Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast, Episode 19

Sarah and I are back with Episode 19 of the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast! Click here to listen or find us on iTunes. Please submit your questions to and if you have a spare minute, please be sure to leave us a review on iTunes!!  Thank you very much and enjoy!     Here’s what we discuss […]

The Hip Hinge


From a structural standpoint, the hips need to be able to bear heavy loads. Whether it’s carrying a child, going for a world-record deadlift, or simply moving your body through space, the hips and surrounding musculature need to be able to handle those loads; just like a bridge needs to be able to handle all of those vehicles that drive over them on a daily basis.

Women, Weights, and Bone Density


Note from Sarah: Here’s another spectacular post by Jason Seib.  Be sure to head on over and like Jason’s Facebook page where he’s always sharing a wealth of information. Thank you Jason! If you have never heard me extol the virtues of lifting heavy weights, we have only just met.  For health and fat loss […]

Erika Knows No Bounds


*Note from Sarah: Jason Seib is back with an incredible story about one of his clients, Erika, and the power of living a paleo lifestyle.  (Not to be confused with Everyday Paleo college student contributor by the same name!!)   Read and enjoy! Erika Knows No Bounds Sometimes we make excuses for why we don’t […]