Super Cool Giveaways in Honor of the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook Pre-Release


The day is almost here – September 4th is literally around the corner which means the official release of my latest book, Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook – Real Food for Real Life.

Why Real Food for Real Life? Because the kind of life I’m living IS a real one; a busy one, and one filled with as much joy, love, and time spent with my family as humanly possible. I wrote this book to help other families and individuals optimize their time and the contents of this book will allow folks to join me in living life a little more Everyday Paleo.

I have learned along the way that living a paleo lifestyle is not just about eating certain foods or exercising a certain way – it’s about REALLY LIVING – and loving, and laughing, and prioritizing in such a manner that leads to spending as much time as possible with the ones that we love.  It does NOT have to be complicated, it just has to be doable, and that’s what this book is all about.

Here’s a quote right out of my book that sums it all up, “Each moment is precious and fleeting and often only with great loss do we realize how fleeting these moments are.”  I personally want to look back over the years of my life and be grateful for my good health, solid relationships, and memories of my children’s laughter.  I do not want to look back longing for those moments that I missed with my loved ones as I was trying to “figure it all out” or trying desperately to “get it all done.”

My hope is that the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook will give you the tools you need to not miss out on those precious moments. The book includes several recipes that are easy, delicious, comforting and family friendly.  I tried not to overwhelm the book with hundreds of recipes but instead fill it with ones that I know people will want to use.  You will also find ideas to help your children embrace this life – not just live.There’s a budget guide, a week of meal plans, school lunch ideas, and shopping guides, precious time saving tips and food prep ideas, a whole section of fast, easy, and minimal ingredient meals, as well as, my thoughts and suggestions for how to make this crazy life be the fullest life possible.

Raising a family or even taking care of yourself is challenging, and I know because trust me – I live it.  With three boys, 2 dogs, one husband, a career, and well, you get the idea – I’ve been there and done that and I want to share with you how I’ve learned to focus on the joy rather than the negativity that so often overwhelms this world that we live in.  The Family Cookbook offers you guidance that isn’t yet out there; and I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised with it’s content.

This new book is an extension of my national best seller Everyday Paleo and together they make the perfect marriage.  I can’t wait to share the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook, Real Food for Real Life with all of you!

With all of that being said, my gratitude for your support is a billion times bigger than you could ever imagine and I want to give back to you with some awesome giveaways.  Here’s what I’ve got up for grabs:

1. Steve’s Original My family LOVES Steve’s Original products and I know your family will too.  One lucky winner will receive a Steve’s Club Sampler Pack, a value of well over $65!! Also, there is a chance for EVERYONE to be a winner!  Good from today through August 28th, anyone who orders from Steve’s Original will receive 10% off their entire order by entering the code “Everydaycookbook” at checkout. Woohoo!!!!

2. Grass Fed Beef from TX Bar OrganicsThis Northern California locally owned and operated company is legit.  All of their beef is grass fed and finished and it’s some of the tastiest beef I have ever had the pleasure to eat.  One lucky winner will receive a 20lb package of grass fed beef comprised of 10lbs of ground beef, 5lbs of stew meat, and 5lbs of steak.  Doesn’t get much better than that and what’s awesome is that you can use the meat to make recipes straight from my new book like the to – die – for Curry Burgers, Mini Meatloaves, Hungarian Stew, and Mexican Beef Skewers!! Ok, now I’m hungry…

3. Paleo MagazineThis is such a valuable resource for the paleo community and every month I look forward to reading what’s inside and I always learn something new and unique from Paleo Mag! The awesome Editor/Publisher of Paleo Magazine is offering a 1 year combo subscription (both print and digital) to one lucky winner!!

4. Tropical Traditions: I LOVE this company and not just for their coconut oil. They offer all sorts of amazing products that I mention over and over again in all of my books from Bionaturae Strained Tomatoes to Olive Oil to Skin Care Products and of course their amazing Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil!! So to one lucky winner I’m offering A $200 gift certificate to all things Tropical Traditions!  

5. The Book Bundle: Everyday PaleoEveryday Paleo Family Cookbook – ADVANCED COPYPaleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket ShipThe Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf – One person will win The Book Bundle, including all three signed copies of my books, and a huge bonus: The man, the myth, the legend, Robb Wolf.  The winner of The Book Bundle will also receive a signed copy of the New York Time’s Best Seller – The Paleo Solution! 

Ok my dear readers, that’s a total of 5 lucky winners – here’s how to enter to win:

1. Go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and take a peak at my new book and tell me what you are looking forward to the most about reading it and cooking from it (and hopefully pre-order it as well!)  On Amazon you can now “Look Inside” so go browse, and report back in the comments what your thoughts are about my new book…

2. Head over to TX Bar Organics and either like them on Facebook or subscribe to their newsletter and let me know that you did so in the comments.

3. Head on over to Steve’s Originals, Paleo Magazine, or Tropical Traditions and like them on Facebook and report back in the comments.

4. Like ME on Facebook and like the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook on Amazon and report back in the comments.

5. Do all or any combination of the above and let me know below in the comments.

6. Winners will be selected by random and announced on the blog by 9am PST August 24th so that’s PLENTY of time to enter to win.

Pretty gosh darn easy and these are some awesome prizes if I must say so myself. Please help me spread the word about the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook – your support means the world to me.

As always, enjoy!!!!!


  1. Melina says

    I ‘liked’ your Facebook page as well as your book on I keep meaning to buy your first book, but I always forget when I’m at Costco. I love all of the recipes I’ve tried off your blog, and I’m looking forward to trying more from your cookbooks.

  2. Roger Ramirez says

    I liked you and paleo mag on Facebook. I also checked your book out on amazon and what I’m really looking forward to is the kid lunch box ideas and all the great recipes. I loved the recipes in your first book and I expect there will be some great ones in this book.

  3. Sharon says

    “Pretty gosh darn easy” especially considering I had almost everything “liked” already….and now I have it all.

  4. Brandi B says

    Just liked the new cookbook on amazon:) I think the kids section is the most important to me right now in general with my family–it is a tough battle to get them to eat healthy!

  5. says

    Let’s see.
    – Looking forward to more kosher slow cooker ideas! I love my crock pot. :)
    – Have liked (or already did like) you, Paleo Magazine, TX, and Steve.
    Done! :)

  6. Rebecca says

    i am most looking forward to the “basic food guide,” i looks super easy to follow and lays everything out very simply…let’s not even get started on the amazing pictures!

  7. Tess says

    I love that you put your family in the book. It gives a picture of what you are sharing with us. I also love that you have slow cooker meals included in the book. I also have three boys and only is interested in cooking. The book looks different because you give real life experiences and some solutions that worked for you as guidelines for us. Thanks!!! And my sister and I use to play “Little House on the Prarie” when we were little. She was Laura and I was Mary because I was the oldest. We would play for hours. I guess that was my secret draw to Paleo……and you have helped me in remembering how!

  8. Lindsay Jenkins says

    I have just recently started this new Paleo lifestyle. I have four kids and a husband, I am going to school, and we just moved to Texas. I heard about Paleo from a friend and I found your Everyday Paleo at Costco, and I haven’t looked back. I love all the recipes I have tried so far, as does my husband. My kids have been a bit more challenging to convince, but I am working on it. I am trying to take baby steps with them. What I love the most about Everyday Paleo (the book) is the 30-day meal plan, and the shopping lists, as well as the ideas for school lunches–all things that are invaluable to me. I have tried thousands of ways (it seems) to lose weight throughout my life, and this is the first one I have been able to stick to without having to write everything down that I eat or feel hungry and deprived. So, thanks for that! Here’s to hoping this one is finally my golden ticket!!

    • Lindsay Jenkins says

      I just checked out the book on Amazon! I can’t wait for it to come out! It looks great! I looked through the index and a lot of the recipes sound very intriguing and I can’t wait to try them!

  9. Megan says

    I’ve already pre-ordered, but I went back to take another peek – you had me at the words ‘quick and easy’ and ‘lunch box.’ So looking forward to more of your meals to put into our rotation! Your first book is dog-eared and well-used in our house!

  10. Nick says

    Already preorderd, though did go back and look inside the book!, and already like EP, Paleo Magazine, and Tropical Traditions.

  11. Jecka @ [blank] this says

    1) I’m looking forward to seeing the meaty dishes section. I tend to stay in comfort zone with cooking meat at home, so learning how to cook different cuts of beef or roast a chicken will be a huge help for me to try something new!

    2, 3, and 4) I already like all of you guys on Facebook, but I just “liked” your book on Amazon!

    I could really use all of these prizes! *fingers crossed*

  12. Trish says

    Book is on preorder…but I had no idea there was a paleo magazine! I will be checking that out for sure! Thanks for all your great info..huge fan!

  13. Ian says

    All tasks have been completed. Can’t not wait for the book. Only been doing paleo for about a month and looking for some ideas on quick and easy along with some ideas to help me get my son on track who is a picky eater. I love paleo magazine and the paleo crunch from Steve’s original. Even my son eats that. Lol.

  14. Christine says

    Wow, what a great giveaway! Did all of them to increase my chances, but I like extra Paleo resources too :-)

    1. (From Amazon Look Inside): Reading the entire Understanding Kids chapter! Often times, coworkers of mine won’t even try Paleo because they think their kids won’t like it. This is a huge mental obstacle (and another excuse!) not to try something. I tell them ” just do it for 30 days,” but reading what you have to say about it will be helpful too. Looking forward to it!

    2. Done (Like on Facebook: TX Bar Organics)
    3. Done all (Like on Facebook: Steve’s Originals, Paleo Magazine, or Tropical Traditions)
    4. Done all (Like ME on Facebook, Like on Amazon the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook)

  15. says

    Sarah, I have to say that as a new Paleo family you website is one that we just keep coming back to, so when I got this post on my RSS reader I just had to get you, Paleo Magazine, and Tropical Traditions liked on my site’s FB page. Thanks for your great content and sharing your life with us.

  16. says

    I like you, TX Organics and Steve’s Original. (I really LOVE Steve’s original. I’m a huge fan of the grassfed jerky and paleo crunch. Perfect snacks!)

    I am very interested to hear about how you’ve dealt with kids. My son is pretty open to things, fortunately, but we definitely have our hard times.

  17. Amy says

    Looking forward to checking out the lunch section. And I’ve liked all the rest- TX Bar, Steve’s Originals, Paleo, Tropical Tradtions, ‘liked’ you on facebook and Amazon.

  18. Stephanie says

    I took a peek at Amazon and can’t wait to have a family friendly Paleo cookbook since I just had a baby girl and would love to raise her Paleo on delicious food.

