Women, Weights, and Bone Density


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If you have never heard me extol the virtues of lifting heavy weights, we have only just met.  For health and fat loss goals, heavy lifting and a solid paleo diet are unparalleled.  Unfortunately, women and heavy lifting is the hardest sell out of everything we preach around here.  Some of you who frequent this site and our Facebook pages are doing everything else perfectly, but you are not lifting weights and you are not getting the results you want.  If you are worried that you will get too muscular and masculine, we covered that with Katie and the Women and Muscle post.  If you are intimidated by the meat heads in the gym, we covered that in this post.  If you just don’t know what to do or where to start and don’t know any good trainers, we created Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness for you and we have had amazing success interactively teaching proper form to our members over the internet.  So if, you’re still not sure about the benefits of lifting heavy weights,  maybe I can win you over with some science!

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I love the term “able-bodied”.  The U.S. military uses it to define individuals who are fit enough to serve, but used outside the context of a specific organization or task it would simply mean “fit”, except that nobody is in the habit of confusing able-bodied with “not over-weight”.  Able-bodied implies well rounded physical capacity, or a body that can get stuff done.

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The Whole Enchilada

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It has become increasingly obvious to me that a great many people believe that this paleo thing begins and ends at the dinner table.  If this is you, you could probably use a little wider perspective and a little less frustration.

The trouble is in our nature.  When it comes to health and nutrition, people tend to look for one specific thing they can put their finger on that, if fixed, will relieve them of all their problems.  We have plenty of examples of this fatal flaw in action.  We blame heart disease on cholesterol, obesity on fast food, and an entire flawed government on whoever happens to be president.  This same attitude causes many people to search for that one magical diet, movement, or supplement that will finally get them results when nothing else has worked.  If paleo is just another trip down that road for you, you are likely to think of it as a “diet”.  But remember, “The Paleo Diet” is simply human nutrition from an evolutionary perspective.  I have said it 1,000 times, “diet” should not be a verb!  Stop doing diets.  I have heard from more people than I can count who seem to be doing diets like pushing the next button and then staring intently at their bodies for 3 to 5 weeks. When they don’t get the aesthetic results they want they get frustrated.  What they are missing is the all important health factor in all of this.  I know I sometimes sound like a broken record, but you will eventually end up frustrated if you only pursue aesthetic goals without consideration for improving your health.  Don’t get me wrong, you may reach your goal, you just won’t be able to maintain it for a lifetime like you will if you truly get healthy.

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Cardio!

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Whenever I tell people to stop doing cardio I always seem to leave them baffled.  The concept of cardio for weight loss is so ingrained in the minds of most people in the Western world that it tends to go without saying that it must be done.  Sometimes people even leave it out when I ask them to tell me about their workout routine because they assume cardio is a given.  In truth, Sarah and I (and Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, and Chrissy Gower, to name a few more of MANY) prescribe no cardio to our clients at all.  Yes, that means Deb did absolutely no cardio to get her results.  I know it sounds crazy, but ask yourself why you believe cardio is beneficial as we take a look at the logic and science behind why it is not.  First the logic, then the science.

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Women and Muscle


*A note from Sarah: Below is another post by guest blogger Jason Seib of Primitive Stimulus.  I love all of Jason’s posts but this one is incredibly near and dear to my heart.  I used to have a misconception that if I lifted heavy weights I would “bulk up.”  Fast forward to today and I am so grateful that somebody finally shot that notion clean out of my mind.  There are “fitness professionals” out there currently preaching that women should never lift more then 3 pounds.  Please tell me ladies, does your toddler, bag of groceries, or even your purse weigh less then 3 pounds?? I’ll leave you with this thought; changing my attitude about exercise changed my life, and very likely saved my life and today when I go to the gym I absolutely lift a heck of a lot more then 3 pounds and I’m grateful to be strong enough to pick up and toss any “fitness professional” who tells me I should do otherwise.

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Women and Muscle

This one is for the ladies.  Gentlemen, see you next time.

I’m generalizing here, but an average workout for for the typical female Globo Gym client consists of 30 – 60 minutes on a cardio machine or cardio class of some sort, followed by 10 – 15 minutes of “core” work.  If the path from the cardio equipment/class passes too close to the barbells, they must walk very quickly so as not to wake up tomorrow morning with 20 inch biceps and a full beard.  Okay, I’m being facetious, but this is a frustrating problem for many a trainer. [Read more…]

Attention Scale Addicts, part 2


Latest blog post from Jason Seib

Brace yourself.  I’m coming at you with all guns blazing on this one and you aren’t going to believe what you’re about to see.  First things first, if you haven’t read my diatribe condemning your bathroom scale, please begin there.

Alright, now that you are caught up, let’s revisit Deb from my last post.  Deb has been kind enough to let me exploit her for your education on these here interwebs and I am very grateful.  Showing the world where she started isn’t easy, but she is a kind person who wants to help you and she has accomplished some remarkable things in her health and fitness. [Read more…]

Attention Scale Addicts!

Below is another post by guest blogger Jason Seib.  Read, enjoy, and follow Jason’s work at his blog, Primitive Stimulus.

Attention Scale Addicts

This one is for those of you with fat loss goals, and I’m not pulling any punches.  I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.  That is certainly not my intention.  At the risk of sounding sexist, the vast majority of “scale addiction” sufferers I have encountered have been women, but there are plenty of men in need of this advice: [Read more…]