Natural Beauty Options


*Enjoy another great post from Katie of Wellness Mama!! Beauty products and toiletries are a major source of chemical exposure for a lot of people. From parabens in make-up and shampoo to sulfates/sulfites in everything from lotion to toothpaste, chemicals can be hard to escape! Fortunately, there are some easy and natural options for most […]

Easy Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe

paleo toothpaste

*Visit Katie over at her amazing blog, Wellness Mama! Making your own toothpaste is an easy step you can take to improve your oral health. What’s In A Toothpaste? Typical toothpastes contain questionable ingredients like fluoride, glycerin (which can “starve” teeth of minerals), sodium lauryl sulphate (a harsh surfactant) and various artificial sweeteners. These chemicals […]

First Guest Post by Katie the Wellness Mama!

*Note from Sarah: I am SO excited to introduce Katie the Wellness Mama who will now be a regular contributor for Everyday Paleo!  You can find Katie at her own amazing blog here and learn more about Katie, what she does, and what her roll will be with Everyday Paleo here.  Now please read and enjoy Katie’s first article […]