    I would LOVE the book bundle!!

  19. Lauren says

    What a great giveaway! In regards to your book, I am most excited about reading “The Basics Food Guide” and “Getting Started”. I am new to the whole Paleo concept and it would be wonderful to have additional information to help get started! I have liked you on Facebook, as well as your book on Amazon. I have also liked Paleo Magazine and Tropical Traditions. Fingers crossed for the win! :)

  20. Danielle Thompson says

    Ok, here is what I did:
    “Liked” TX Bar Organics, Paleo Magazine, Everyday Paleo, and I added the book to my Amazon wishlist. I checked it out and am eager to get it. I love the photo index at the front. I am just starting to get into Paleo and your recipes don’t scare me. It is daunting, but I think my body will like me for it. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28 and I know diet probably played a large role in that diagnosis. Ready to eat better for my health and to help me get to a better fitness level! I hope to win!!! :) I’d love the books especially!

  21. says

    Done! Wow. I can’t wait to see the book. The sneak peek looks great. I have bought a few other paleo cookbooks and while they have great recipes, I find I still go back to yours a lot when it comes to feeding a family. I love your portion sizes and that you use a lot of ingredients that are within our budget.

  22. Alana Plesner says

    Really like the section about how to positively encourage kids to eat paleo. I am transitioning my seven year old and can use all the ideas I can get on how to do it peacefully.The part about lunch boxes also looks like it will be helpful and I am looking forward to trying out some of the recipes in every chapter.
    I had already like you on Facebook and went ahead and like everyone else because the products are so good. Thank you for another great book.

  23. mary b says

    Well I already Liked all of the above on FB…just had to check out TX Bar Organics!
    I have the first cookbook and am looking forward to more info for handling the kids with Paleo…the sneak peek looks like it will be great to have my boys read to get more of the “why” we are doing this.

  24. Molly K says

    My husband and I use Everyday Paleo to help us add variety and ease (shopping lists) to our healthy eating. We use the last book (insert we take it to the grocery store and write in it) and I am very much looking forward to new ideas.

  25. JessMN says

    Just checked out the book on Amazon – I’m not sure if I’m more excited about slow cooker recipes or the one week meal plan (always need help on what to eat!)

  26. Leah says

    I Liked all of the above on Facebook. I am currently cooking my way through Everyday Paleo and I can’t wait for the new book to come out so I can try the Whole Greek Chicken, Baby Back Ribs, Mexican Beef Skewers and the Paleo Pumpkin Pie! What I love most about Everyday Paleo is that weight loss is the least of the benefits – Paleo is about taking my life back.

  27. Amy says

    I am so looking forward to the release of your book! My family and I are Paleo newbies and always looking for new recipes! We are enjoying the lifestyle.

  28. Julie says

    I have done all of the above. I’m just starting my family on the Paleo way of eating and I would love to be one of my first cookbooks.

  29. Eric nakata says

    These are all easily completed. Have been looking forward to you new book for months. I’m a cookbook addict and looking forward to the great recipes and the stunning food photography.

  30. Jackie says

    I can’t wait to Buy this! i’m always on your blog and it’ll be nice to add this book to my collection! I have already subscribed to all the newsletters and liked all the facebook pages. can’t wait til 9/4!

  31. Kimberly C says

    Liked all of the above! Can’t wait to have a new Paleo recipe book – especially looking forward to the new sauces and meat dishes.

  32. Rachel says

    My family and I just started living the paleo lifestyle. I am amazed at the variety of food that I have been missing out on. I am excited about your cook book. One of my favorite things to do is find new recipes. I looking forward to following you on facebook.

  33. Amy Prisco says

    I liked them all! i preordered your cookbook, liked paleomagazine, liked Steve’s Originals and liked TX Bar Organics!!!! I cannot wait for your cookbook to come out! I have a few paleo cookbooks and this is one I have been really anticipating!

  34. Keri Schreiner says

    I am a fan on facebook and am patiently awaiting the release of your new book, I love the first one.

  35. Cynthia Fabbricatore says

    I am a Paleo Newbie and have been devouring your blog! Thanks for being such a fabulous resource. I eagerly await the release of your book and sharing with my husband and 3-year old son. I have liked you on FB and look forward to your posts! Thanks again! :)

  36. KerriAnn says

    Does it count if I already “like” most of those product mentioned above?!? I am looking forward to more slow cooker recipes. I don’t know what I would do without my crockpot. Work&gym&fulltime student here, so I love coming home to a meal already made.

  37. Lauren says

    Liked Steves, TTraditions, and YOU on FB a looong time ago. :) Good luck.. And thank you for all the amazing information.

  38. Jane Westerby says

    I enjoyed your first cookbook, and am looking forward to this one, too. Especially the dessert and crockpot recipes, with the warm summer weather almost behind us.

  39. Colleen says

    I am really excited for your new cookbook! When we made the transition to Paleo a few months ago, Everyday Paleo was the first cookbook I bought and it was SO helpful! I’m looking forward to new recipes and more guidance from someone who really understands what it’s like to be a busy Paleo family. I already “liked” all of the amazing giveaway sponsors you listed above. Except for Paleo magazine. How the heck had I missed that one for so long?

  40. Michelle M says

    I ‘liked’ TX Bar Organics and think their beef is YUMMY! Can’t wait to get your new book as it looks as amazing as your first. You, Steve’s, Paleo mag, and tropical traditions have already been liked and enjoyed for awhile!! I love how you make Paleo doable for anyone! Thanks for all you do!

  41. Danielle says

    I liked everything :)
    I am most looking forward to the crock pot section in the new book. I use mine a lot and am always looking for quick and easy meals. And, my husband has no fear of the crockpot so it is a big help to have him make meals as well as we stay on the paleo journey together and as a family.

  42. Kymber says

    still trying to get my family all converted over to Paleo, so new recipes and ideas would be the best part. Family doesn’t think they have the time to eat right…at least I know they are getting one meal good every day…but working on every meal!

  43. Michele S says

    Have “Liked” all these you have listed for awhile. Already have your first book, and I am looking forward to this one, since it will make help in converting my Teenager over to the Paleo lifestyle.

  44. Dorothy says

    I have liked everyone on FB, and VERY happy to find TX Bar Organics – they offer some great deals! I have pre-ordered your book, and am looking forward to its arrival. Please enter me for the giveaways!

  45. Maija Giganti says

    Hi! I’ve “liked” everyone above. I love your first cookbook and have pre-ordered your next book – so excited for more awesome recipes!

  46. Michelle C says

    I liked all of the above. I’m really looking forward to trying new recipes since I am making lifestlye changes. We chipped in to share a 1/2 local grass fed cow and will be getting it soon. Start of great, new things!

  47. says

    Sarah – you are such an inspiration to many! When I read The Paleo Solution and saw your before and after pics, I was amazed! After that, I purchased Everyday Paleo and Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship – love em both! Can’t wait for the new one, especially since I am getting married soon (and am thinking of having children!) I “liked” all of your suggestions, even though only 2 out of all of them were “new” likes – I am already a pretty avid paleo-enthusiast! Paleo Magazine and Steve’s Original were two of my “original” “likes.” Thanks for all that you do!

  48. Hannah Smith says

    Liked TX bar organics, paleo magazine and you on Facebook. Checked out the new book on Amazon and liked it. Looking forward to finding a new favorite recipe!

  49. Angela says

    Pinned Everyday Paleo on Pinterest
    Liked Everyday Paleo on FaceBook
    Google++ Everyday Paleo
    Liked Everyday Paleo on Amazon
    Shared my Amazon Like on FaceBook
    FaceBook Like Tropical Traditions
    FaceBook Like Paleo Mag :)
    FaceBook Like PaleoKits
    FaceBook Like TX Organics

    Whew! That burned a few calories.


    Angela H.

  50. sherri says

    Liked your site on facebook for quite awhile now. added a few others from the list that I didn’t know about. Looking forward to the book release

  51. Kathryn Gillie says

    Can’t wait for the book! Love making new things for dinner and having nutritious and delicious leftovers for my boys school lunch!

  52. diana says

    Didn’t know there was a Paleo Mag. Thanks. I’m new to paleo and hoping I can ‘cure’ the disabling arthritis in my ankles and wrist by eliminating inflamatory foods.

  53. says

    I liked them all! I can’t wait to check out your new book. I am new to this Paleo thing, but I am really excited about finding ways to get my picky toddler and my junk-food-loving hubby on board!

  54. S. Smith says

    I am a big fan! Already through our copy of Everday Paleo, we need more recipes! We pre-ordered our copy of the family cookbook from Amazon. We love Steve’s Originals and the new recipe cards. Great stuff all around!!

  55. Peggy Hunt says

    I am looking forward to the release of your book – I am sold on the paleo lifestyle as I have been enjoying good health for many years living with a similar lifestyle. It’s just nice to see it all laid out so nicely and I NEED good recipes and ideas to get my family a little more on board. They still like bread and pasta too much and when I follow through on my promise to no longer buy those items or any grains or processed food – I need meal ideas! 😉

  56. sue says

    whoops the previous entry had an incorrect email address….here is corrected one…

    I liked it all!! I love the Paleo life!!!
    thanks Sarah for helping me feel 100% better! :-)

  57. Kerry says

    What great giveaways! I like TX organics and Tropical Traditions and subscribe to their newsletters. I follow you on FB as well. I started my paleo journey In April with my first Whole 30. I hosted Bookclub that month and made many dishes from your book, Everyday Paleo. It was a successful spread enjoyed by my paleo and non paleo friends. My husband’s favorite paleo meal in your pork with apples and scallions, I think that convereted him to join me i this lifestyle I can’t wait to get your next cookbook.

  58. Annette J. says

    I read the overview of your new book and I am looking forward to recipes to pair together to made a complete meal, since this is something I need help with. I have already been following you, Steves Originals and Tropical Traditions on Facebook, I added Paleo Magazine and TX Bar Organics today.

  59. Andrea says

    Just perused your book and pre-ordered it — the only other thing I’ve ever pre-ordered was the final Harry Potter book, so you know you’re special! I’m looking forward to the slow-cooker recipes. It’s been a challenge for me to find/invent ones that don’t rely on creamy soups as a base.

  60. Sallie says

    Can’t wait for your new cookbook to come out. Looking forward to the slow cooker section as well as the side dishes. Have used your other cookbook a lot! Thanks for all the great recipes! Just liked TX Bar Organics on FB as well.

