Baked Eggs


First, when you have a chance, check out my guest blog post that I wrote for the amazing Melissa who runs The Clothes Make the Girl.

This meal felt like spring and reminded me that despite the rain here in Northern CA, warm weather and Easter bunnies are right around the corner.  I will definitely make these for brunch on Easter Sunday and probably a few more times in between now and then.  All three of my boys loved these yummy little baked eggs and Jaden was super excited about the possibilities of making them “a million different ways mom!!” [Read more…]

Gingered Carrots with Mahi Mahi


I have had a few requests for a fish recipe so last night I threw this dinner together with what had in the house: some beautiful carrots from the GRUB farm, green onions, fresh ginger, and wild caught Mahi Mahi pieces from Trader Joe’s.  I wish now that I had made more of everything, it turned out to be more of a snack for me and the boys instead of an actual dinner but it was delicious!!  I’ll advise you now to double this recipe if you have a big family.

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Prosciutto Perfection


Prosciutto Perfection

As many of you know who follow my blog I love to just grab what I have in the fridge and make a meal happen.  I don’t like to think too hard unless I have to, especially when it comes to food!  Here’s what John and I quickly threw together for lunch yesterday and we both loved it enough to blog about it.  The boys also gave their stamp of approval when they devoured the leftovers for an after school snack! [Read more…]

“It’s Too Hard Part 2″ And a Spanish Tortilla Recipe

Spanish Tortilla

This is part 2 of the “It’s too Hard Series.”  We are going to look at what to do when a person such as  our beloved “Phil” is totally on board for living a paleo lifestyle and the significant other is either supportive but thinks it’s too hard, thinks your nuts, or simply doesn’t want to.  Chrissy and I addressed this situation in our last podcast regarding another family, but I want to go over this real life scenario in further detail as I feel this is a HUGE elephant in the room for many families. [Read more…]

A Meal In Minutes! Salsa Dancing Chicken

Salsa Dancing Chicken

I made a chicken dish the other night when I literally had 30 minutes to make dinner and feed my family – and even with the crazy rush the results were out of this world!  I blindly grabbed at the chicken thighs in my fridge, reached desperately for my pressure cooker, through in a few items on hand, and 15 minutes later we had a magical meal that I can’t wait to make again! [Read more…]

Recipes for the season


Happy Holidays!!  The holidays are meant to be a time of joy, a time of merriment, a time for reflection on the year behind us and a time to plan for the future.  Alright, now it’s time to get real. The holidays can also be down right STRESSFUL and often our joy can be lost in trying to simply survive the insanity of shopping, wrapping, packing, flying, driving, and dealing with relatives…   [Read more…]