Everyday Paleo Book Update and Warm Roasted Beet, Kale, and Shrimp Salad

Warm Roasted Beet, Kale & Shrimp Salad

Currently, my entire life is revolving around the completion of the Everyday Paleo book – and I wanted to give you all an update!

First, I want to thank each of you so much for your continued support and kind comments: I wish I had time to personally respond to everyone so please know that this big THANK YOU goes to everyone who has posted who I have not yet [Read more…]

Chicken Jicama Slaw

Chicken Jicama Slaw

Anything “slaw” is right up my alley and this salad was slaw-de-licious.  I was inspired to make this salad by a recipe sent to me by Michele L. who you might remember from this previous post. [Read more…]

Eggs in a Daze

Was it a Hollandaise or maybe a Bearnaise?  Call it what you want, but it was a darn good sauce for eggs – and I’m sure it will be tasty poured over just about any other protein or veggie.  Here’s what we did this morning to jazz up our breakfast routine. [Read more…]

Cooking Demo – Paleo Spaghetti & Baked Green Beans


First – a big thank you to Manimal Wear for sending me one of their promo t-shirts.  I was able to give the shirt a test run yesterday and wore it out and about with the boys and during my workout.  I’m sure I’ll be purchasing a couple more once the product has launched.

Ok, on to the food!! [Read more…]

How Hot is YOUR Kitchen?? – Another cooking demo….

Apparently my kitchen gets so hot that my coconut oil gets, “liquid-y”….

Along with having a lot of fun with our cooking demos, I am also inventing new words, and if anything, giving my family yet another reason to laugh at me!!

In this demo we make Savory Cauliflower Fried Rice, Pork Chops, and my Walnut Pesto Sauce. [Read more…]

Weekend eats…and giant pancakes

So, on Wednesday, during Rowan’s 2 year check up, I was bragging to Rowan’s pediatrician about how healthy we all have been and have somehow avoided being sick, except for the fact that I was in the midst of fighting a cold, and of course when I picked up Jaden two short days later on Friday, he was feverish and exhausted. So yes, we got sick, BUT – I honestly believe that it could be so much worse. I have heard frightening tales of weeks of the flu and trips to the ER and I think we’ll have this thing licked by tomorrow… I hope…

So food this weekend has been kind of random, until tonight when John cooked us an awesome meal. But yesterday was decent with leftover’s from Thursday night for breakfast, and for lunch I made a salmon salad: diced up leftover salmon patty, mixed with two chopped hard boiled eggs, two dill pickles, mayo, sunflower seeds, red wine vinager, dill, and pepper. By dinner time I had a sick 6 year old, a tired 2 year old, and 14 year old who volunteered to make breakfast for dinner. John was late at the office so Coby whipped up some gluten free pancakes from a mix from TJ’s, added blueberries, and he made his Paul Bunyan style. Not paleo, but it worked and what’s a kids life without pancakes (gluten free of course) every now and then.
John later brought home a turkey breast from Raley’s and a caesar salad which of course we threw out the croutons, as much as I would like to, this girl can’t live on pancakes for dinner, I gotta have my meat!!

Today for breakfast we had carnitas from TJ’s scrambled with eggs and frozen bell peppers and onion mix. We ate a late breakfast so kind of just snacked for lunch on salami and coleslaw. Dinner was awesome. John grilled rib-eye with a spice rub from Raley’s which is pictured. He also grilled bell peppers and I made my favorite sweet potatoes: pressure cook 4-5 peeled sweet potatoes for 14 minutes, melt a stick of organic butter, mix with mashed up potatoes along with a cup of applesauce, a bunch of cinnamon, a few shakes of dried ginger, and a small drizzle of honey. I don’t make these very often or I would live off of them…these are a weekend treat for sure…

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