An Intro to the Beautiful Marche!!

Marche intro photo

As many of you know, my family and I are traveling through Italy, soaking up the culture and cooking our way through several different regions of this spectacular country.  We started our journey first in Bologna and moved on from there to Pesaro. All last week we were staying near the Adriatic Sea, in the region known as Le Marche.  Il Pignocco was our home base; a magical, fairytale location perched on top of a hill overlooking Pesaro.  The charming Il Pignocco is an old Italian farmhouse dating back to the 18th century that has been restored into a beautiful holiday house that is perfectly located – hidden away – and a beautiful place that we would have been happy to stay forever.  Everyday if I could, you would find me resting under the ancient olive trees and listening to the birds sing, but as always, real life intercepts my fantasies…

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Changing or Escaping

Note from Sarah: Thank you Jason Seib for another amazing post! 

I have had some epiphanies in my research lately and I’m anxious to share them with you.  One of the most eye opening ones for me is the subject of today’s post.  Once again, we need to begin with a question, albeit one that sounds a little confusing on its surface:

Are you trying to feel better emotionally, or are you actually pursuing a goal?

Don’t answer until I explain.  I recently stumbled upon a fantastic paper titled The False-Hope Syndrome: Unfulfilled Expectations of Self-Change, and I hope you will read the entire thing, but one particular concept jumped out at me.  It begins with this:

Merely committing to a diet may make people feel more in control, more responsible for their weight, and, potentially, more likely to achieve their goals than they felt before making the commitment. 

This all sounds great until we fully understand the following:

Unfortunately, however, the optimism and positive affect that accompany the beginning of a change attempt tend to dissipate with the vicissitudes of actually working to effect the change.

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Empowered or Enabled?

*Note from Sarah: Jason Seib is back with more inspiration!! 

Empowered or Enabled?

I want to preface this post by stating that what you are about to read is by no means a rant, or an attempt to pass judgement on anyone and that my true intention is to help!! The goal of what I am writing is to simply get you thinking about your perspective.

Having said that, I have a question for you:

Do you use the internet to find those who might empower you to succeed, or to congregate with those who might enable you to slip up?

It’s great that we can all find each other on Facebook, blogs, and forums.  It’s wonderful to have support and the rapid exchange of information.  And it’s always nice to know that we aren’t alone when it can sometimes seem like the rest of the world thinks we are crazy despite our results.  But I think there can be a downside to these things, too.

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Where’s Your Focus?

my boys

My Focus!!

Sometimes I find myself losing a little bit of focus.  I’m not talking about staying on track with food in this post; but staying on track with what really matters… I sometimes forget that the end could very well be just the end; and it’s what’s in the middle that counts. Every now and then I forget that if I don’t cuddle enough, love enough, talk or laugh or sing out loud enough that I might not have another chance to do those things that really bring me joy; or most importantly, do those things that really bring my children joy.

You never know when it might be your turn to get off the bus, and I don’t want my turn to come around without having every possible moment “count.”

My favorite memories as a child are those that include laughing with my family.  Really laughing.  Belly laughing. Seeing the joy filled faces of my loved ones sharing a moment of sheer happiness. My other favorite memories include the ones that involve that feeling of being completely loved by my parents.  That special song my mom used to sing to me; the one I try to sing to my kids but I can’t because the tears just flow and because I can still feel my mom’s love. Or,  that time when I was sad and my dad stopped everything, scooped me up on his lap and he let me help him steer the riding lawn mower while we rode around for hours in the warm sunshine, laughing and driving in circles. Those moments are my focus that bring me back to reality when I’m having even my hardest of days.

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Moroccan Burgers and Beet Salad

m burgers

Burgers. Yum. Or as Rowan (the 4 year old) put it. “Mom, these are the best burgers EVER!!” I am busy lady, and we rely a lot on easy meals and fast fixes so my freezer is stocked with tons of grass fed ground beef because, well, it’s much more manageable on crazy days to whip up something with ground beef – but to keep it interesting on ground beef nights – I turn to my well stocked spice cabinet!  Last night we came up with these awesome Moroccan Burgers and paired them with a Moroccan Inspired Beet Salad and topped the burgers with a Garlic Parsley Aioli. Sounds all fancy but it was pretty simple and pure deliciousness….

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How ’bout Those Recommendations?


*Note from Sarah:  Here’s Jason Seib with another compelling post.  Be sure to go find him on Facebook and listen in to our brand new podcast, Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness! 

How ’bout Those Recommendations?

Last weekend I was in Grants Pass, Oregon with Sarah for a seminar and I stumbled on some interesting information.  My wife, Sheryl, and I got into town a little early and decided to check the place out.  After eating a lot of meat for lunch as usual, she dragged me kicking and screaming into an antique shop.  After a while, I fought back my usual testosterone driven desire to make a break for it and I started rifling through the books scattered throughout the various nooks and crannies of the store.  When I had all but given up on finding anything of interest, I stumbled upon this little gem from 1941:

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One Pot Chicken Drumsticks and a Release Week Recap!


It’s pretty darn cool to cook right out of my own cookbooks and that’s just what we have been doing this week! I haven’t revisited the recipes in my new book for a few weeks, simply because after you write, photograph, test, and re-test recipes; it’s sometimes necessary – in order to keep ones sanity – to put it all to bed for a while . However, now that the book has been released, it all seems fresh and new again and our family is having a blast making and eating the food from our very own Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook!

Today I’m going to share a recipe from the new book that we made for dinner last night; but first I want to do a quick Release Week Recap, go over some highlights, and thank the awesome bloggers out there who took the time to review my new book!

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