Santa Rosa Workshop This Saturday!

Jason  Seib and I are winding down our trip through California with our Everyday Paleo Workshop and Santa Rosa is one of our last two stops in my home state.  We will be back for more California workshops but NOT this year and probably not for a very long time.  Our next workshop will be in beautiful wine country and in one of my favorite places to be, Santa Rosa, CA!  Come join Jason and I on Saturday, February 2nd at CrossFit Force for an epic day filled with all things paleo.  Click here for more detailed information and to register and we hope to see you soon before we take our workshops out of CA!!

Below are some pics from last Saturday’s workshop in Lake Elsinore  (thank you CrossFit Uncensored) and a few quotes from attendees as well.

Also, our next and last stop in CA will be in Sacramento on March 2nd.  Click here to register!

What folks are saying about our workshops:

“You sold my husband. He was the last factor preventing execution of paleo in my home 100%. That alone made the workshop even more awesome.” Lisa

“I learned more in 6 hours than I have my whole life about nutrition.” Scott L.

“This seminar helped me realize that FOOD is our medicine.” Julian

“Very helpful. I was completely lost wanting to start this lifestyle and now I feel like I have a good grasp.” Jessica

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  1. Katie says

    Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know I am loving your Everyday Paleo cookbook. My hubby got it for me for Christmas and it is amazing! I made the sausage stuffed winter squash last night and having the leftovers is what got me mentally through my morning workout (rowing and overhead squats…yuck!). And the kale and turnip side made me like turnips after a recipe fail a year ago made me give up on them. Also the tips for planning are ingenious and we don’t even have kids yet!

    Ok so not so quick, but wanted to share :)


  2. Shawn Shumate says

    Hi Sarah!
    I was at the Lake Elsinore workshop last weekend. Thanks so much for all the great “living paleo” tips. We just got invited to a superbowl party so I called the hostess and offered to bring appetizers…your deviled eggs and meatballs! They’ll never know they’re Paleo and I can stay on track! Thanks again!


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