Who is Sarah Fragoso and What is Everyday Paleo??

This is not so much a question for you but a question that I have been asking myself over the course of the last few weeks. I am so totally the grandma of paleo. I’ve been in this game for quite a while. Back when you could google the word “paleo” and come back with maybe 100 results and 95 of them being about dinosaurs. I’ve seen this “movement” morph into a giant. A big confusing giant at times with questions, programs, options, books by the gazillion, and more information than google can handle. Trust me, I called the google offices about this whole paleo thing and they have an entire department dedicated to figuring our communities crap out (I’m joking of course, but it’s a fun thought…)

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking about where I fit in currently with all of this madness, almost 6 years later, now that google gives us about 7,520,000 results.  What is Everyday Paleo and who is Sarah Fragoso amongst all the good madness and the bad madness and as I chatted about my thoughts with Alexa, my dear friend and the wonderful lady that helps my whole operation keep on spinning here at Everyday Paleo, I realized that Sarah Fragoso and Everyday Paleo is exactly what it’s always been from the very beginning.

I do not offer you a “plan” I do not offer you a “detox” I do not have any sort of pretty packaged product that will make your life different or better as long as you “stick to it” or try it “again and again”. Instead I want to/try to/hope to give you tools, information, real life solutions to help you have the best life possible. I will not and do not give you a reason to try this over and over again, always with a chance to fail, and always with a guilt trip that makes you come back for more (aka yo-yo dieting). I instead want you to work damn hard at trying to be healthy, fulfilled, happy, content, fit, and to find a path to figure out who YOU are and where YOU fit in.

Everyday Paleo was written as a reason to ask yourself, “What’s important to you?”

I hope it’s longevity, I hope it’s playing with your children without feeling like hell after 5 minutes and wanting to lay down, I hope it’s loving deeply, having positive relationships, being kind to others, and making the world a better place. This is why I do not sell you a plan. A plan for a good life and not just a decent month simply doesn’t exist. I wrote all of my books with one thing in mind. What makes ME better? What kind of perspective do I need to have in order to be sane, functional, mentally and physically happy? The answer is NOT dieting, NOT having a plan that rules my day and consumes my every thought, but instead figuring out how to make this whole Paleo thing work with my – wait for it, wait for it: MY LIFE!

I want you to have the best information that we here at Everyday Paleo can offer and then apply it to how you want to live. The information that I give you on this blog and in my books is what I have seen WORK, and I know it works, because I’ve been in the trenches with clients, friends, and family for years. You have to get really healthy first. Clean out your cupboards, fall in love with real food, learn how to cook, not be afraid of who you are, fix your thought process, start to move your body again, be confident, ignore the hype, get enough sleep, stress less, love deeply, respect your powerful self. BAM! That’s it. And then, fill in the blanks of how this paleo thing should work for you. It’s so much more than a “program.”

Some of  you need to take baby steps to get there, some of you can jump off the cliff into paleo bliss and never look back. Some of you need to be ready and might TRY something new – but not DO something new; and when you try and you fail – you will blame. Sometimes yourself will be who you turn the ugly head of blame and shame towards; but often the “program” is what you will find at fault and this sends you on your way to find the next one.

This is NOT a program, I remind you again – this is YOUR LIFE.

So, who is Sarah Fragoso? What is Everyday Paleo? Sarah Fragoso (aka me) is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a strength coach, an author, a cook, a woman who wants to share with you her experiences and perspective without shoving it down your throat because it’s really and truly up to you to live the way you want to. You can choose to work hard, you can choose to commit to your health, you can choose to make this your Everyday Routine not just something that seems like a good idea or a way to maybe kick some cravings or get back on track (That’s Dieting). What I offer you is hopefully some insight, how to eat whatever you want to (by figuring out the foods that make you feel, look, and perform your WORST and deciding to, because you want to, to eat the foods that make you look feel and perform your BEST) and if you eat something that doesn’t fit into this model of what’s awesome for you – you have not failed – in the words of my business partner Jason Seib, simply make the next bite that you put in your mouth the best choice for you.

My hope for you is that as you continue on your lifelong path, your journey that is yours and only yours and not one that should be labeled or attempted or purchased or completed or failed; but YOUR journey that has ups and downs, triumphs and hiccups, realizations and epiphanies. YOUR journey that should not end because the 30 days 21 days or 180 days or weeks or months or whatever your “plan” is comes to an end, but your journey to becoming and staying happy, healthy, and a shining example of what this life is really all about. It’s all about really living…

Everyday Paleo exists because I do not want my children to tell people about me and say that I am a mom who is always “trying something new” but I want them to say I am a mom who  loves them, who teaches them, who plays with them. A mom who is strong, who lives her life Everyday – not just Everyday Paleo – but Everyday Sarah. I want you to live your life Everyday You. Figure it out. Create your own “plan.” Get as freaking healthy as possible and than eat what you want to, move how you want to, but know consciously what that means for you. With an understanding of what the result of your choices will be. With the decision that whatever your choices are, they need to work with your life and if you have specific goals, learn what will and won’t bring you closer to them.

