Women, Weights, and Bone Density


Note from Sarah: Here’s another spectacular post by Jason Seib.  Be sure to head on over and like Jason’s Facebook page where he’s always sharing a wealth of information. Thank you Jason! If you have never heard me extol the virtues of lifting heavy weights, we have only just met.  For health and fat loss […]

The Whole Enchilada

*Be sure to also check out Jason – on Facebook!!!  (Finally) It has become increasingly obvious to me that a great many people believe that this paleo thing begins and ends at the dinner table.  If this is you, you could probably use a little wider perspective and a little less frustration. The trouble is […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Cardio!

*Note from Sarah: Jason Seib is back with a MUST READ article!! Whenever I tell people to stop doing cardio I always seem to leave them baffled.  The concept of cardio for weight loss is so ingrained in the minds of most people in the Western world that it tends to go without saying that […]

Attention Scale Addicts, part 2


Latest blog post from Jason Seib Brace yourself.  I’m coming at you with all guns blazing on this one and you aren’t going to believe what you’re about to see.  First things first, if you haven’t read my diatribe condemning your bathroom scale, please begin there. Alright, now that you are caught up, let’s revisit […]