A Cool New Blog, and a Cooking Demo – Albondigas Soup!!

As you all know we are raising a paleo family; ultimately hoping to avoid disease and most importantly wanting to pass the gift of health and longevity down to the most important people in out lives, our children.  Parenting is the hardest job one will ever have, and yet, parents work hard to do what is best for their kids, and those of you who are mommy’s and daddy’s know first hand all the emotions that go along with raising kid-lets.  Children do not always make it easy for us parents… I remember one poignant moment as a rebellious teenager, telling my mom, “You just don’t love me!”, and my amazing, loving, beautiful mother looked back at me gently and said, “Sarah, you really have no idea how much I do love you.” [Read more…]

Better Butter Chicken…..

We are big fans of Indian cuisine, but I will admit, I have always been a bit frightened of trying to make any of our favorite dishes.  The flavors of India are pretty complex, and a lot can go into making a dish just right and I simply don’t have that kind of time.  Well, I decided to throw caution to the wind and after looking at some pretty complicated recipes for Butter Chicken or “Murgh Makhani” I went to my local health food store and purchased a few of the spices that seemed essential in hopes of making my own paleo version. [Read more…]


Yes, this meal was Disney inspired…  Ratatouille was playing on TV a few weeks ago and my 6 year old asked me if WE could ever make Ratatouille.

Now to get off track a bit, I must mention that I recently signed up with a local farmers cooperative here in Chico called GRUB. Every Wednesday we go to the GRUB farm and for only $75 a month we get a weekly hook up of an amazing assortment of organically grown fresh vegetables.  It’s a great experience for the kids. [Read more…]

Chicken Paleo Piccata…

Chicken Piccata is simple and succulent but typically this dish calls for the chicken to be dredged in flour before being tossed into the frying pan.  I decided to try to make this dish without, of course, the usual flour dredging and I dressed it up with some savory garlic and green onions in addition to the traditional capers.  Here is my take on piccata – paleo style! [Read more…]

Steak, Sauce and other stuff…

Sometimes when life won’t settle down, it’s important to etch out time for things that nurture us.  For me, my sanctuary is time spent with my husband, and as much as I love my kids and the hours spent caring for them, I equally love alone time with John – and I need it to stay sane! [Read more…]