Grilled Bananas – Posted by John!


If you are searching for an easy and tasty dessert; look no further!  While Sarah was away last week I wanted to fix a special treat for the boys and so I came up with Grilled Bananas!  The grill is my domain, it’s where I feel the most comfortable cooking and I realized I could easily incorporate my favorite cooking tool into a “dad’s dessert station.”

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Sausage N’ Cabbage “Noodles” with Fried Apples


There are endless possibilities when making paleo foods and the truth is, I enjoy how our food tastes now better than I ever did during our pre-paleo days.  Nothing is better than fresh veggies soaking up delicious spices and tender bites of meat.  Well; nothing food related that is…  Today’s lunch was pretty much mouth watering from beginning to end and I hope you all enjoy this meal as much as we did! [Read more…]

Chocolate Custard

Chocolate Custard

Yesterday being Valentines Day was if anything a great excuse to make dessert!  Inspired by Andy Deascoconut milk apple pudding, we decided to make a chocolate version. It was so sinfully easy that I can hardly call it a recipe but if you are looking for a special occasion dessert that is still somewhat paleo (minus the sugar in the chocolate of course) and tastes like you slaved away for hours; I highly recommend our Chocolate Custard! To make this treat 100% paleo, stick to Andy’s version for a yummy anytime snack! [Read more…]

Recipes for the season


Happy Holidays!!  The holidays are meant to be a time of joy, a time of merriment, a time for reflection on the year behind us and a time to plan for the future.  Alright, now it’s time to get real. The holidays can also be down right STRESSFUL and often our joy can be lost in trying to simply survive the insanity of shopping, wrapping, packing, flying, driving, and dealing with relatives…   [Read more…]

Blackberry Cobbler


I love the seasonal fruits and veggies of summer.  This time of year in Chico you’ll find a fresh fruit stand on almost every corner.  On my way home from the gym yesterday I pulled off the road to one of the stands and picked up an abundance of strawberries, blackberries, and cherries.  I knew the blackberries would go bad before we could eat them all and the first thing that came to mind was cobbler…  Here’s what we came up with. [Read more…]