  61. Janice Fiori says

    I have liked the page Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook on Amazon and I really enjoyed taking a sneak peak at it. One great part is that you have sectioned by type with pictures. Nice touch! I hope to have some new ideas and healthier ones that my child will eat for lunch. I have also liked Steve’s Originals and Paleo Magazine and you on Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win some fun prizes!

  62. says

    I liked all the Facebook pages. Any resource that’s going to help myself and my family with this adjustment is a good one! I’ve already put your book on my wishlist as soon as I have the cash to spend (or as soon as Christmas rolls around). I’m hoping that it will help me to understand how to better adapt my family into this lifestyle. Sometimes it feels like a bit of an uphill battle as you try to adjust everyone’s tastes and change everyone’s way of thinking. As soon as I announced we were going Paleo, I heard groans and cries of “No more ice cream?!” and the sort. It’s been fun trying to introduce them to the lifestyle and have them understand that it isn’t about restriction – it’s about freedom and health and just plain feeling better.

  63. Melissa says

    I “liked” you on FB a LONG time ago. LOL! Pre-ordered your new book back in April and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m most looking forward to well, the WHOLE book. LOL! I scanned the inside and the pictures and recipes look great. I like the format of the recipes. My intent is to get my daughter and hubby on board with this book. I’ve followed you and Robb for over a year now and love PALEO! Thanks for all you do to spread the Paleo word and to make it easy for busy families.

  64. Brandi D. says

    You have slow cooker recipes in the book! YES! I am really excited about that. The book looks amazing, Sarah.

  65. Kim says

    A friend told me about you and I have been reading your blog and making some of the dishes. I am a newbie to the Paleo lifestyle. My kids and my ex-husband and I are all doing it together. However, he is trying to lose weight and I am trying to gain weight! It’s been two weeks now. We are all eating healthier. Our moms would be so proud of us all! I liked you on Facebook and Amazon and am waiting to get your new book and your first book! Thank you for making it fairly easy transition.

  66. says

    I ALREADY like you on Facebook and have Everyday Paleo cookbook (which I love and use often). I just liked Steve’s, Paleo Magazine and Tropical Traditions on Facebook.

  67. Janie Kendrick says

    Love your Paleo Everyday cookbook and am looking forward to your second cookbook coming out in September. I hope it will have new recipes in it that are just as simple as your first cookbook! Thanks for all the information on eating the Paleo diet!

  68. says

    Did all the above. Would love to finally win something! Paleo is essential to me maintaining a med/symptom free life with lupus! Thanks for offering a chance to win these great products.

  69. Thomas says

    I’ve liked them all and you – have for sometime now. Have your first cookbook and have had your current on pre-order for several weeks now. I’m looking forward to its release and to try all the recipes.

  70. Sarah Hughes says

    I am super excited about this book. I’m a working mom and get so bogged down with making dinner and packing lunches for my family. I’m hoping that this book can give me the tools I need to not spend more than an hour in the kitchen each day so I have more quality time with my family.

  71. Natalie says

    Can’t wait for the new book. Love how you break down in simple language the reasons for eliminating certain foods from our diet.

    Natalie – nattysaves(at)yahoo(dot)com

  72. Dawna says

    I already liked you (along with the nearly 51k others. Wow!), Robb Wolf, and Steve’s Originals before your giveaway. But, I went back & “liked” the others that I had not already been familiar with. Big Fan of yours & Robb’s. Use your Everyday Paleo often. Congrats on the new book! =)

  73. Jill says

    I “liked” everyone (or already had them “liked”).

    I will say, I’m excited about the new book. I’m new to Paleo and still progressing into it. So, with your book, not only will I get new recipes, but I really like the week menu idea. I see that as helpful to stay off the boredom of scrambled eggs day-in-and-day-out.

  74. Kristin W. says

    Looked at your new book and the recipe’s and lunch idea secion look amazing! One question, on the back cover their is a picture of your entire family, is your son really that much taller than you and your husband or was he standing on something. WOW he is tall:)

  75. Dee says

    1. Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook – I am looking forward to the entire book but most of all the Understanding Kids section and Lunch Box for Kids and Grownup section. I have a four year old and though I don’t want her to be image conscience I do want her to be healthy. I pre-ordered on July 10th and I’m eagerly awaiting arrival like a kid at Christmas. I really like the layout. The pictures of family and the pictures that go along with the recipes are awesome. I also love the layout of the Basic Food Guide, its a very peaceful page.

    2. TX Bar Organics – Liked on Facebook and Subscribed to their newsletter. Like their website. I’ve been looking for a place like this that’s reasonable. I live in Souther Cal and outside of the Big Box Stores I can’t seem to find a farmer. So after this I’m gonna go order something!! Excitement!!!

    3. Steve’s Originals and Tropical Traditions already Liked on Facebook.
    Paleo Magazine just Liked on Facebook, I didn’t know their was a magazine.
    I have to come out of my Cave more often..haha

    4. YOU’ve been Like by ME on Facebook for a while and I just liked the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook on Amazon.

    Good Luck All!!

  76. Susie says

    I already Like you on Facebook and I have the Everyday Paleo cookbook! Your meatloaf is a favorite with my boys (the teenage one and the adult one). Can’t wait to see your new book! Good luck!

  77. Michelle C says

    Hey Sarah! I love your blog! I am most looking forward to the Budget Guide in Everyday Paleo– as a graduate student, I have really appreciated the section on your blog focusing on eating Paleo on a budget, especially as I live in an area where it is very hard to find Paleo-friendly grocery stores. I liked the TX Bar page, as well as Steve’s Original (bought some for my boyfriend for his birthday!), Paleo Mag, and Tropical Traditions (hopefully getting some of their stuff for MY birthday!), as well as liked “Everyday Paleo” and shared it with my friends on my timeline! Thanks for your continued awesome blog posts in the future and best of luck with “Everyday Paleo”!

  78. Samantha Marshall says

    I like that there is a Basic Food Guide and a brief overview of why we should eat paleo. I love your first cookbook and I use it all the time. I look forward to making new egg dishes that you have in store for us in the new book.

  79. Samantha Marshall says

    I “like” Steve’s Originals, Paleo Magazine, and Tropical Traditions on Facebook. (Sam Marshall)

  80. Tiffany H says

    I liked your new cookbook on Amazon. Can’t wait to get it for my birthday next month and try the recipes! I also liked Steve’s original, tropical traditions, and Tx organic. I already have you and Paleo magazine liked.

  81. Caitlin Morris says

    I am looking forward to having easy recipes to make for my family, that will make great, healthy Paleo meals a staple in our home instead of just a few times a week. And having them in one place as opposed to scouring the internet.

    I also liked Steve’s Paleo Goods & You awhile ago but added Tx Traditions, Tropical Traditions & Paleo Mag. AND signed up for newsletters.

    So, basically, I did it all :)

    I am so happy I found this lifestyle. Thanks for your contributions to this world!

  82. Shyla says

    Already “liked” you on FB but now also “like” TX Bar Organics, Steve’s Originals, Paleo Magazine, AND Tropical Traditions .

  83. Christena says

    Hi Sarah! Just “looked inside” your new book on Amazon. I can’t wait for it to come out. We cook from your Everyday Paleo cookbook weekly (our favorite recipes are actually memorized now!) and I can’t wait for a fun, new book of delicious, fresh and inspiring recipes. I’m counting the days! Thanks for all you do!

  84. Lori H-N says

    I went to Amazon to take a peek inside. I liked that there is suggestions on which recipes are paired best together (to help make a complete meal), the time-saving tips and tricks, meal plans w/shopping list, and of course getting to try all the yummy recipes. Pre-ordering mine now!

  85. Jessica says

    Hello – I peeked inside your new book and cannot wait for all the new recipes. I just got the Everyday Paleo book and cannot wait to add more recipes to cook for my family.

  86. Rochelle says

    Checked out your book on Amazon yesterday, as a matter of fact, and already *like* you, Everyday Paleo, and Steve’s on FB! =)

  87. Kristi Carpenter says

    I love the concept of what looks like whole life change in the new cookbook. Life is not compartmentalized! Thank you for the for the recommendations of the other sites. I am new to this and bringing my family aboard as well and can use all the information about product availability I can get. Thank you.

  88. Karla says

    Definitely liked your book, tropical traditions and have been liking Steve’s original and of course the paleo magazine. I am looking forward to taking family recipes we all use to having, but putting a healthy twist on them with paleo eating. As well, getting my whole family involved with cooking these recipes would be so much fun. :)

  89. Melissa From says

    I am so excited about this book. I am really looking forward to some new slow cooker recipes and I am definitely interested in the budget section too 😉

  90. Regina says

    I checked out Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook Monday on Amazon. I am totally looking forward to more nutricious ideas for my picky little eaters who are 5 and 3…

  91. Regina says

    Just friended TX Bar Organics…having lived all my life in Nor Cal I find that we are so fortunate to have awesome choices in whole foods in our own backyard!! Love it!

  92. Emily says

    Hi, Sarah! Just “liked” Tx Bar Organics, Steve’s Original (can’t wait to try!), Paleo Mag, and Tropical Traditions. I have “liked” you on Facebook for awhile now, and just liked your new book on Amazon. So excited for it to arrive on my doorstep. I just want to say you have been such an inspiration to me during a tough time my family is going through. Your post above brought a tear to my eye as I tried to remember that I need to focus on the POSITIVE right now instead of all the madness. Thanks for being such an inspiration to busy moms everywhere and keep up the great work!

  93. Tianay says

    1. My birthday is in September so your book has been on my “Wish List” on Amazon for a while now. Looking at the preview, I can’t wait for all those meat recipes (I am pregnant and have been having serious meat cravings….Shrimp with horseradish mustard sauce, apple and pork sliders…yummo!!) Oh and the slow cooker recipes!!
    2. Done
    3. Done
    4. Of course that has been complete for a long time!!
    Blessings to you!

  94. says

    I like you on Facebook (thanks for the reply to the question I had regarding your slow cooker chicken in the oven). I also like Steve’s original on Facebook. Thanks so much and keep this up!

  95. Jaylen says

    I liked you and Steve on facebook! I can’t wait to order your book and check out the slow cooker section – I am practically married to the crock pot because of a busy college class schedule. Also, the budget section will kick butt too. Always looking to save some money but get quality nutrition. You rock Sarah!

