Everyday Paleo Chili Colorado


Chili Colorado

As promised, here is my recipe for Chili Colorado.  I would suggest this recipe as a great weekend project as it was a bit more time consuming then my usual recipes.  I like quick and easy meals but a dish like this warrants a little bit of extra love and care.  I suggest doubling this recipe if you want a lot of leftovers, especially if you have a larger family. We demolished this Chili Colorado on the night we made it and there was only enough leftovers for one person the next day.  John snuck the rest out of the house before I could tackle him and keep it for myself.  [Read more…]

Mexican Mole My Way


The word “mole” translated means a sauce or concoction.  Depending on the region, family tradition, or choice of ingredients, mole can be made a million different ways. When I think of mole I think of interesting ingredients that when blended together somehow turn into a beautiful marriage of flavors.  I also think of hours spent in the kitchen, a list of ingredients longer than my arm, and I start to feel afraid as I realize that I could never do true justice to the amazing traditional moles I have been honored to eat over the years. [Read more…]

Caldo De Pollo

Caldo De Pollo

I recently posted about the endless soup options one can come up with from simply boiling down a left over chicken carcass.  Besides the chocolate custard that I made for my family on Valentines Day, I also roasted a chicken and the next day came up with this delicious and blog worthy soup.  The rain is back in Northern CA and having a warm and subtly spicy chicken soup for leftovers has been comforting and yummy!

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Everyday Paleo Chile Verde

Everyday Paleo Chili Verde

Weekends are perfect for making a big pot of something delicious….  Today we made Chile Verde and while it slowly simmered on the stove top we walked the dogs in the park and also ran a few errands around town.  The end result of our long wait for dinner was melt in your mouth, scrumptious, and subtly spicy homemade chile verde – to die for!!! [Read more…]