What’s The Deal With Grains?


*Note from Sarah: Jason Seib is back with another awesome article.  This is an easy to read post that you can send over to friends and family whom might be pestering you for answers as to why you are avoiding all the “fiber rich and heart healthy” breads, pastas, and cereals! Now you have the explanation you need right at your fingertips. For more Jason, you can also find him at Everyday Paleo Lifestyle & Fitness.

What’s the Deal With Grains?

This one is mostly for the paleo newbies and those of you who never quite understood the details behind our grain avoidance.  Let’s debunk a couple of common myths.

But we NEED grains!  Grains are good for you!

On the contrary, grains are good for birds, but not us.  Mammals like you and I can’t quite stomach them (pun intended).  Here is the short story in highly oversimplified form.  Grains contain gut irritating lectins that damage the microvilli, or brush border, in our intestines, which then leads to the widening of tight junctions, a condition also known as leaky gut.  Leaky gut is the situation in which bigger particles than planned are allowed through the gut wall and into your body.  Some of these particles, especially the lectins themselves and gram negative bacteria, can be very problematic.   [Read more…]

What does eating Paleo REALLY Mean?? And a recipe


First, I would like to announce the winner of the Name That Recipe contest for last weeks Lamb and Pumpkin Recipe.  I let my 15 year old, Coby, pick the winner and after much deliberation and deep, deep thought – he decided on: Halloween Hash by Stefanie. Thank you Stefanie and thank you Coby for picking a great entry – I loved all of them!!

Now, on to the good stuff.

Before you started eating paleo, did food rule your life?  It ruled mine. [Read more…]

The Naked Factor is just a bonus… And a recipe (of course)!

img_9239Admittedly, I started eating paleo because I was tired of looking at my not so attractive nakedness in the mirror and I secretly and desperately wanted to be that hot mom in a bikini…..  Of course I was blind to the trillion other little health issues that plagued me; writing them off as normal.  I was blind to what eating paleo really had in store for me, and blind to the the fact that a paleo lifestyle would slowly but surely open my eyes to so many important life experiences that I would have missed out on otherwise. [Read more…]

Holy Cow – People are Listening!!

I am feeling optimistic, I feel as if People Are Listening!!  I can go into Raley’s, Trader Joe’s, and now Costco and find various offerings of grass fed beef, free range bison, and free range organic chicken!  I no longer feel like an underground cult member, looking and longing for my next fix of beef that won’t kill me.  We, Us, the Consumer, have spoken and we are being heard, so keep it up folks!!! [Read more…]

The Fast Fix….

Over the years I have humbly learned a couple things about making paleo work for a family. One big lesson is accepting that in order to eat paleo, you simply have to cook.  Another big realization: Even when it feels as if there is no time left in the day, the reality is that a delicious and healthy paleo meal can be only minutes away. [Read more…]

Simple and Seasonal

Our ancestors ate what was available based upon the seasons and in my part of the world the summer season is the most bountiful and wonderful time to take advantage of what’s growing near you.  I made a yummy breakfast this week with organic seasonal vegetables, all purchased from our local farmers market (except the mushrooms which I purchased from Trader Joe’s). [Read more…]