  96. kelli says

    I’m most excited about your book that the recipes can be used to feed my family of 2 adults and 4 kids! I have found that a lot of paleo recipes are not kid friendly — the ingredients are too intense or flavorful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. Shari Gockley says

    It has been so difficult to do Paleo for my family, my husband and 4 kids all under 8 yrs old have not been on board, but I am trying! I am pregnant with baby #5 and hoping this way of life helps in the size of the baby- I’ve had some big ones, the biggest was 11 1/2 pounds!! At any rate, here’s me hoping to win some great stuff! I “liked” Everyday Paleo (of course), TX Bar organics, Tropical Traditions, Paleo Mag, and Steve’s Originals. Thank-you!!

  98. Meredith says

    Sarah – just did ALL of the above! Really looking forward to the new book. I want to try out the turkey sushi rolls for my 9 year old son. We have just about worn out our Everyday Paleo book! Thanks for sharing all of your great information and tips.

  99. says

    I am looking forward to the slow cooker recipes! I am a busy woman and I love meals that are healthy and easy. I liked your book on Amazon. I also liked TX Bar Organics, Steve’s Originals, Paleo Magazine, Everyday Paleo, and Tropical Traditions on facebook. Thank you!!!

  100. April says

    I liked Paleo Magazine on Facebook, I’ve already done number 4!

    I am most looking forward to your new recipes- I’ve loved pretty much everything you’ve posted so I’m sure these new ones will be good! I’m especially looking forward to the carrot french fries as I’ve never had roasted carrots before.

    I also look forward to reading your tips for families… I don’t have kids yet but it gives me hope for the future! There’s some great photos of your family there too :-)

  101. Tina P says

    I have liked all of the pages and some of them I was already a fan of. Thank you for introducing me to a few more really good companies. I am really looking forward to the recipes. I am newer to Paleo and I just finished my nutrition classes. So I am really looking forward to reading your new book.

  102. cathleen haglund says

    i JUST bought your other cookbook and like Steve’s and Tropical a few days ago. TODAY, I checked out Paleo Mag and TX Organics and liked them both. I am looking forward to the budget section in the book because I am finding this switch a bit pricey. Hopefully my first order of Steve
    s comes in today…I believed when you said it was delicious.

  103. Jenna Lloyd says

    I liked TX Bar Organics,Tropical Traditions, Steve’s PaleoGoods, Paleo
    Magazine, Everyday Paleo on Facebook and Everyday Paleo on Amazon! Looking forward to the Quick and Simple Meal Ideas and the slow curry chicken recipe. Being a single mom to three teenagers, I need simple and easy meals and slow cooker meals too! :)

  104. says

    I am so looking forward to the release of this cookbook. As a busy, working Mom, I am very interested in the quick recipe ideas, as there are so many nights that we come home after soccer/dance/workouts and need to get dinner fixed pronto!

    Way to go!

  105. Maechelle says

    Sarah I’m so excited about your new book, that this month seems to have dragged on! I had already “liked” most of the companies you suggested, but I am excited to learn about the Paleo Magazine! I subscribed to them as well as TX Organics. I’m excited for some new recipes (I use your other cookbook every week!), and excited to learn some new ideas for lunches : ) Stumbling upon your blog last year has made such a huge difference in my life, as well as the other troops that are stationed with me here on the Air Force Base. I’m already looking forward to book #3! ; )

  106. Bonnie says

    The whole book looks amazing – but the two sections I am interested in devouring first are the lunch box section and the crock pot recipes!

  107. Bonnie says

    I’ve been following Steve’s Originals and Tropical Traditions on Facebook for a while now. Paleo Magazine is a new distraction to love!

  108. Bonnie Melius says

    Sarah, I can’t wait for your newest book to come out!! Your blog has made my transition to eating Paleo so much easier. Before, I kept falling off the wagon..but your recipes and life anecdotes are so refreshing, they keep me coming back for more.

    Ironically, I liked almost every page on Facebook that you pointed us to already. I took a peek into your new cookbook and can’t wait for the slow-cooker recipes. My husband got me a crockpot for Christmas last year, and (this is corny) but I got SO excited! Fall is my favorite season, and I love making stews and yummy slow-cooked meals…but most recipes out there are not paleo.

    Your book comes out on my birthday, and it’s going to be my treat for myself. Thank you for all you do!

  109. says

    Most looking forward to the lunch box ideas – though I have to be honest and say it was really difficult to pick one thing! I “liked” everything, and look forward to finding out who wins this great stuff.

  110. Libby says

    I browsed through your book on amazon and I just love the versatility of it! It is chock full of ideas for all family members – LOVE it!

  111. Dawn says

    The only FB pages that I wasn’t following was yours and Paleo Magazine. The others are in my regular FB feed. I’m surprised I haven’t been following you. I spend my Sundays cooking for the week ahead, and I always visit your page for your great recipes. Can’t wait to check out your new book. Congrats!

  112. says

    I love the layout of the new cookbook and look forward to more recipes! We love your first cookbook!

    I also liked Tx Bar Organics on FB and I already had done 3 and 4 so I’m golden 😉

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  113. Shannon K. says

    I had already liked all of the company sites except Paleo Magazine, so I liked it. I also went and checked out your book on Amazon. I cannot wait for lunchbox ideas! We started school in Redding this week and I packed them the exact same lunch the last 2 days because they loved it, but I can see a rut in my future.

  114. Stacy Vincent says

    I am looking forward to your section on meals for kid’s lunchboxes. I “liked” everything except that I did not know how to like your book on Amazon. ? Loved your podcast interview with Jimmy Moore. Thanks for the giveaway.

  115. Vicki says

    I already “like” TX Bar Organics and Tropical Traditions, and now I “like” Steve’s Originals, YOU and your cookbook on Amazon. I read all the preview pages and am excited to get it when it is available! Thanks for inspiring me and renewing my interest in the Paleo lifestyle.

  116. Victoria says

    I liked TX Bar Organics. I also checked out the book through the “look inside” feature, and it looks great!

  117. Catherine Cameron says

    I did 1, 2 and 4 above! Your new book looks fabulous – we’ve been enjoying the first book since our first bite of Paleo diet over a month ago. I’m particularly looking forward to the “Hungarian Stew” recipe and the mayonnaise cake frosting story was hilarious :)

  118. Liz Dean says

    Can’t wait to get your book!! I am thrilled for the lunchbox section…teens on paleo during school can be difficult! And I already “like” All the above on fb!!! You guys are all awesome! :)

  119. Don Ludwig says

    Really looking forward to getting the new book and completing my transition of the family to a Paleo diet. Liked TXBAR, Steve and already liked you and Tropical Traditions, my source for coconut oil. Thanks for what you do!

  120. Susan says

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  121. Jaclyn says

    I “liked” you & tropical traditions on fb. I “liked” your book on I think I would benefit greatly from the recipes and budget tips in your book. We are a family of 7 and saving money (and getting freebies) anyway we can helps us to live a more paleo lifestyle.

  122. Jessica says

    Your book looks great. I love that you have a whole section on slow cooker recipes but that it’s not just a slow cooker book. I just made carnitas in the slow cooker last night! The variety looks wonderful. I first found your website when I was doing the Whole30 and your recipes are great, thank you!.

  123. Jessica says

    I am a librarian and order the cookbooks for my library. Last year I ordered two copies of your first book and I know I will be ordering this one too. Unfortunately I can’t do that on Amazon but will through our vendor. Yours and the Paleo Comfort Foods helped me so much in my transition. Thank you!

  124. Erin Medeiros says

    I already liked Steves originals, TX bars organic, Everyday paleo, paleo mag, and tropical traditions. I liked it on Amazon. I cant wait to see the slow cooker part it makes life sooo much easier and the basics i REALLY need this.

  125. Shelley says

    I did all of the above although I already had “liked” Steve’s originals and you already 😉 I checked out the book on Amazon, on my wish list and shared on my FB page. I love all of your recipes!! I am looking forward to reading the section of your book about lunchboxes for kids and adults…I do ok with my lunch but my girls are so darn picky. I feel pressured to get it right so they won’t starve! 😉 Thanks for the chance to win something awesome!

  126. Melissa says

    I just pre ordered your new book on Amazon! I can’t wait to add diversity to our meals. Thank you for all you do.

  127. Andrea says

    I “Like” you on facebook and am SO looking forward to the new cookbook. Pre ordered a month ago. I am a 24 year old, not married, no kids and your 1st book is what kick started everything for me. I love when you say Paleo is about loving, laughing and prioritizing becasue it is. I have learned a way to make the things that are important to me (being healty, eating right, working out, sleeping and having fun) my priorities and I really contribute so much of that to the Paleo Lifestyle. I love planning my meals for the week based on many of your recipes, free’s up more time to do what I want!
    I am excited to check out the mexican beef skewers in the new cookbook!

  128. Lori says

    I have gone to each of the pages and “liked” the ones that I had not already “liked”. I am new to Paleo. Not really sure how it works and this would be a great prize to win! Love cookbooks, and I am diabetic, lactose intolerant and not too sure about the gluten stuff either. Might be an answer for me. Thanks!

  129. Heidi Braver says

    I “like” all these pages. And I’m super excited about the new book. I’m always looking for paleo lunchbox ideas for school. And also for ideas on paleo potluck items to bring to non-paleo events. Thanks for all you do!

  130. says

    I pre-ordered your book! I am SO excited. I already have your Everyday Paleo Cookbook and cannot wait for this one!

    I also Liked TX Bar organics and Steven’s Originals on FB.

    I already like you on FB, and I liked your cookbook on Amazon!

    I hope I win!! :-)

  131. says

    Super awesome prizes! I want IN! Thank you, Sarah, and congrats on your new book! I did #2, #3, and #4 on your list!! Actually I already ‘liked’ you, so I only had to do half of #4.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  132. Loretta says

    I was excited to see that it looks like you talk about kids a lot! I love that you’re thinking is right in line with kids, technology, playing, etc. Can’t wait till the book comes out.

  133. Kayla S. says

    I already like TX Bar on Facebook, and I just liked Tropical Traditions and Steve’s Original as well. I checked out your book on Amazon, and if I get a bit of disposable income in the near future, I’ll pick up a copy as well!

  134. Mary says

    Of course I already ‘liked’ all of you. Just bought the book and can’t wait to check out some of the quick and easy recipes for those busy days.

  135. says

    I did all of them–I’m relatively new to Paleo, so it was very educational for me. I’m most looking forward to the paleo ranch dressing recipe in your book, which I’ve pre-ordered!

  136. Lindsay ZD says

    I had already “liked” just about everything on the list and am surprised the others weren’t already “liked” to! I use your first cookbook so often, that I pre-ordered this new one a couple of months ago. I am most looking forward to the slow-cooker section.

