their eating and exercise habits — sleep is THAT important.

    Also, thank you — and Sarah — for the work that you’re doing. Keep it up!

    Cheers :)

  4. Melina says

    Does this book delve into the issues of working night shift? I am a nurse, working 3, 12 hour nights (7pm-7am) per week with no opportunity to readjust my schedule any time soon. I know I could get good sleep habits going if I was on a straight day schedule, but the constant back and forth time-switch is so hard to work around! If the book doesn’t discuss this… you should consider writing a book on just this subject! Study after study has shown the negative impact of shift work on one’s health, and those of us who don’t have a say in which shift we work would love to minimize our risk in whatever way we can.

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