Video Tour of Osteria Del Parco with Chef Samuele


I’m truly glad to be back home, but a rather large part of my heart will always remain in Italy. I still have SO much to share with all of you so please hang in there with me while we continue to sort through photos and edit video and I’ll continue to post stories and videos of our amazing journey.  I’m also starting work on my next cookbook which will be the first of many for an international paleo cookbook series! The first book will of course be all about Italy with accompanying recipes; all paleo but as authentic as possible!!!  I’m so excited to expand our paleo lifestyle into international travel and cuisine – we are learning about life from others who truly know how to live it and now we can share it with you and my heart is truly bursting with joy, excitement and anticipation…  Our lives are forever changed, we’ve had to make huge changes on the home front in order to make this all happen, but life is so darn short, and it’s worth the risk, worth the fear, worth the craziness with kids and family, worth putting it “all on hold” in order to dive head first into really living…

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Paleo Has More To Offer

*Note from Sarah: Jason Seib is back with another great post! 

Whenever I speak to a new group of people, my first order of business is always to define “diet” and help everyone to understand that paleo is not a diet, or at least not just a diet.  I know you have heard the word “lifestyle” thrown around ad nauseum, and we are as guilty as anybody (Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness), but I think that word falls short, too.  Perspective or point of view come closer.  “Seriously, Jason?  Is this really a post about semantics?”  No, not really.  Bear with me.  This stuff might be keeping you from reaching your goals.

Paleo asks one simple question – what is the natural human diet?  Therefore, the answer to this question can be called The Paleo Diet, and following the Rules of The Paleo Diet will deliver us from the evils of poor nutrition and give each of us the body we want with nary a second thought, right?  Not always.  Avoiding grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, soy, and all processed foods while liberally partaking of meat and vegetables  (and a bit of fruit) will be a huge step in the right direction, but it probably won’t be the solitary key to your desire to look, feel, and/or perform better.  This is why paleo is much more effective when it is painted in broader strokes and the question it asks is reworded to something along these lines: can we identify all the ways in which our modern lives are at odds with what our bodies expect, and can we rectify those discrepancies?  In other words, use the paleo concept to help you form the right questions.

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Where’s Your Focus?

my boys

My Focus!!

Sometimes I find myself losing a little bit of focus.  I’m not talking about staying on track with food in this post; but staying on track with what really matters… I sometimes forget that the end could very well be just the end; and it’s what’s in the middle that counts. Every now and then I forget that if I don’t cuddle enough, love enough, talk or laugh or sing out loud enough that I might not have another chance to do those things that really bring me joy; or most importantly, do those things that really bring my children joy.

You never know when it might be your turn to get off the bus, and I don’t want my turn to come around without having every possible moment “count.”

My favorite memories as a child are those that include laughing with my family.  Really laughing.  Belly laughing. Seeing the joy filled faces of my loved ones sharing a moment of sheer happiness. My other favorite memories include the ones that involve that feeling of being completely loved by my parents.  That special song my mom used to sing to me; the one I try to sing to my kids but I can’t because the tears just flow and because I can still feel my mom’s love. Or,  that time when I was sad and my dad stopped everything, scooped me up on his lap and he let me help him steer the riding lawn mower while we rode around for hours in the warm sunshine, laughing and driving in circles. Those moments are my focus that bring me back to reality when I’m having even my hardest of days.

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Get Out and PLAY!!


Play is extremely important and play is NOT just for children.  Even without kids of your own, playing is something we all need to make time for.  What does play do?  Play is a natural part of our existence and playing reminds us that life should be enjoyed and having our noses constantly to the grindstone does not produce the quality of life that we all are striving for.

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Unplug Yourself before you Wreck Yourself!!


Last weekend, Chrissy Gower of Growing up Paleo and her family along with my family were lucky enough to escape to a cabin in the woods, not too terribly far from Chico.  We all owe a huge thank you to the wonderful family who allowed us to take over their beautiful sanctuary. The charming cabin perched on a meadow outlined by pines made us all feel very much at peace and at home from the moment we arrived.

The beauty of last weekend reached beyond the meadow, blooming flowers, bubbling creek, and the full moon because the real beauty was found in the quiet and freedom from technology!! There was no cell service, no internet access, and no cable television.   [Read more…]