  137. Melissa says

    I am looking forward to your chapter on Understanding Kids. I just took the whole house Paleo to make it easier on myself and better for my children (one who has ADHD). They are struggling to become Paleo Pals more because they miss some of their old foods not necessarily because they haven’t come around to sweet potatoes yet.

  138. Melissa says

    I pre-ordered your book through and shared it on my Facebook page as I already “Like” your page.

  139. Lindsay Thompson says

    I have liked all of your suggestions, and I’m looking forward to learning more and more about eating paleo. I just started eating paleo this past June, so I’ve been reading so much about it. I’m looking forward to your cookbook as well!

  140. David says

    Liked you on Facebook and in real life! The new book looks phenomenal. I’m looking forward to seeing the recipes for snacks and small plates. I feel like finding good snacks (apart from nuts) are a challenge for Paleos.

  141. Anna says

    I would love to enter this amazing contest, as I am eagerly anticipating the new book, however, I have a sinking feeling this contest is not open to us Canadian fans. I am jealous of you lucky friends to the south, because we do not have Trader Joe’s here in Canada…yet. 😉

  142. Emma says

    I liked Steves originals, TX bars organic, Everyday paleo, paleo mag, and tropical traditions. I liked it on Amazon. I can’t wait to see the slow cooker part it makes life so, so much easier! I could REALLY use this.

  143. Kaisha Scofield says

    I just came across your website through Robb Wolf’s site and how lucky that you’re doing a giveaway. I plan to buy your other two books this week (to add to me arsenal of Paleo information) but am extra excited for your third book as it will help make cooking paleo for my three year old much easier.

    I liked Everyday Paleo and Paleo Magazine on Facebook plus took a peek at as many pages as I could on Amazon. It all looks great and I especially appreciate you putting a look inside section on Amazon as it’s helpful for us parents of small kids to not have to go to the store to browse before buying.

  144. Jen says

    I love Everyday Paleo and am super excited about the family cookbook that’s soon to be released. Mostly, I’m looking for recipes that my 4 year old twins will eat, but I’m also looking forward to the slow cooker section of the new cookbook! I’ve liked Tropical Traditions, Steve’s, you, TX Bars, and the new book on Amazon! Thanks for all you’ve done to make paleo living easy!

  145. Maria N says

    I ‘LIKED’ you on FB. I already liked the others. I am very excited about your new book! My husband and I do not have kids, but our jobs are hectic and it’s always difficult to vary our meals when we are tired after work. I am looking forward to the crockpot section. :) Also, I ran into you at the CF games (in the bathroom) and absolutely freaked. lol! Thank you for continuing to write amazing recipes.

  146. Lucretia says

    I liked you and Tx Bar Organics on facebook! So excited about adding another great cookbook to my Paleo library.

  147. Alicia K says

    I can’t wait to check out the slow cooker section. Fall is right around the corner and I am always looking for new ideas! The book looks beautiful Sarah!
    I am already a big fan of the listed vendors and have already liked them on FB. Also, liked your book on Amazon! Thanks!

  148. Ken Reitzig says

    1. I like the layout. I also appreciate the rundown on Paleo, which lays out the basics for the uninitiated without dragging on too much for those already familiar. I’m just looking forward to seeing some recipes that I don’t have to tweak. :-)
    2. Liked TX Bar Organics on Facebook,
    3. Liked Steve’s Originals, Paleo Magazine, and Tropical Traditions on Facebook.
    4. Liked Everyday Paleo on Facebook and Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook on Amazon.

  149. says

    I previewed your book on Amazon. The photos of your dishes in the list of contents look great. Your family is also quite photogenic. I bought your 1st cookbook and enjoy using it. Can’t buy this one at the moment, but I’m sure I will once my cookbook piggybank fills up again.

  150. Candace S. says

    1. I already liked you
    2. I already liked Everyday Paleo
    3. Went to Amazon and liked the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook
    4. Liked PaleoKits by Steve’s PaleoGoods on FaceBook
    5. I liked TX Bar Organics on FaceBook
    6. I already like (and am a subscriber) to Paleo Magazine
    7. I love the way the new book looks!

  151. Courtney says

    All done. Checked out your book on Amazon. Love it! Lots of love for the first cookbook too. It is used weekly around here. Can’t wait for the second. Love the sauces section. I’m a condiment girl and that is right up my alley. Wishing you only the best!

  152. kd says

    I already have your first book. I look forward to seeing your 2nd. I did check it out on Amazon, but I prefer to touch books. I have not gone electronic for my books yet. I had already liked Tropical Traditions :) and you! I liked TB organics & Paleo Mag. It is a great giveway you are offering! I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  153. Elizabeth says

    I’m looking forward to the slow cooker section too. That machine is a life-saver for me on busy days.
    Already “like” you and T.T. on FB.

  154. Claudia says

    Hi Sarah!
    I don’t have a Facebook account and I doubt if TX Bar Organics will deliver their grass-fed beef to the Netherlands, so count me out for the giveaways, but I figured I’d grab this opportunity to let you know that your website was my go-to website when I first went Paleo. Plus it was your love for your slowcooker that made me buy one as well. And yep, I love it too. So that new book of yours is going straight to my Amazon wish list!
    Take care,

  155. H Jessee says

    My family and I LOVE your first cookbook and have yellow stickies marking all our favorite go-to meals. I am not a great cook and certainly do not have your imagination when it comes to creating Paleo meals, so you have really made our meals much more exciting and tasty. Brussels sprouts and bacon… how can you go wrong? My kids love the pictures you provided in your previous cookbook and can’t wait to try some of your new recipes.

  156. Shannon Baldry says

    I liked them all! I am looking forward to the slow cooker recipes and thankful for the thoughtful piece about school lunches. With one in Kindergarten and a first grader this was reassuring and informative. Thank you!

  157. says

    I want to see the soup and stew recipes from your book. I’m about to make bone broth for the first time and I’m going to need some things to do with it! Sept 4th is almost here!! Your recipes look so diverse, which is something I totally need!

  158. Marc says

    I already liked most of the pages mentioned here, already have The Paleo Solution, have enjoyed Steve’s Original in the pasts… and now I’ve liked TX Bar Organics on Facebook as well!

  159. Raquel says

    I liked you and Tropical Traditions on FB. Your new book looks great, I already saw a few things I want to try!

  160. Lisa H says

    I checked out your book on Amazon and I am really looking forward to learning how you make it a family lifestyle!

  161. Stormimay says

    I liked TT, you, and Paleo magazine, and I looked at your book on Amazon and wow, it looks awesome! I am particularly looking forward to the slow cooker recipes!

  162. Jessica Newman says

    I have already liked you on facebook and just liked Steve’s originals (LOVE paleo crunch!) I’m looking forward to both the lunch box and the slow cooker sections of your book! I can’t wait to try some of the new recipes – thanks for all your hard work!!

  163. Susan M. says

    I already like Everyday Paleo, Steve’s Original, TX Bar Organics (and I subscribe to their newsletter), Tropical Traditions, and Paleo Magazine on Facebook. I’m really looking forward to reading the section on easy and quick meals and seeing what other tips you have for prepping for the week. I have your first Everyday Paleo cookbook and love all of the recipes I have tried, so I’m excited to see what recipes you have in store for us this time around. I enjoy the recipes you create and I also like putting my own twist on them as well. I like the table of contents set-up that you’ve added where you not only have divided it into recipe sub-sections but you also put small pictures of each recipe underneath the heading for each type of recipe. That looks like it will be super helpful! Thanks for all that you do and keep up the good work! Wishing you much continued success :)

  164. Penny Danner says

    LOVE the preview!!! Looking forward to the slow cooker recipes for sure!! I’ve already liked all the others on FB PLUS you!!! :)

    Penny Danner

  165. Chris says

    I just liked TX Bar Organics and Steve’s Originals on FB. I just liked Tropical Traditions and Paleo Magazine on FB, but have used and ordered both for months. I liked your new book on Amazon and had ALREADY pre-ordered it a while back! Can’t wait for it to get here. I LOVE you on FB and all your blog posts and I am looking forward to ALL you have to share in your new book. I have all those things too, kids, job, busy and any tips I can learn for how to pull it all together faster and/or easier will be great. I am especially looking forward to the crockpot recipes and the lunch ideas. Thanks Sarah…..keep up the great work! You are an inspiration to many of us.

  166. Emma Serena says

    I’ve liked all of the above on facebook…and I’ve already liked you and Steve’s Originals. I cannot WAIT to check out your new cookbook! I need some new ideas for when I go back to college! :) Can’t wait! So excited about these extra awesome giveaways! Thanks for all your hard work!

  167. Jamie Johnston says

    I already “liked” all of these – and you! – except Paleo mag, which I subscribe to so it was about time I “liked” them too! I really am looking forward to your lunch section – the hardest “paleo” meal to prepare for us!

  168. Hilary Chambers says

    New book looks like another winner! mom of four..we LOve your albondigas soup OMG! and their has yet to be somthing out of your cookbook that we don’t gobble up!

  169. Hilary Chambers says

    Liked the cook book on FB and i shared it on my page…..your cookbook is dog eared and has cooking debris all over it…’s been dragged to the supermarket numerous times!…..Love ya sarah

  170. Emily says

    I’ve already pre-ordered your family cookbook, and I can’t WAIT for more kid-friendly recipes that don’t take all day in the kitchen to prepare. The slow-cooker is my friend! Thanks for the giveaway!

  171. Janine says

    I like you on FB already! Already pre-ordered my book!!! Can NOT wait to get it! New to the paleo lifestlyle, but want my boys to embrace it too!!! I liked all of them on FB….Steves, Paleo mag and Tropical Traditions!!! I love your site!!!

  172. tamara says

    I “liked” the above. I also preordered your book. I am really looking forward to the tips on food prep and budgeting and also the slow cooker recipes. We love your first cookbook so I’m sure the next one will be a hit too! Thank you for such valuable resources.

  173. Christina Proulx says

    I did all of the above! Love Everyday Paleo, use it tons. So I’m really excited about the new book and getting new ideas. I’m looking forward to some new slow cooker recipes!

  174. Matt Dudley says

    I liked everything you listed above on Facebook! :) I have also looked at your book. I am struggling finding things to put in my 11 year old daughter’s lunch! Does your new book address this?

  175. alain says

    thank you for holding this wonderful giveaway and congrats!!! i live in San Francisco, the perpetually foggy city, so the Soups & Stews chapter is what i am the MOST EXCITED about. The Hungarian Stew looks scrumptious!

  176. Tracye Johnson says

    Hi, I already liked you, Steve’s Originals and Tropical Traditions so, I checked out a new business, TX Bar Organics and “liked” them on FB. I can not wait to order some grass fed beef! Thank you so much for introducing them. Thanks so much for all you do!

