My Arugula Obsession…

I am mildly obsessed with arugula so I will hammer my love of arugula home with one and final arugula recipe – for a while anyway.  This salad has similar components to my favorite “go to” chicken salad but with the yummy smokey addition of arugula and a few other ingredients.

Stuffed Avocados

I love tuna salad but we do not eat a whole lot of canned tuna, hoping to avoid exposing my family to loads of unnecessary mercury.  A great substitute for canned tuna is of course wild caught canned salmon –  but I still love tuna salad….  So I did a little research and guess what – […]

Three “No Excuses” Lunch Ideas and Magazine Update

The Woman’s World magazine hit the stands yesterday with the Paleo story making the cover promoted by a picture of the beautfil CSI Miami star Eva La Rue!  Prior to finding out yesterday, totally unbeknown to me, there is a celebrity promoting the paleo diet – look how mainstream paleo is quickly becoming!!  Very cool!  The article within the […]