REM Rehab


Our friend, Evan Brand, along with Kevin Geary, have written a fantastic new ebook on sleep that we think you need to know about.  It’s called REM Rehab and it has all the bases covered regarding sleep. They managed to include all the pertinent science, but without ever overwhelming the reader. I considered myself well-versed on the subject of sleep prior to reading this book, but I learned a lot.

In my experience, poor sleep patterns are the norm among those who come to people like Sarah and me for help with their health and fitness. It’s a rare client indeed who doesn’t need some tweaking to their sleep patterns if they want to achieve their goals. It’s also a rare client who starts out with enough emphasis on sleep when they prioritize the things they believe will help them realize those goals. Diet and exercise are usually an easy sell (but not always easy to change), while sleep, like stress management, is often pushed to the back burner. We have seen sleep alone dismantle many a goal. We implore you to save yourself the hassle wondering why you aren’t making progress by getting your sleep dialed sooner than later.

So, where do you start? You get informed. That’s where REM Rehab comes in. The book opens with a crash course on the mechanics of sleep, followed by the problems that come with not doing it right. This is where we learn about how poor sleep patterns affect our metabolic function, satiety signals, mental processing, and an increase risk of depression and preventable diseases like heart and type 2 diabetes. All serious business and all deserve consideration when we decide whether or not we should stay up late for frivolous reasons.

The comes a really smart little section that asks us to take an inventory of our lives and goals before we begin making changes. I think this section is brilliant. In my experience, most people don’t spend enough time preparing to make change.  Getting your reasons for change out on the playing field before the game can do dramatic things for focus and perseverance. I encourage you take this section seriously.

In the Slumber Slip Ups section we learn all about the things we do that can rob us of sleep. This section leaves no stone unturned in examining a holistic lifestyle approach to the problem at hand. It would have been easy to one or two things, diet and stress for example, and move on to their recommendations, but everything is here. Again, they are responsible with their prescription for change by concluding the section with advice to not bite off more than you can chew.  “Progress, Not Perfection.”

Eating for Sleeping covers everything you will ever need to know about food and sleep. Their 7 Guidelines for Eating for Sleeping are impeccable.

Calibrate Your Cave is pure awesome.  After reading this section, I just wanted to go crawl in bed. After all this time working in paleo lifestyle world, I still learned a couple of changes that I will be making to my room.  For example, I think I need a new pillow. My loyalty to one pillow has been a bit excessive, me thinks.

In Revamp Your Routine and Hack Your Hibernation we find out how we can do things during the day to make for better sleep at night. Supplements, adrenal fatigue, light therapy, how to clear your head, and even good sleeping positions are discussed. These two sections alone are worth the entire coast of the book.

So, I love this book, but if you didn’t get that already you probably need some sleep. Evan and Kevin (I just realized their names rhyme!) have done a fantastic job with this thing and I really believe it will help you get more out of the third of your life you spend sleeping. Buy it, read it, and let me know what you think.

Go forth and be awesome.

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Things I Want My Daughters To Know


As many of you know, I have spent the majority of my career training people, mostly women, with fat loss goals, and you may have heard me say recently on our podcast that my job isn’t really about bodies.  The bodies part is easy.  It only gets hard once we factor in emotions, willpower, motivation, self worth, a self destructive inner voice, and/or any other psychological obstacle that might possibly inhibit or distract someone on the path to their goals.

So, between clients and the 4 women I live with (my wife and 3 little girls), I am invested in the lives of quite a few women.  As such, I find myself brainstorming often.  Lately, I have been pondering cause and effect in the subjects of weight gain and insecurity about body image.  The question in my head: does a person always gain fat and then become insecure about it, or is it possible that insecurity causes fat gain?  As it turns out, the latter appears to be more common than I imagined, but a poor body image isn’t the only factor involved.  I’ll explain, but first let’s back up a bit so I can break down how I got here in the first place.

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Own It


BW5568For those of you who have followed my blog since the beginning (it’s been over 5 years, but who’s counting!!), you know that this blog hasn’t ever really been a whole lot about me but in fact, it’s been a whole lot more about YOU! When I first started my own journey to health, a resource like Everyday Paleo simply did not exist, and holy guacamole, I needed a resource like this one. Therefore, when I started this blog,  I wanted to offer you a resource you could trust. A resource that had information and not drama. A resource that offered the how to’s and why’s, and offered real life examples of how to make this “get healthy thing” work. Well guess what – it DOES work. However, like Jason Seib and I have preached for years. The “paleo diet” does not work. Any “diet” out there does not work. It’s not sustainable, it’s not feasible, it’s not real life. My life however is real. Sarah Fragoso, the woman, is real. I am a mom, a wife, a fighter, a lover, a real darn person and I make this paleo thing work because, well, it simply does when you really live it.

You won’t see a lot of pictures of me on this site. In fact, my before and after pictures from almost six years ago live over at Norcal Strength & Conditioning, and not here at Everyday Paleo. Why? Because this is a crazy space, this internet land that I am deeply embedded in and it can be scary as hell to put yourself out there. However, the paleo community at large is filled with joy, support, love, and kindness but also lurking in the shadows is judgement, disdain, and most of all – that one yucky word that I mentioned earlier – drama… The latter is not a fun place to be so I try very hard to leave the controversial stuff alone, and simply offer you the best information that I can.

