My Family and Treats

“Paleo Treat.” It’s been a big buzz in the paleosphere these days and I typically live in my own little bubble, ignoring the big buzzes and focusing on taking the best care of my family that I can and using what’s left of my energy dedicated to running this little blog, working on books, and helping to run EPLifeFit.  I love doing what I do.  I am extremely blessed.  I am so grateful to be healthy and strong after so many years of not being healthy and strong and I am beyond happy that my kids are healthy, strong and thriving.

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Decadent Fruit Dip


When in doubt, keep it simple!  Following this one little suggestion has helped me tremendously in the kitchen and John used this simplistic approach over the weekend to whip up a delicious dip.  We picked up a box of strawberries from the farmers market this weekend and the yummy berries were the vessel of inspiration for my husband’s simple yet fabulous creation.

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