  177. Stephanie says

    I am most excited about learning more practical recipes that my whole family can eat so that I dont have to cook a separate meal for the hubby. – Hope I win!

  178. HeatherSwift says

    I like everything listed that I didn’t already like and Wow your cookbook looks so fabulous. I’ve already pre-ordered, but I want to win one for my best friend who needs one, too! I LOVE the pictures with the titles of the dishes…fantastic. Can’t wait!!!

  179. Boo Boo says

    Liked Paleo Magazine, Tropical Traditions, and reviewed your cookbook. I have purchased coconut flour from tropical traditions that I look forward to trying! Also want to try their cocounut oil upon your recomendation. Looking forward to it! I eat a very close paleo diet and am looking forward to trying new recipes! Thanks for your help!

  180. Austin Wright says

    I liked all the Facebook pages you provided above and will hopefully be ordering one of your books come payday. I’m currently 3 weeks into my new Paleo lifestyle and can’t get enough of the awesome ideas for recipes. Is there such a thing as taking too much care of yourself? If there is, I think i’m close to it!!

  181. Nikki says

    I can’t wait for ur book. I enjoy your website and recipes. Thank you forthe wonderful resource of a website.

  182. Valerie Sherman says

    Liked Everyday Paleo and Paleo Magazine. I bought Everyday Paleo a few months ago and I LOVE it! Can’t wait for your new cookbook! I’ve bought 3 other paleo cookbooks since I bought yours and I’ve returned them all because yours is so much better. I love your simple, practical recipes. Thanks!

  183. Jen says

    I liked on facebook TX Bar Organics, Paleo Magazine, you and the cookbook. I am looking forward to your cookbook for some more kid friendly meals as well as lunch box ideas. I read your blog often and have already made several of your meals for my family. I am a mom to 5 kids, which includes a set of newborn twins. I have always strived on eating healthy, but with this last pregnancy have made the decision to go Paleo and been introducing it to my family. My children are really coming around and love helping me in the kitchen. Sarah, you have really helped me along in my journey and I can’t thank you enough!

  184. Allyson B. says

    Hi Sarah! New to paleo and have been making so much of your stuff the last two weeks. Checked the book out on Amazon and can’t wait to find out about those roasted squash bites! I “liked” (and like!) TX Organics, Paleo Magazine and Trop Trad! And I already like you and your book very much. I wish you continued great success!

  185. Lydia says

    I tried with all I had to “look inside” the book – would have loved to have had a peak…but it wouldn’t load. I’m looking forward to more recipes; with little kids I need all the ideas I can get! You made a tasty first book – no doubt this one will be delicious too!

  186. Sandy Phillips says

    I am so excited for your new cookbook to come out! My husband and I have gone paleo in the last couple months and have had some adventurous dinners deconstructing the BLT, lasagna, spaghetti and making delicious Meatza. I am so looking forward to the Lunchbox for Grownups section of your book; other than leftovers, my lunch pail gets a little boring day after day. I also ove the photo of you looking up at your tall teenage baby boy – very sweet!
    I’ve Liked TX Bar Organics, Steve’s Originals, Paleo Magazine, Tropical Traditions, the cookbook on Amazon, and of course, YOU!
    Thanks for your great website – it is so helpful and a joy to read. :)) That’s my double chin – but not for long!

  187. says

    Well, I have already pre-ordered Every Day Paleo Family Cookbook, & I already like you on FB :) And I have even already liked EDPFCookbook on FB! But I will tell you what I am most looking forward to- more school lunch ideas, and I loved seeing inside the book a bit & it makes me excited about the thoughts & tips about making Paleo a bit easier for “real life.” Thank you, Sarah!

  188. Nichole says

    I just started eating Paleo and love it so far. Your website has been super helpful and I just bought Everyday Paleo. I made your Coconut Shrimp for dinner and they were great! Everyone in the family loved them. Thanks!

    I am looking forward to the lunch ideas in the new book. That is the hardest meal for me to figure out on Paleo. I liked you on Facebook. I liked the new book on Amazon. (I didn’t even realize you could do that!) I also liked Steve’s Originals on FB. I just got some jerky from there a couple of days ago and it is great. Your giveaways are fantastic!

  189. says

    Did all of the above–liked all the facebook pages, liked your book on Amazon, and looked through it on Amazon. I completely agree that when we start eating REAL food, we start living a REAL life. I noticed that a year ago…the closer I get to REAL food, the further I move from the “typical” American lifestyle. Can’t wait to read your book. Just starting my Paleo journey to fix some hormone issues and heal my husband’s AI disease. Thank you!

  190. Pam Chittenden says

    Liked you, Steve, Paleo Mag, TX Bar. Pre-ordered your new book. Just started my Paleo journey. Love your site, it has become my go to for recipes and information. Thanks

  191. Karibean says

    Well my dear, I already have your first cookbook and LOVE it! And, I had already “liked” you, Paleo Magazine, & Steve’s Originals on facebook, so I only needed to add the TX Bar Organics and the Tropical Traditions (which I did). When I looked inside your new cookbook on Amazon, I found myself drawn into the “Getting Back to the Cave” section at the beginning. I love how it’s written and our family really strives to do the things you mentioned. Hopefully so many others will be inspired by your story, your tips and suggestions, and of course the delicious meals. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  192. THeather says

    I also have your first book and love it! I’ve recently passed it onto my mom who has taken the plunge into Paleo and you’re book has helped Sooo much!
    I’ve liked you, Steve’s Originals, TX Bar Organics , and tropical traditions!!
    I’m very excited to have a section on lunches for my husband. He is very limited on what food he can bring to work because he is outside all day. Also, I’m looking forward to the budget guide and new recipes of course! I’ve never made anything from you that we didn’t like so thank you!! And Congrats on the new book!!

  193. ColleenG says

    I am so excited for your book.I think the part I’m looking forward to the most is the chapter on lunchbox recipes for both kids and adults. Probably my biggest struggle in my paleo journey is what to pack for lunch everyday for my family. I’ve already liked you and tropical traditions on facebook, so I just “liked” Steve’s Original, Paleo Magazine and TX Bar Organics. Thank you for continuing to write such amazing cookbooks!

  194. Kelly says

    I did all of the above! The cookbook looks excellent – I may have to buy it AND a slow cooker. :-) Thanks for the contest.

  195. Nathan says

    I FB liked you, Steve, and TX Bar Organics. Also thought the “First Pages” of your book on Amazon were excellent, nice easy-to-understand summary of what Paleo is all about!

  196. Annette Deardurff says

    OMG what an awesome giveaway – I “liked” everybody you told me to and I put your new book in my Amazon wish list – my husband and I have been Paleo since April and he has lost 18 pounds and I have lost almost 40!!!!!!!!!!!! I am anxious to try some of your recipes and check out your resource list!! The Paleokits on Steve’s Originsls sound really great! We need to try some!!

  197. Kristi Blumfeldt says

    So I liked it all!!:) tropical traditions and paleo magazine and Steve’s originals oh and of course TX Bar organics!
    And YOU have been my favorite since I started paleo in 2010 holiday season! Couldn’t have done it without your simple recipes that even a caveman can follow;) so what’s not to look forward to! Now if you excuse me, I got a book to preorder!

  198. says

    Well, I already had quite a few of those items liked but I went ahead and checked out each page and finished up LIKING everyone! And I have already pre-ordered your book and am just waiting, rather impatiently, I might add for it to be released and come to me. I absolutely LOVE your first book so knowing that I am just super excited to see more from you. I love the information you give, great photos and yummy recipes! Also love listening to you, Dane and Chrissy on the podcast – been catching myself up on past episodes! Thanks for all you do! I am working on changing myself and my husband over to a Paleo diet. Trying to bring my children along too. The 16 year old will have nothing of it – but is eating more steak and chicken so that is helpful. My 14 year old is coming along a bit but still loves his non-paleo foods as well. I just keep encouraging them and just wish I would have known about this way of eating 16 years ago. Might have helped my oldest with his allergies and asthma and my youngest with his acne problems. But we are working on it now and I know for me I am seeing results in better skin, sleeping better and better digestive issues, (no weight loss yet but hoping that starts to come along as well since I really need to lose at least 30 lbs). Starting in perimenopausal symptoms and hoping this helps as well. Thanks again for all the wonderful information.

  199. Melissa says

    It has been 8 weeks since I stumbled upon ur book through Robb Wolf’s Paleo solutions website and have found a new love of food, started to loose that post baby weight, and have more energy for my 2yrold and hubby! I have the kindle version of your first book and already preordered your next one on Amazon – cant wait!
    I have Liked you, TX Bar organics, Steve’s original and paleo magazine on FB!
    Thanks for the inspiration to eat better, be healthy and embrace life!

  200. Laura Marsh says

    I went to Amazon but unable to view in book yet here. I did post a positive comment on Amazon. I also vistied Steves Original and wow he has some great stuff & I liked on FB. Then I went to TX Bar Organics, nice site, and I also liked on FB. Then I went to Paleo Magazine and did not know they existed and Liked them on FB. I then went to Tropical Traditions and I am familiar with their products and liked them on FB. Finally, of course I liked you on FB as I really do! Thank you for turning me on to some new resources.
    Smiles, Laura

  201. John Williams says

    I’m most looking forward to the Slow Cooker Recipes. I just wish it was going to be a bigger part of the book.

  202. Monique Pyylampi says

    Hi Sarah! What wonderful giveaways! I would love that book package because I’m new to paleo/primal and have been reading a lot! Anyway, I think the most exciting part about your new cookbook is that it is geared toward families meaning I am likely to have more success getting my toddler to eat those recipes. He was previously eating grain porridge x2 everyday!

    I went through the whole list and liked everyday paleo, tx organics, and paleo magazine on FB. I liked your new book on (where my acct is) and have of course commented here. Good luck everyone!!!

  203. Kelly Schaefer says

    I cannot wait to get your book for many reasons. I have nothing but health issues. My doc is strongly “encouraging” me to work harder to get more protein into my daily diet. Its ok to supplement with protein drinks, but he really wants me to try and eat more. I have found a fabulous CSA farm that also provides meats. So, I am ready to go. Bring on your book!

  204. Kelly Zepda says

    I had a hard time looking through the book online. It wasn’t loading right for me but I did see that there is a slow cooker section and that will probably be my most used section and there was a picture of a soup with avocado in it that I want to try.

  205. says

    The new book looks great…I love that you have a slow cooker section! I liked Tropical Traditions on facebook–most everything else I was already a fan of on FB. Thanks!

