Autoimmune Paleo and You

Many of you have been following Lisa who has been chronicalling her journey here on Everyday Paleo.  You can click here to catch up on her story. LIsa has been an outstanding contributor; inspiring and helping many folks along the way!  She started a facebook page a few months ago and had such a huge response that she decided to take the plunge and create her very own website dedicated to helping folks with autoimmune issues who are living a paleo lifestyle. Lisa’s hard work and dedication to help others is unbelievable and I know that you will find tremendous support from her and loads of valuable information from her site; Autoimmune Paleo and You.  Please head over and check out Lisa’s new site and wish her well!

Thank you Lisa for sharing your story with us and best of luck with your new venture!!

Don’t Cheat

*Note from Sarah: Here’s another post from Lisa.  You can catch up on her story by clicking here. You can also find Lisa on Facebook!

As many of you probably know, I first approached Sarah a few months ago for help because I was struggling with several autoimmune issues and after hearing about paleo, I sincerely hoped that finally I had found the answer I was looking for.  The title of this post is “Don’t Cheat” and any of you who have read either Everyday Paleo or The Paleo Solution know that Sarah and Robb both recommend NOT cheating for at least the first 30 days and then reassessing from there.  Sarah recommends to never cheat with anything that contains gluten and to cheat mindfully and to realize that cheating equals a setback for most folks; especially if recovering from an illness or if fat loss is their goal. With autoimmune; cheating takes on a whole other meaning, and here’s my story about how I learned the hard way.

Don’t cheat

Even I can screw things up, please learn from me……

A while back, my family and I went on a little get away for spring break. This was really my first big travel since going Paleo except for a day trip here or there.

I knew the area we were visiting well, including of course all of my old favorite dinning holes, pre-Paleo…..Amongst my favorite noshing pits lies in my opinion; the best gluten free pizza in the world.

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Put Your Own Mask on First.

Note from Sarah: Lisa is back with another great blog post about focusing first on YOU!  You can find Lisa here on her own Facebook page!

When I first decided to give Paleo a try, I made it a national declaration in our home….I called the family together, stood tall and boasted we were all going Paleo. Gave them the details and told them this was how we were going to eat from now on…Hmm not the greatest approach when I look back now.

I am usually a much easier going person with life’s changes. I usually laugh at everything. In fact, I confess, I can’t even get mad at my kids with out laughing. Nothing in life to me is ever that serious. Unless it’s serious….if you follow that one!?

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A Bicep!

*Note from Sarah: Lisa is back with a new blog post!  You can catch up on her journey by clicking here.

A Bicep….

I found one; I have one!!! Actually two, I have two biceps.
I am not talking about the photo I saw from Google images of the human anatomy.

Noooo, I have an actually bicep. It comes out and plays, and it magically forms itself when I lift my arm.

Unlike the Easter crème egg fiasco, I was pleased and excitingly surprised to see this unexpected thing pop up one day.

Many moons ago, pre-children. I was an avid runner, cheerleader and competitive gymnast for my high school. So I knew the competitive drive was in me. I knew the younger version of me had drive, kick and compassion for fitness. But “younger” is the key word.

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Paleo….Focusing on HEALTH!!

*Note from Sarah: Lisa is back with another great blog post as she chronicles her paleo journey.  Click here to catch up on Lisa’s story and be sure to find her on Facebook!

Paleo…. Focusing on HEALTH!!

It’s funny, when I began this Paleo journey I never really gave thought to where it was going to go. I just knew I needed to feel better and that I was not willing to spend one more day, losing to my autoimmune issues.

I wanted to lose weight and find some part of the old me again. I needed to get out from the black hole that I was in, and that’s all that mattered.

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An Old Friend…. ME

*Note from Sarah: Lisa is back with another great blog post!  To catch up on Lisa’s journey, click here.

An Old friend….ME

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting an old friend…..ME

The me I was a long time ago, the me I had actually forgotten.

I guess in some ways after becoming a wife and mother I lost me. Actually I think I forgot about me; there was just never any time, between changing diapers, making meals, and alleviating home pressures so my husband had more time and energy to focus on his job. I simply got lost. My stuff just did not matter anymore. Everyone else came first, and by day’s end, I was too tired to care.

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Dancing with the Devil


*Note from Sarah: Lisa is back as she continues to share her journey with us.  You can read her earlier installments and get caught up by clicking here.  Thank you Lisa!

Dancing with the Devil

Oh no, just when I think I have it figured out, those gooey, milk chocolate, melt in your mouth, sweet yolk filled eggs appear. Just when I think I have a handle on things, happily skipping through the grocery store, fruits, veggies and lean protein in hand. I stop in my tracks, and, what do I see peering at me across the way. When did they get here?

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