However, I need to face my fears. Partly because this is also a healing process for me. I need to own who I am. I need to own my hard work, my dedication, my love for life, my joy of health, my happiness in my success, my strength as a woman, mother and wife. So that’s what this post is. I’m owning it.  You might have read a post I put up recently, What You Don’t Seeand that post was the beginning of my realization that I need to own what I’ve accomplished and share it. I need to share it because I want to give hope. I want to show you that this can work. This is what this lifestyle has done for me and so here goes.  Let’s do this. I’m jumping in with both feet… [Read more…]

Cholesterol Clarity

Cholesterol Clarity FINAL Cover

Cholesterol Clarity FINAL CoverThis review is not extremely detailed, but only because Sarah and I just talked with Jimmy Moore, author of the excellent and much needed book Cholesterol Clarity (co-authored by Eric C. Westman, MD), on episode 51 of our Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast. However, this is an extremely important book and I want to make sure that those of you who didn’t listen to the podcast are still aware of it.

Cholesterol Clarity makes clear what so many people need to know. The reality is, the vast majority of what you have been told about cholesterol and it’s relationship to heart disease is dead wrong.  The spread of this misinformation, most of which is perpetuated by Big Pharma, has amounted to enormous profits, not saved lives or even a moderate reduction in heart disease worldwide.

Since this is our current state, there are two big reasons why I am grateful to Jimmy Moore for writing this book.

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Meander, Mosey, Stroll, and Saunter! (Excerpt from The Paleo Coach)

The Paleo

Here’s another short excerpt from the The Paleo Coach for you to enjoy until the release date of  March 5th! This excerpt is taken from the beginning of the section on exercise.  I hope you enjoy it!  The book is available for pre-order here on Amazon!

There are a few modalities of exercise that are indispensable. They are often overlooked, avoided, or underrated. One is walking. The first thing all beginning exercisers should do is increase the total amount of walking and low-intensity movement they do every day. This is especially true if you are a typical citizen of the Western world and the majority of your movement is to migrate yourself to another place to sit. I am not talking about strenuous exercise that leaves you tired and out of breath: I am referring to the type of physical activity that would have been your day to day routine if you sustained yourself by hunting and gathering.

If I show virtually anyone a picture of a lean, well-muscled hunter-gatherer and ask why that physique is the norm for people who live that way, I am invariably told that life is really hard for them and constant strenuous exercise keeps the fat off. This hypothesis is understandable considering the fact that so many of us have been sold on the notion that total hours spent exercising translates directly into total calories “burned,” which translates into total fat loss. By that logic, more exercise is always better, so hunter-gatherers must live a very physically demanding life for obesity to be so rare among them. In reality, many anthropologists tell us that typical hunter-gatherers “work” an average of fifteen to twenty hours a week, with “work” consisting of a lot of walking.

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Why The Paleo Coach?

The Paleo Coach


Sarah asked me to tell all of you about my upcoming book, The Paleo Coach, which will be released on March 5.  I decided to give you a peak at the introduction because I think this is the best way to explain how this book is different and why I felt that it needed to be written.  I hope you enjoy it!  After the intro below, Sarah has a few notes regarding some cool giveaways in honor of the impending release!!

Perspective is everything.

If you cannot see a problem for what it really is, how can you expect to find its solution? Nutrition and fitness remain mysterious subjects to the masses because we have strayed from the logical concepts that make up their basic tenets and have come to put our faith in ridiculous ideals propagated by unsubstantiated hearsay and myth. But have no fear, I come bearing epiphanies.

This book is, like most other books, a result of personal passion. There is very little on these pages that I have not said out loud from atop my soapbox over the course of my career—or that is being conveyed by the mainstream nutrition and fitness powers that be, a fact that only further fuels my passion. It saddens me that the methods I, and many others like me, have used to help so many people are often literally the mirror opposite of what those people come to me believing to be true. It disgusts me that so many “experts” can completely ignore so much good science and literally thousands of shocking anecdotal cases in order to leave the same useless, albeit lucrative, protocols in place. It makes me want to scream when I hear nonsense spewing from the mouths of celebrity doctors and trainers who could not possibly have done a shred of research to substantiate their claims. But it warms my heart every time I open someone’s eyes to the truth in terms of their health and fitness. That is why I wrote this book, which is nothing more than my best effort to help you see things differently, to show you how to effectively reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. If I am successful, you will be absolutely astonished by what your body will become.

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A Case for Baby Steps

baby steps

*Note from Sarah: I’m so excited about this most recent post by Jason Seib.  It’s truly epic.  Thank you Jason for writing such an eye-opening and thought provoking article.  I hope you all enjoy and take from Jason’s post as much as I did.  For more of Jason, find him here on Facebook and also check out his soon to be released book, The Paleo Coach available for pre-order on Amazon!

I’ve been doing a little brainstorming lately.  I can’t stop thinking about why so many people seem to have a terrible time getting from zero to paleo despite the fact they they clearly believe it will work for them.  If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have told you that lack of belief was probably the primary force keeping most people from success.  It still sounds logical – if you don’t think something will work for you, or if you think the people that it worked for were special somehow, you will probably have compliance issues.  However, these days I seem to encounter a lot of people who appear to be fully convinced of the merits of eating like a human, but they still can’t make it to the finish line.  “I’m starting my 3rd 30 day challenge,” is a phrase that I seem to hear daily.  All I can think is, “Why didn’t it work the first time?”  My frustration has led me to do quite a bit of research outside the realms of nutrition and fitness and into the intriguing world of psychology, and more specifically, willpower.  I feel like I’m just getting started, and every question raises two more, but I have already learned some amazing things.

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