My Teenagers Perspective on Paleo: Guest Blog by Coby Fragoso

Coby post

*Note from Sarah: Coby.  My oldest son.  My teenage hero and the kid that keeps me sane when his little brothers are driving me crazy.  I wish I could explain to you what Coby means to me but how could I? It’s like trying to explain the vast expanse of the universe, so I won’t even try. Anyway,  I asked Coby a while ago if he would write a blog post and he totally went for it! Below is what he has written; from the heart of a 16 year old, he has shared with you his own personal paleo journey – short and sweet and to the point. Thank you Coby for your honesty and your willingness to put yourself out there in hopes to share with other kids that living this lifestyle can be your own unique experience.    [Read more…]

School Lunch and a Trader Joe’s Find

I have had a couple requests for more school lunch ideas.  I posted one on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, which I have also added to this post, along with another picture of a common school lunch for my boys.

I also had a blog reader email me about a pre-seasoned salmon that he found at Trader Joe’s.  I usually steer away from the pre-packaged or pre-seasoned food but this one is GREAT! [Read more…]