Chicken Nuggets and Clean Clothes!

Ground Chicken

*Note from Sarah: This post comes from Dana, our EP Team’s Director of Operations (aka Sarah’s Lifesaver).  It’s been one year since Dana successfully transitioned her family to paleo and with her experience she offers up some wonderful information and advice. I hope you enjoy!

If you are anything like me, when I first committed to eating and living Paleo, there were still pangs for certain foods to, well, taste like they did before.  Pizza Hut pizza is a thing of the past, and now my homemade “paleo” pizza tastes great to me; but it took a while. Same goes for McDonald’s chicken nuggets.  Ahhhh… those late nights at the drive-thru, while momentarily comforting, are definitely now a thing of the past!  Well I have good news for you; I finally found healthy ground chicken that is worthy of delicious chicken nuggets and are actually made from real food, and the outcome is WAY better than the processed chicken nuggets that we thought used to taste good! [Read more…]