This is why we have our podcast, why I wrote and continue to write my books, why we travel and do our workshops, why we started EPLifeFit.com, why we continue to give you content that’s INFORMATION not a program that you must adhere to or a wagon train to jump on, and then fall off, and then hop on again; but instead information that gives you a choice to be made; and hard work to be done because you know you deserve it. And that my friends is what Everyday Paleo is and who Sarah Fragoso is.

As always dear readers, enjoy.


  1. says

    You’re also the go-to spot for the people who have been on the journey with you for the past few years. There may be a million sites out there but EP was and still is one of my first stops when looking for a recipe. AND you’re the bad-ass chick who I think about when I’m rocking some jumping pull ups during the beginner modules of EPLF! And everything you said too :)

  2. Nicole says

    You have always been my bad-ass go to girl along the way for the past 4 years. I’m afraid I haven’t sailed smoothly into Paleo but I’m figuring it out slowly. I finally have a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s and feel it’s given me a great framework to train and live around. My blessing is that I was already 90% Paleo so it’s not a huge transition to 100%.

    Both yourself and Jason have given me the tools and knowledge to make myself and my kids, husband family really freakin healthy (thanks Jason).
    Thanks for all that you do and give much gratitude and love to you Sarah.

  3. Nicole says

    Your website was my portal to Paleo two and a half years ago. Your story of succeeding inspired me, bringing your family along with you motivated me, and your recipes are always accessible and great. You embody a love of life that is infectious, your passion for comprehensive health of the mind and body is genuine and that is clear through your posts. Thank you for being true to you – it helps us be true to ourselves. xx

  4. Brian Hartley says

    Sarah, great passionate inspiring article! I really admire the work that you and Jason do. As a fitness professional across the country, I have been inspired by the podcast and both or your books. I work in large commercial gym with about 20 other trainers. Some days driving into work I feel like I am battling against the world. If feels like I am on my own island. Not only am I working to change/shape the perspectives of my clients, I am working against most of the other trainers (and keep in mind this is regarded as the top health facility in the area). After making what I thought was a huge breakthrough with one of my clients in our last session (I got her to take a bubble bath after three weeks of trying) she came to me yesterday after meeting with another trainer in her next session telling me that she was going to start eating 1200 cals a day and ramping up her cardio to lose the weight (The other trainer delivers metabolic beatdowns every session that he works with her). Today I brought her my own personal copy of “The Paleo Coach” and gave it to her. I just couldn’t go at it alone anymore.

    Sorry to go on a rant there but I just had to let it out. Thank you both for building community and educating so many on what it means and what it takes to be healthy. Not only do your directly touch so many people, but I wanted you to know that you indirectly touch so many others through people like me. The world is a better place with both of you in it.

    Keep up the good fight!


    • says

      Brian, thank you so so much for your support and for the fight YOU are fighting. Being in the trenches like you are is no joke. Be strong, keep your head, and you also are changing lives! We have to keep on going because it’s the little changes that create huge waves!!

  5. says

    This is the first time I have commented on one of you or Jason’s posts but after readin this article I felt compelled to change that . This article truly embodies what being Paleo really means to me. I wish I could portrey that feeling when I speak about being Paleo to my friends, family, and co-workers. Even though I have been Paleo for 4 years now, articles such as this, you and Jason’s podcasts, and recipes from NomNom Paleo and thoughts and incite from people like Mark Sisson have truly shaped a NEW life for me over the past four years and I am forever indebted to you for that. You and Jason are amazing people and my go-to for any questions or research I might need to do so I can continuously make MY paleo lifestyle work for me. Heck, I would rather ask you guys a question than a doctor lol. This was a wonderful article and in my opinion defines what Paleo truly is. It’s not a rigid set of rules, it’s not some stupid fad….. It’s our LIVES and it’s putting our health first and at the same time, experiencing all the amazing benefits of living as such. Thanks to you and Jason for constantly supporting me and countless other people throughout our own i dividual paleo journeys.
    Andrew Pescovitz

  6. says

    I have been meaning to send you an email, and maybe I did??? but I’m not sure. I wanted to thank you for helping our family live a paleo lifestyle. None of us had any serious issues, but my sister had your cookbook and The Paleo Solution (which I borrowed and read in one night – cleaned out the cupboards at MIDNIGHT and we were paleo the next day!!). Your cookbooks got me excited about it and we jumped in 100%. I blogged about our experience and the Summary I wrote on Week 4 is below and includes the MAJOR benefits our family has experienced. We are in Week 8 now, and it is just our lifestyle now. I can throw together meals and snacks on the fly without feeling overwhelmed. Your recipes are a go-to almost daily for us. tonight was better butter chicken. Thank you for helping us make this amazing and healthy change in our lives and our two daughters’ lives. You are appreciated.


