Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook and Costco!!!

As many of you might already know, Costco began carrying my first book, Everyday Paleo, nationwide a few months ago and thanks to the success of Everyday Paleo, Costco is now interested in carrying my new book, the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook!!  Costco is going to be conducting a “trial run” of the new book at several locations and it should be hitting the shelves TODAY!!  Below is a list of locations where you will be able to find both Everyday Paleo and my new book as well.  If you live close to one of these locations, let me know if you happen to see it on the shelves, let your friends and family know, and please help me convince Costco that they need to keep on carrying paleo books as this amazing lifestyle continues to become more mainstream and is changing lives!!  Thank you all so much for your continued support!  After the list of locations, I’ve also added a few Costco items that you can look for that are a great addition to paleo as well!

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Super Cool Giveaways in Honor of the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook Pre-Release

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The day is almost here – September 4th is literally around the corner which means the official release of my latest book, Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook – Real Food for Real Life.

Why Real Food for Real Life? Because the kind of life I’m living IS a real one; a busy one, and one filled with as much joy, love, and time spent with my family as humanly possible. I wrote this book to help other families and individuals optimize their time and the contents of this book will allow folks to join me in living life a little more Everyday Paleo.

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