  206. Ryan says

    I pre-ordered you book in June, we(me, my husband and 2 daughters) loved Everyday Paleo so much. I am especially looking forward to the slow-cooking recipes as we head towards autumn and winter.
    so…I liked TX Bar Organics, Steve’s Originals, Paleo Mag, Tropical Traditions, you on facebook, and your new book on Amazon.
    Amazing giveaways! Congrats on everything you do!

  207. Deby says

    I already had “Liked” everyone! LOL! I also re-ordered your book a couple of days ago! I cannot wait to receive it! I am especially looking forward to lunch box ideas for grown-ups! I am a student who always takes my meals with me and I need some need ideas for good portable foods! I could not tell from the Index, but I hope there may be a one or two crock-pot recipes (or recipes that would work well in the crock pot). I have one of your other cookbooks and it is great! I know this one will be too! Thank you for all you do!

  208. KathyK says

    I love it when I have already LIKED most of the pages/places/people mentioned here! Keep up the good work – just finishing up a Whole30 and ready to expand my cooking options as soon as its done. Need some inspiration!!

  209. Jessica says

    Hello! I did all of the above. The thing I’m most looking forward to in your new book is the section on lunches. I’m always looking for new ideas to keep things exciting. I’m new to my paleo journey and loving how I feel! Thanks!

  210. Kara says

    I am SO excited about your book. I always love Paleo cookbooks. I am looking forward to the lunch section! The one area I struggle most with!

  211. Sharon Williams Cathey says

    Liked the cookbook on Amazon, and txbar organics, paleo mag, And tropical traditions…I was already a BIG fan of yours. I have owned your “everyday paleo” cookbook for a year or more, and it has been instrumental in my transition to paleo and a big help in fixing tasty things for my family. I just recently purchased a 2nd copy for my daughter whose boys have stomach problems and eczema…I am planning to gift her a copy of this one as well. (Of course, I need my OWN copy, too!) Blessings on your big day, when the book comes out…

  212. says

    Have shared amazon listing on FB, have liked you on FB for a long time now, have your site link on my paleo blog, have your first book, and share your wonderful recipes with friends all the time!!!

  213. Kelly H. says

    Liked all of the above on facebook! Also checked out your cookbook on Amazon and will definitely be ordering it! I am excited to see more lunchbox ideas and I believe I saw a recipe in there for Pumpking Pie which will be very handy for Thanksgiving this year as this will be my first holiday eating Paleo! :)

  214. Casey P says

    I “liked” all of the people / books on FB! Well, I already “liked” you, which is how I found out about this in the first place :) We are only on measly Day 5 of Paleo, and after getting through the headaches (sugar withdrawal), I am already feeling so much better! We have a 3-year old at home, and I look forward to your cookbook sharing ideas about how to feed picky kiddos!

  215. Jessica Keller says

    Ok – I was surprised I wasn’t a FB fan so that’s DONE (check off #4); then I took a peek at the book on Amazon and it’s hard to say what I am looking forward to most but I love the part about children because I’m having a heck of a time with my husband getting on board with this paleo lifestyle and we have 2 young children, one of whom is obviously not handling ‘western carbs’ very well (her behaviors…). So, this will be a good section to explore with him. I’m also excited about the recipes (#1 done). Liked TX Bar Organics on FB as well as all in #3. Thanks for this awesome give away!

  216. Audrey says

    I looked at your book on Amazon, and added it to my wish list (can’t wait!), and I liked the other companies on facebook. Thank you!

  217. Jessica says

    I’m still pretty new to paleo and I can’t wait for your book to come out! I need all the help I can get and you are very good at simply explaining everything and know all the facts there is to know!

  218. Vic says

    I “liked” everything! I went to Amazon and read the parts of your book that it would allow me to read. I was very impressed! I thought it was just a cookbook but it is so much more! Your idea of family and how we should spend our time (and not spend our time) is really spot on! Can’t wait to read more. It is worth buying the book just for that! However, I am glad you included some recipes! lol. Looking the most forward to your crockpot recipes. I just ordered my first 1/4 grass fed cow and am excited to see what to do with it all! Thanks again!

  219. Jessica says

    Also, I’ve already liked everyone on facbook! Especially tropical traditions! Buy from them all the time!!!

  220. Mabel says

    I have done all of the above. I am looking forward to some inspiration for quick and easy meals. I have some got to quick staples, but would love some inspiration for more.

  221. Teri says

    “Liked” Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook on Amazon. Can’t wait to take a look at the new recipes. We’ve been eating stuffed portabellos, from your last book, once a week, for the past 6 months since starting on our paleo adventure. Best of luck on the new book!

  222. Jillian M says

    I’m new to Paleo and am very excited to cook family meals for my husband and 20 month old daughter. I’m excited to be inspired in the kitchen by all of your recipes and to share it with my family and friends. I’ve also “liked” all of the above.

  223. says

    Already following you, PaleoKits, and liked your Amazon link for your new book days ago! :)

    Just liked Paleo Mag and Tropical Traditions on Facebook, as well as TX Bar Organics, which I now plan to order from asap! (I even got a few coworkers into this lifestyle and community, and led them to follow you and your pals!)

    Keep up the inspiring work!

  224. Ann B says

    I am such a fan!! So excited about all of this new stuff! I have your book and have recommended it to many friends. Can’t wait to get my pre-ordered cookbook – the Pear and Ground Pork Stuffed Winter Squash sounds amazing as well as the Carrot Fries. I look forward to exploring more slow cooker recipes! My non-paleo husband loved the slow cooker meat balls from your book. I have liked Steves, Paleo Magazine (didn’t know this existed), TX Bar and Tropical Traditions. Had already liked you on facebook! :>) By the way, I love the picture of you on the bottom of the back cover of the new cookbook – pure joy in your kitchen!!! Thanks for inspiring me!!!!

  225. Malinda S. says

    I’m epsecialy looking forward to lunch box ideas! I love your Everyday Paleo book and my kids love Paleo Pals! It was the perfect way to intriduce this lifestyle to my 4-year old who is all about superheros! Thank you!

  226. maggie says

    I had already “liked” most of your suggested on facebook! Your new cookbook sounds awesome, I started reading it in the “preview this book” on Amazon and can’t wait to help some friends who are struggling with food issues.

  227. Melissa L. says

    Pre-ordered book a few months back.
    Looking forward to Slow Cooker recipes and The Lunch Box.
    Liked: TX, Paleo Mag, Trop Traditions and liked the book via Amazon
    Already Liked: You, Steves.

    Can’t wait to get the book in a few weeks!

  228. Marci says

    I’m very excited to get this book. Already pre-ordered actually. I have been living Paleo for about a year now, and in the last several months my husband has joined me. I’m excited to have new meals that he will be excited about (he thinks a meal is not a meal without meat…). My goal now is to get my kids excited about Paleo living, and I’m hoping to find recipes in this book that will help with that!
    I subscribed to TX Bar Organics and liked Paleo Magazine! Liked Everyday Paleo and Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook on Amazon on Facebook.

  229. Brenda says

    I just found out about the Paleo way of life and your blog this weekend from another friend. I had never heard of this approach before, and my husband and I are excited to begin. I like you on facebook, and liked your book at Amazon. I cannot wait to read your books! I love your blog.

  230. Rich says

    I’m really new to the paleo lifestyle, but already I’m feeling better (in the gut issues)
    I already have the Everyday Paleo and love it. Looking forward to Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook coming out.

    Keep up the great work Sarah.

  231. says

    Hi Sarah!
    I’m most excited about the lunch box for kids and adults in your cookbook. I have a 3 year old, and another baby on the way and we are a paleo-family. :)

    Thanks for all you do, i have completed all you asked to be entered in the contest….liked everyone, etc.


  232. Rich says

    TX Bar Organics “Liked” AND have their newsletter
    Steve’s Originals, Paleo Magazine, and Tropical Traditions ALL “Liked” on Facebook

    And of course ~ you’re “Liked” on Facebook

  233. Christina says

    I am looking forward to the chapter on EGGS! We have our own chickens and the eggs pile up and I feel like I’m not using them like I should be.

  234. Missi Keska says

    I liked Tx Bar Organics, going to check out the other sites as well. My family and I have just gone Paleo this month. It’s been just over three weeks for me and two for my kids to jump on board, and we are already feeling the difference and liking it!

  235. says

    I already have your first cookbook, and I use it a ton. I love that the new one has even more lunch ideas (I have 2 kids) and I’m also stoked about the quick and simple meal ideas! I liked you, TX Bar Organics and Tropical Traditions on FB, and the new book on Amazon!

  236. Amber says

    I “like” it all, and have had your new book on pre-order since you first announced it. I can’t wait to get more kid lunch ideas for my very picky 5 yo who gets to start packing lunches for kindergarten this year – otherwise she will be living on turkey roll-ups, carrot sticks and applesauce! (Although that is still better than federal food guideline meals at her daycare.) Can’t wait for the new book to come out!!

  237. Chelsea says

    I love trying your recipes and am excited to check out your new book! I have just started Paleo this summer and love how good it makes me feel. Thanks for all the good ideas! I went to your facebook along with Steve’s originals and TX Bars and liked them all!

  238. mars says

    Love your first book!! And I’m already FB fans of the pages you’ve mentioned.. but I just pre-ordered your book and can’t wait to get it!! Super excited about “quick and simple” and of course the kid sections.. love the “lunch box for kids and adults”!!

    Thank you for all you do for our paleo community!!

  239. Jessica says

    I am new to the Paleo way of eating and to be honest was a little timid and thinking of all the things I “couldn’t” have….and thinking to myself, how am I going to get my husband and 3 young kids eating this way and do it where I find balance…working, kids, keeping up the house…I don’t have time for separate meals?! Then I was directed to your website and a whole new world opened up! In the last 2 weeks I have already made 5 different recipes and have been amazed at how tasty they are…seriously, how can a frittata taste good with no cheese…but its amazing! The whole family said they are on board if I keep up this kind of flavor! Thank you so much for making healthy eating easy, affordable and something we can all enjoy as a family! Can’t wait for your book…I’m going to get both of them!! I am looking forward to slow cooker ideas, the weekly meal plans/grocery lists and lunches for the kids! I also love that there aren’t too many things…its things I can incorporate on a regular basis. Much thanks from a very grateful, busy mother of 3!

  240. Christy says

    I have liked all the pages you suggested. I am most excited to see your lunch packing ideas. I just started packing Paleo lunches and am having fun with it. I’m excited to have another great Paleo resource to share with clients and coworkers!

