Baked Eggs


First, when you have a chance, check out my guest blog post that I wrote for the amazing Melissa who runs The Clothes Make the Girl.

This meal felt like spring and reminded me that despite the rain here in Northern CA, warm weather and Easter bunnies are right around the corner.  I will definitely make these for brunch on Easter Sunday and probably a few more times in between now and then.  All three of my boys loved these yummy little baked eggs and Jaden was super excited about the possibilities of making them “a million different ways mom!!” [Read more…]

Our Food 10/28

Breakfast was leftover meatballs with a little bit of leftover scrambled eggs and ham that the boys made while I was working this morning. Usually when I come home, breakfast is gone and I have to make my own. : ) Lunch was a fast shrimp stir fry: frozen shrimp from TJ’s, broccolli, carrots, artichoke hearts, zuchini, olive oil, butter, garlic, sea salt, pepper, and dill. 10 min to prep and cook. Dinner in the crockpot – chicken thighs and legs, rub with cumin, garlic powder, little bit of cinnamon, sea salt, and cayenne. Mix in celery, carrot, onion blend, can of diced green chilles, two jars of green salsa from TJ’s, cook all day on low, serve as lettuce tacos. Today Rowan turned 2 and I baked a gluten free cake using the gluten free brownie mix – added some apple sauce to the mix to make it more like cake – again from good ol’ Trader Joe’s.

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