Things I Want My Daughters To Know


As many of you know, I have spent the majority of my career training people, mostly women, with fat loss goals, and you may have heard me say recently on our podcast that my job isn’t really about bodies.  The bodies part is easy.  It only gets hard once we factor in emotions, willpower, motivation, […]

Cholesterol Clarity

Cholesterol Clarity FINAL Cover

This review is not extremely detailed, but only because Sarah and I just talked with Jimmy Moore, author of the excellent and much needed book Cholesterol Clarity (co-authored by Eric C. Westman, MD), on episode 51 of our Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast. However, this is an extremely important book and I want to make sure […]

Why The Paleo Coach?

The Paleo Coach

*CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED!  WINNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED SHORTLY.  THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE PALEO COACH! Sarah asked me to tell all of you about my upcoming book, The Paleo Coach, which will be released on March 5.  I decided to give you a peak at the […]

A Case for Baby Steps

baby steps

*Note from Sarah: I’m so excited about this most recent post by Jason Seib.  It’s truly epic.  Thank you Jason for writing such an eye-opening and thought provoking article.  I hope you all enjoy and take from Jason’s post as much as I did.  For more of Jason, find him here on Facebook and also […]