It can be this easy


After finally completing the recipe section for my book, which included cooking and photographing over 100 recipes in 3 weeks, I’m kind of tired of cooking….  But – we still have to eat, so tonight I made the simplest dinner that I could eek out and in fact it was so easy, it shouldn’t have tasted as good as it did.  This was however an important reminder that when eating paleo it’s actually really hard to go wrong.  Fresh veggies, meat, and fat is not all that complicated and one has to try pretty darn hard to mess up, especially when keeping it simple.  Here’s a “It Can Be This Easy” meal that I hope you all enjoy as much as we did! [Read more…]

More School Lunch Ideas and a Couple of Cool Cave Girls


If you haven’t already, you must pay a visit to these two cool cave girls at Cave Girl Cafe!  They are offering up paleo/gluten free themed greeting cards (I LOVE the bacon heart card) as well as coffee and travel mugs.  I’ve attached pics of the samples that they so graciously sent to me, but you can see what they offer for yourself at their website!  With the holidays fast approaching, why not send your greetings to friends and loved ones with a Paleo themed card and some awesome, sustainably sourced coffee!!  Thanks Cave Girls!!

Also, I have attached a few pictures of Jaden’s new environmentally friendly lunch box with more lunch ideas included.   [Read more…]