Just Paleo

just paleo

Since paleo is more of a concept and a perspective than it is a diet, getting started can sometimes be a little confusing.  It’s ironic, but the same internet that allows instant access to tons of good information can also overwhelm us or bury us in bad information.  Low carb?  Carb cycling?  Intermittent fasting?  Avoid starch?  Fruit or no fruit?  Weigh and measure?  Count calories?  High fat?  How much protein?  AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

It’s important to understand that none of the things listed in the last paragraph will make or break “The Paleo Diet,” but all of them can become worthy of consideration when you ask yourself, “What will it take to get me from my present condition to peak health?”  In other words, they are all possible variables that might be beneficial to various people coming from various states of metabolic health.  Please note, though, that I have never met a single person who required all of these tweaks to get healthy and fit.  Most people, when addressing their nutrition responsibly, will find the results they seek without nearly so much effort.

So dive in and start dabbling??  Slow down there, tiger!  If you want the best possible results, you need to get your basic paleo dialed first, and this is especially true if you have lost and regained weight multiple times in your past or if you have done a lot of cardio and/or starvation diets.  Whether you get there quick or in baby steps, start by just focusing on two things:

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