Zuppa di finocchi e crema di carote (Creamy Carrot Fennel Soup from Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine)

creamy carrot fennel soup

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m making this recipe tonight from my Italian Cuisine book. The Creamy Carrot Fennel Soup is, well, it’s awesome. I happen to have a lot of carrots thanks to my CSA so BAM. Done. Decision made. If you don’t have my latest book, I’m going to be super nice and give you this recipe because it would be mean and nasty of me to eat this delicious soup without you, so I invite you to join me in the goodness that is Zuppa di finocchi e crema di carote!!!! [Read more…]

Everyday Paleo Around the World Release Day!!


*Updated Post: Due to an “internal glitch” with book distribution, I just received word from the powers that be that Costco will NOT have the new book on their shelves today but rather sometime early next week. With that being said, the Costco Gift Card mentioned in my original post below is now up for grabs to ANYONE who enters the contest. Please order your copy today from Amazon or pick up a copy from Barnes & Noble or any other major book seller, and follow the instructions in this link! So, please head out or log on and get your hands on a copy of Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine and you will be entered to win the Costco gift card in conjunction with all the other amazing prizes. I am so sorry for any inconvenience my original post may have caused. Thank  you all for your continued amazing support!


I’m So Pumped.  It’s here. The big day!!  Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine is officially available today and if you pre-ordered the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble it should be on its way!  Even better news – every Costco nationwide will have my new book available starting TODAY!!!  I’m so humbled and honored that Costco believes in me enough to carry my brand new book starting on day one!  Even more good news, besides winning a trip to Italy, or Denver, CO, or a huge meat pack from Massa Natural Meats, if you go pick up your book from Costco and email in a picture of your receipt to everydaypaleocontest@gmail.com, not only will that qualify you in to win one of the amazing above mentioned prizes, but you’ll also have a chance to win a $400 gift card to Costco! Imagine what a $400 Costco trip could do for you.  That’s a LOT of Kirkland toilet paper or Kerry Gold butter and I know in my house, with all my kiddos – that’s probably where the majority of that money would be spent.

$400 Costco Gift Card Baby!!!!!

So, follow the instructions in this link and read the details of how you can win the amazing destination prizes (did I say ITALY? Oh yes, I did, but I like to say it so I’ll say it again TRIP FOR TWO TO ITALY for an Everyday Paleo Adventure!!!) Italy!!!!!  Be sure to pick up your book from Costco, and email me that receipt as mentioned in the above linked post to everydaypaleocontest@gmail.com.  I hear you asking me now – and the answer is yes; you can enter without purchasing for the trip to Italy AND the Costco gift card. Details for entry without purchase for the trips and Massa Meat Pack are HERE, but if you also want to be entered in to win the Costco gift card without purchasing; simply go to your local Costco, take a picture of  yourself with my new book, and post it on your Facebook page, telling friends where to find Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine!  Email me the picture to everydaypaleocontest.com and BAM you are entered in to win one of the amazing above mentioned prizes AND the chance at a $400 gift card.

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Everyday Paleo Around the World: ITALIAN CUISINE and a Giveaway with LOTS of incredibly cool stuff…..

market for post

Cover1 for blog post


Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine is almost here. Crazy!!! It’s May, which means that according to my calculations, July 23rd will arrive in approximately five minutes, or at least I know it will feel that way!!  Final details are just about wrapped up and the book will soon be off to print and that has given me a bit of time to squeeze in a GIVEAWAY (or two) in honor of your dedication and patience as I know you all have been depressed and saddened that this book is not yet in your hands!!!

Ok, all joking aside; I’m going to offer you  a sneak peak recipe from the highly anticipated Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine! I’ll also share a few other glimpses into the book in which I literally take you around Italy right along with us!

Pictured above is the POSSIBLE new cover – if not this one it will be very similar and however it turns out ultimately I’m very happy with this design. It embodies the love, intimacy, and vibrancy that literally was our trip to Italy.

For those of you wondering what this book is all about; here’s the description you will find on the back cover!

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Italian Eggs

Italian Eggs

On Wednesday I mentioned on my Facebook page that I have family here visiting from the east coast and as I type I’m looking out over the St. Helena mountains from Calistoga. Chico has been a heat and smoke basin, thanks to the multiple fires that have been burning in northern CA so to get some reprieve from the nastiness, we snuck off to wine country for the weekend.

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