    A fellow Chicoan!!

  7. Julie says

    EVERYONE needs to read this. It has been a long time (if ever), that I’ve read something that so profoundly resonates with me. THANK YOU.

  8. Tamara says

    Thanks Sara! I’m on my second round of doing the paleo thing but this time I decided to make a life change and not “do” the paleo diet but live a lifestyle of health and fitness. I have to admit, the podcasts are what got my mind going in the right direction. Thanks to you and Jason for all you do. You help so many and I appreciate it!

  9. Bonnie Wells says

    Hi Sarah,
    I was referred to your site by a good friend who is also a trainer. She is the epitome of good health. I am so tired of trying healthy eating plans,life style changes,diets, and all the other weight loss methods out there. I am NOT just trying to lose a 100lbs but I want to feel better..healthier..more energized…confident.. look awesome in my clothes and when I stand in front of the mirror,love what I see!!!! I want to end this yo yo start over and over and over dieting…I want to stop failing and succeed finally…Everytime I embark on healthy eating plan I feel awful,thoughts of eating consume me and after a week or two the carb and sugar cravings kick in and when I resist and hold on a month later no weight loss,no real inch loss and my every waking moments are consumed with my next meal!!! I don’t feel better,I don’t breathe easier and I am totally disgusted with myself….What would you suggest. No healthier,but my wallet is a lot lighter….HELP!!!!

  10. Cara says

    I was told to go Paleo after getting a MTHFR and PCOS diagnosis last month. It isn’t something that I should start and stop, but something that I should make as a new step in the direction I want to live. I will be honest, I still have some adjusting to do with my coffee (It’s my “Me time” each day… I NEED this!) but after following your guide in Everyday Paleo I feel pretty awesome right now. Thank you for your honesty in the book! Sure, I lost weight (12 pounds, and we are only on day 5!!) but knowing that the stuff we were eating is not only colorful (Who knew food that was purple existed without Red #40 ?) but good for you?! My 4-year old that will not eat veggies sat down and ate an entire bowl of he Bosc Pear Salad tonight… WOA!!

    Thanks again for a great guide- The work you put into helping us even from afar is rather tasty and looks pretty awesome in our skinny (now baggy!) jeans :)

  11. Angela says

    Sarah, I love all of your books please make more! I am new to Paleo, your book was the first book I stumbled upon and has been one of the best investments in my life. All of your recipes are so delicious I barely noticed the switch to Paleo. Thank you so much, I can’t imagine living any other way than Paleo.

  12. Chantel says

    Well, Sarah, you changed my life! Back in early 2011, my husband and I were very overweight. We started a diet plan, that was working (i.e. we were losing weight). However, we knew it wasn’t sustainable and we wondered what we were going to do when we were done with the diet. We took a trip back to my hometown in upstate NY in early June 2011. We were bored at my parents’ house one evening and decided to take a 40-minute trip to the nearest bookstore. (I grew up in the middle of nowhere!) I wandered around while my husband went to look at computer books. A book on display called Everyday Paleo caught my eye. I flipped through the pages and found it fascinating. That night I found your blog and Robb’s blog and stayed up for hours reading about all this paleo stuff. My husband and I pretty much drank the “paleo kool-aid.” It changed our lives! Since then, we’ve found Mark and Wellness Mama and the Weston A. Price Foundation and countless others who have had a serious impact on our lives. But you, my dear, were our original inspiration. I am so glad we took that random trip to the bookstore which just happened to coincide with the release of your first book!

  13. says


    I had seen a lot of entry to my blog from yours so I was coming back to just check it out again and I am just amazed by your site. You are such a helpful and inspiring woman. We are all so lucky to have you as a guide in this lifestyle change….

    I have a question for you. We leave in summer for WEEKS at a time (3 – 6 weeks) , always camping, never in hotels. I have been thinking (and worrying) about this for a while….how exactly do you stay on track when you are gone for a long time? I was even thinking we could bring a car adapter or a solar battery so we could plug in our blender or slow cooker for some of the things we make!!! But I just dont know that this is even possible!! We know we are not going back to mac n cheese and spagetti (our go to’s in prior years) but we dont know what to do either. Any wise words or places you can send me online…or are we embarking on unexplored territory?

    No rush for an answer, we dont leave until July…but i think about it EVERY DAY!!

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