The Perfect Poached Egg

Sick of scrambled eggs – try poached!  I always assumed that poached eggs were for folks who had more culinary expertise and patience then little ol’ me.  Although I love to cook – I find more frustration then satisfaction when trying to make ANYTHING that is as lovely and delicate as a poached egg.  BUT – thanks to my dear friend Laura H., my mind has been forever changed about my prior notion of the impossible feat of producing the perfect poached egg.  I also must express my gratification to Laura H., who not only has taught me how to make the perfect poached egg but also adds love and light to my life and to the lives of my husband and children – thank you sweet Laura we love you!

Perfect Poached Egg

Bring a SMALL pot of water to a rapid boil and pour in a drop of apple cider vinegar.  Crack one egg, being careful to keep the yolk in tact, and slip the egg into the boiling water.  With a spatula, keep the water moving by gently sweeping the water above the egg.  After a minute or two use the spatula to lift the egg from the water to check to see if it’s done.  The perfect poached egg will have a cooked white and a bright yellow yolk.  Serve immediately!  My kiddos LOVE these eggs served in a bowl with a sprinkle of sea salt and some cracked black pepper.  My husband and I enjoyed poached eggs the other morning with fresh pork sausage patties and avocado slices…

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