The Barefoot Sourcing Story

This is a story of why I love and support Barefoot Provisions and why you should too. The Barefooters see the bigger picture and that’s what I look for in a company and that’s why I will continue to promote, support, and shop from this amazing resource. Enjoy! We already know that the Barefooters care […]

Caldo De Res and Introducing Massa Natural Meats!!

Caldo de Res 2

A few months ago I posted on my Facebook page, a picture of our freezer full of grass fed beef and many of you wanted to know who my “supplier” was!  I was eager to fill you all in on my secret but the awesome little company that I had purchased my beef from was […]

Paying homage to Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde.

I have recently discovered that Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde makes just about anything rather delicious so this is my homage to the wonderfully inexpensive and tasty green concoction: Salsa Verde over eggs:  Pour it over scrambled or over easy eggs and top with diced avocado. Salsa Verde as a dressing:  Toss left over chicken with some […]

Five minute rounds…

When life gets tough, I often think about those few epic CrossFit WODS that have been permanently burned into my memory banks, and I think, “Well, if I can get through THAT, I can get through anything.”  I also think about the resiliance of children and how they often tackle challenges with the bravery and optimism of warriors.  For example, […]