What Do You See?

I’ve written a lot in the past about the perspective stuff that determines, with almost 100% accuracy, who succeeds and who fails in the fat loss game.  (The big concepts are here, here, and here, and the extensive details are in my book.)  I’m always learning more and expanding my thinking on this subject that is so near and dear to my heart, and long ago I promised to share those things with you.

As I explained in the posts linked above, almost everyone with a fat loss goal falls into one of two categories: those who hate their bodies and are desperately trying to escape them, and those who love their bodies and realize that they have not been giving them what they deserve.  Since the former group is by far the majority, a big part of my career is about changing perspectives and removing emotion and desperation from the process.  Unfortunately, nobody ever changes anything about their own psychology without a passionate reason to do so, so I am not really an effective catalyst for change, but more of a tool used by people who already really want it.  I’ve made peace with this fact.  The map that I provide is very accurate, but I can’t force anyone to go where it leads.  Still, things come to me once in a while that I hope will be the right queue, the right epiphany, to finally tip the scales in favor of healthy, permanent change in someone who might be listening.

For those of you who are in the body hater group, I would like to challenge you to change your approach.  Think about that most dreaded of times when you find yourself naked in front of your bathroom mirror with your inner voice screaming hateful things at you.  If you have struggled with your weight for a long while, you take the blows without putting up a fight, and you carry the residual pain into the rest of your day much the same as you carry the scars of so many other lost battles.

But what if you saw something else?

“My body is nothing short of a miraculous, amazing example of biology at its finest” you might say.  “It’s true, I haven’t been very good to my body lately, but it has adapted and changed and rolled with the punches like nothing man-made ever could, and it did it all to keep me alive and kicking.  Physiological processes have molded themselves as best they could to the inputs I have given them.  The fat that draws my eye in this moment is evidence of what my body is capable of doing to survive instead of throwing in the towel.  What I see before me now is crystal clear proof that the physical me is made of pure, unadulterated awesome.  Now it’s time for the psychological me to acknowledge that I am still in possession of a working human body, and I can’t fathom anything more wonderful.  All of this is true because my body never betrayed me by giving up when things were less than great.  My body is not my enemy, it is my hero.  It does not deserve my disdain, it deserves my love and respect in every moment from here to the grave.”

When your desire to change sincerely stems from a place like this, I just can’t see how you could possibly fail.

If you find that your perspective is changing to something healthier, I mean really changing and not just in brief moments of clarity, please come tell me about it on my Facebook page.  I’d really like to know about and learn from your turning point(s). We would also love to share in your journey with you over at Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness!

Go forth and be awesome.


  1. Tapetum says

    It’s pretty much impossible to hate yourself for your own good. It’s not motivating, however much it may feel sometimes. Instead it’s demotivating, stressing and energy draining.

  2. sarah says

    Jason, I love your passion! It is a cold, dark, miserable place to be, to look in the mirror every morning with self loathing, and placing your entire self worth solely on your outter appearance, which you hate, and will, inevitably no matter what you do. Because deep down you will never really be good enough. Your message is very powerful, and right on! You and Sarah are changing the world one person at a time. THANK YOU for everything you do!

  3. Shannon says

    I always live your posts Jason!

    Quick question: in the podcasts recently you have said you are selectively accepting new clients. Can you tell me what address I can email my request to? I have your book and I am a member of EPLIFEFIT and have been following, and tweaking, a paleo template for several years now and I have a few nagging issues that I could use some help with.

    Thank you!

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