Paleo Talk Episode 21


Howdy all! We present to you Paleo Talk Episode 21. This is a shorter one, and we keeps it light. To start off, we hear from our friend the Honey Badger hunter!     Inside Episode 21: Australian woman on a mission to spread the Paleo word – having problems leaning out. Her URL: […]

Paleo Talk Episode 19

Enjoy the latest Paleo Talk podcast – Episode 19! Inside Paleo Talk 19: Coconut Milk and the Guar Gum issue. Having Coconut Milk problems? This may be why. Breastfeeding mother is rapidly losing her milk supply on this diet. Her 15 month old hates vegetables. Poor nutrition worries. Help my two children please! Folate and […]

Paleo Talk Episode 18

Paleo Talk Episode 18 Pregnancy easier after switch to paleo. Now that baby is here, nursing intervals, iron supplements needed? She has celiac disease, a milk allergy, and battled fibromyalgia. Paleo has transformed her life. Her anti-vegetable husband is feeding their toddlers pizza and McDonalds and laughs at this stupid diet. Olive oil and how […]