First Guest Post by Katie the Wellness Mama!

*Note from Sarah: I am SO excited to introduce Katie the Wellness Mama who will now be a regular contributor for Everyday Paleo!  You can find Katie at her own amazing blog here and learn more about Katie, what she does, and what her roll will be with Everyday Paleo here.  Now please read and enjoy Katie’s first article for Everyday Paleo!

Natural Options for Personal Care Products


One of the many great things about a Paleo diet is the focus on more natural whole food options and more natural movements when working out.

For those of us who have embraced this way of living and eating, it starts to seem counterintuitive to slather our bodies with chemical cocktails every day. Unfortunately, most conventional deodorants, shampoos, lotions, and other personal care products are filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients that can negatively affect our skin and our health. (Check out the health rating of your favorite products at the Cosmetics Database)

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