  241. Nikki says

    I am most looking forward to all of the slow cooker meals and the lunch box for kids and adults!! Can’t wait for the new book! And I also liked all of the other companies on facebook, as well as suscribed to TX Bar Organics blog! Thanks!

  242. Kim says

    Our children have SEVERE food allergies, so I’m anxious to get your book to see how living a Paleo lifestyle can help us. We have so few options, but fruits, veggies and some meat proteins are safe. Perhaps we can cure them with a Paleo lifestyle?! A momma can dream, can’t she?

  243. Brianne Miller says

    I liked Everyday Paleo, Steve’s Original, TX, & Tropical Traditions on FB. Excited for the book release!! =)

  244. Jillian Scola says

    Liked the cookbook on Amazon, and txbar organics, paleo mag, And tropical tradition! I was ahead of the curve and was already a BIG fan of yours. I have owned your “everyday paleo” cookbook for a year or more, and it has been instrumental in my transition to a Paleo lifestyle. Great giveaway :)

  245. Erin says

    I liked all the pages you listed above and I also liked the book on amazon. I am so excited about your new cookbook that it’s hard to say what I am looking forward to most! But I think probably I’m most excited about the lunches! I’ve been Paleo for about a month now and I feel like I bring the same lunch to work all the time. I’m always looking for new ideas on what to bring.

  246. Autumn says

    I am most looking forward to REAL recipes that kids will eat! Fancy recipes are all well and good, but yours look simple and tasty.

  247. Autumn says

    I liked TX bar on FB (I hope we’re supposed to do separate comments for each entry-that’s what it sounded like. If not, delete all but my first!)

  248. Jason Ross says

    “Liked” them all!

    Everyday Paleo has help me so much with my transition to Paleo, especially the egg cupcakes! I can’t wait for the new book! I’m a very busy person between work, school, family and training so time is of the essence and I think your book will help me get the most out of the time that I have. The things your books do to make paleo easy and especially kid friendly are great and would be lost without them. Thank you for all you do and please keep it up!


  249. Kate says

    Well i liked all of those guys on Facebook, am having fun looking through their sites! I am excited about the new recipes, especially the slow cooker ones. I have just finished Everyday Paleo and can’t wait to get this one. I am just starting out – my sister has gone paleo to help her boyfriends AS and it is amazing how muh better both of them are feeling and doing! I am very worried about the price of all this – but am excited to start and lead a healthier life wih my family!!!

  250. Jennifer Duckworth says

    I have been following the release of your new book and would love to own a copy for myself. Thank you for taking time from your family, friends, and life to contribute to the health of myself and many others by producing your book. I have already liked all the above pages and just wanted to say thank you for all that you do and how much difference you have made through your website to my family. Thank you again.

  251. Amy Cook says

    I’ve had your Everyday Paleo Cookbook for 6 days and have already made 7 different recipes out of it! Thanks so much for sharing all your tips/experience with getting kids to switch over to Paleo. I mentioned to my 8 yr old son that I made a cool new snack for myself and showed him the Bugs in a Boat recipe in your cookbook. Next thing I know he’s reading through all the recipes and commenting about your boys and how they like all the food their mom makes in this cookbook. “Hey mom, I wonder if I should start eating Paleo food from this cookbook?” was something I never imagined my 8 yr old would say but he did!! Awesome!!! I can’t wait to see your new cookbook, it looks amazing over at Amazon and all the school lunch ideas and family recipes will be fantastic. It really helps to know that you changed your life for the better and your family’s too, and that my family and I can do the same. Thanks for sharing your recipes and your story with everyone out here in the big crazy world.

  252. Talia B says

    I always need lunchbox ideas. Especially ones that my husband is willing to go with. I would love to read about your ideas in the book

  253. says

    I am looking forward to some new recipes to try! The pictures look amazing and I am now hungry and drooling, Thank you!

    I liked TX meats, already liked you, Steve’s Originals, TT and Paleo Magazine on FB.

    Super excited for this book! THANK YOU!

  254. Mike H says

    I lile them all!!!

    My wife introduced me to paleo eating and I have not turned back from it. We both noticed that our lifestyles have gotten better after going paleo. She purchased the Everyday Paleo cookbook and I love every recipie in it. I just found out about Steve’s Paleo kits and will definitely check them out! Thank you for making my wife and I’s lives healthier!

  255. Christina Schulz says

    Your “Everyday Paleo” cookbook was the first cookbook on the lifestyle that I purchased. My family LOVES so many of the recipes and I’m looking forward to getting your newest cookbook. One of the things I love about your new cookbook is how there are pictures of all the dishes in the Table of Contents…very clever :).

    My CrossFit gym sells Steve’s Original Jerkey and Crunch…we’re all addicted in the Schulz household. Best stuff every…plus it feels great knowing that a portion of my purchase is helping kids. HUGE for me.

    I’ve not shopped with TX Bar Organics or Tropical Traditions yet; however am grateful for another resource of pure product for my family to try. OH…and I’m totally hooked on Paleo Magazine. I stalk my local Whole Foods when I know a new issue is getting ready to be released. So much valuable information for anyone who’s committed to the Paleo lifestyle.

    Thank you for all you do for our community. You are so very much appreciated!!

  256. Chris Brooks says

    Check out the new cookbook on amazon…it looks awesome! I am most excited about actually seeing the recipes and sampling them all (like I did with your first cookbook)! So excited! Pre-ordering tomorrow!!!

  257. Lynn says

    Yours will be my first Paleo cookbook- I just pre-ordered on Amazon! Also liked you, Steve’s Originals and Paleo Magazine on FB. I’ve been Crossfitting for a year, but am just now trying the Paleo lifestyle. I want to try to push through a training plateau, and several members of the box have recommended trying the Paleo diet. I’m looking forward to your cookbook!

  258. Hope says

    I did them all and can’t wait for your cookbook. I am trying to get my whole family Paleo and it is sure to help.

  259. Heather says

    Sarah! I am super excited for your book release! I am especially looking forward to more kid lunch ideas and recipes my Paleo-picky family will enjoy. Thanks!

  260. Travis says

    Have just recently started eating paleo and your site has been a huge help in making the change. I can’t wait for your new book. I have also ‘liked’ all of the sites that you suggested.

  261. Erika says

    I liked them all too. And also pre ordered the new cookbook a few months ago. I’m so excited to get it soon!! Steve’s has some awesome products as does tropical traditions. I haven’t seen the magazine, but I’m sure it’s great. And I haven’t had the pleasure of trying the beef, but would love to!

  262. Andrea Esposito says

    I checked the book out on Amazon. I love the pictures of the food they make me want to recreate your recipes. I also like how you answer questions like “Why grass fed beef?” Bringing children into the kitchen will help them become good eaters as well. Can’t wait to get this book intomy kitchen!

    • Andrea Esposito says

      I liked on Facebook (and pinned) you,the book Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook and TX bar! I liked Paleo Magazine (and found some new gluten free recipes…yippee!)

  263. Melissa Watson says

    I liked all on facebook. I also looked at your book on Amazon. I can’t wait to get more of your recipes and tips for time saving! Thanks!

  264. Leslie Clark says

    Liked TX Bar Organix, Steve’s Orginal, Tropical Traditions, your page and took a look at your book on Amazon. I am actually in the market for another cook book, and this one seems to have it all. I like that there are so many side dishes. that is something I alway struggle with and these all look so tasty! I also like the wealth of information on the Paleo diet that you included. I think that this book would be great for a beginner as well! Best of luck to you and thank you for your work!

  265. says

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    I did all of the requested steps for the giveaway and the 24th just happens to be my birthday. :)

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    I started transitioning to a paleo way of eating a couple of months ago and love it. Next I need to make the change for my family – stubborn husband, and a 3 and 4 year old. I love cooking and so do my children, so I think having this tool to help us have fun together in the kitchen will help them with the transition.

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    Already liked steve’s original and you. I love you guys! Thank you so much for what you do.


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  284. Gina Beckwith says

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    And in all honestly I cannot wait to get your new book! I own a few other Paleo cookbooks, but am really looking forward to yours because I need your help! Like you said, I have a husband, young child, 2 dogs and career and somewhere in that mix I have been trying to make Paleo an everyday “thing” in our home. I would love to be one of your winners, but either way you can count on me to be preordering the book very soon :)

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    I can hardly wait to take a look at that pear and pork stuffed squash recipe. yowza!

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    I am following Steve’s Originals, Paleo magazine, Tropical Traditions, TX Bar Organics, you and your new book all on Facebook.

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    I’ve followed you, TX, Steves, Paleo, Tropical Traditions and liked your book on Amazon :) done it all!! I’d love to be choosen for any of the wonderful prizes :) Thank you!

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  316. Renee Quigley says

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  328. Julie A says

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  336. Kathy says

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    Can’t wait for your new book!! I preordered it months ago from Amazon and have been counting down the days. I know I will love it!!

  338. says

    I am really looking forward to your cookbook. I agree with your philosophy and am also looking forward to sauces, stews, and any other helpful advice you have. I am a naturopath in Canada and am looking for more resources to help those that have autoimmune disease.

    • Sarah says

      No purchase is necessary! Just your comment. But of course I would love it if you pre-ordered the book as well. : ) Thank you!

  339. Joy says

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    I already liked you on Facebook, and Steve’s Originals. I just liked Tropical Traditions and Paleo Magazine. I am excited to learn more about the paleo diet and get more ideas for meals and deals!!

    Best of luck, Sarah!! I know this will be a huge success!

  341. Margaret Miller says


    I’m new to this Paleo world and have learned lots from your Facebook page. I like the idea of your cookbook to help me discover new recipes and easier/faster ways to make great meals.

    I also checked out and “liked” TX Bar Originals, Paleo Magazine(which I really didn’t know about), Tropical Traditions and Steve’s pages.

    While looking for work, I’m on a very, very tight food budget, which makes it hard to afford the grass-fed products. However, I’m doing the best I can in my food choices since I feel that eating Paleo is the best way to combat the stress of being out of work for so long.

    So yes, winning this package and being able to have your cookbook would be a highlight of my day, week, etc.

  342. Mara says

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  343. Nicole Johnson says

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  346. Jane says

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  347. Katie S. says

    I took a look inside your book on Amazon and I cannot wait to see the lunchbox ideas for kids AND adults! This is the part where I struggle the most to be creative and not take up a whole night packing. I have your first cookbook and I know this one will be just as good if not better! I also liked you, tx bar organics, tropical traditions, steve’s originals, and paleo magazine on facebook (most I already liked but tx was a new like).