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I recently posted about Paleo Magazine which is a fairly new publication and I am so excited and honored to be a monthly contributor!  For the latest issue, the editor of the magazine asked me to contribute an article about school lunches; and furthermore, look who made the cover!! Thank you so much to Paleo Mag for the honor, and dear readers, please support and subscribe to this amazing publication. I promise you will be impressed with the quality and content!

My Arugula Obsession…

I am mildly obsessed with arugula so I will hammer my love of arugula home with one and final arugula recipe – for a while anyway.  This salad has similar components to my favorite “go to” chicken salad but with the yummy smokey addition of arugula and a few other ingredients. [Read more…]

Stuffed Avocados

I love tuna salad but we do not eat a whole lot of canned tuna, hoping to avoid exposing my family to loads of unnecessary mercury.  A great substitute for canned tuna is of course wild caught canned salmon –  but I still love tuna salad….  So I did a little research and guess what – good ol’ Trader Joe’s carries canned tuna that happens to be at the very BOTTOM of the list of mercury found in tuna.  So today I stuffed some avocados with a yummy paleo tuna salad for a change from our usual canned salmon.  

Stuffed Avocados

3 -4 ripe avocados

4 cans of Trader Joe’s tuna packed in water

3 green onions

3 celery stalks

1 palm full of dried dill

1 tbsp garlic powder

fresh ground black pepper to taste

grape tomatoes halved

about 1 cup of Olive Oil Mayo– 1egg, 1 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, pinch of sea salt, few shakes of cayenne pepper, 1 tsp yellow mustard, 1 cup olive oil

Cut avocados in half lengthwise and remove the stone – leave the peel on.  In a large mixing bowl mix together the tuna, celery,  onions, and spices. In a food processor process for 5 seconds the egg, vinegar, mustard, cayenne pepper, and sea salt.  For another 5 seconds of blending slowly add the olive oil until it makes mayo. 

Add the mayo mixture to the tuna, mix well, and scoop onto halved avocados and top with tomatoes.


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Three “No Excuses” Lunch Ideas and Magazine Update

The Woman’s World magazine hit the stands yesterday with the Paleo story making the cover promoted by a picture of the beautfil CSI Miami star Eva La Rue!  Prior to finding out yesterday, totally unbeknown to me, there is a celebrity promoting the paleo diet – look how mainstream paleo is quickly becoming!!  Very cool!  The article within the mag highlights Dr. Cordain and promotes his book – which is also great.  I am also in the article, a little pic of what I look like now and a before pic as well and a few quotes from my interview.  Overall I am happy that the magazine shed paleo in a positive light, and I WAS correctly quoted in saying that paleo for me is now my lifestyle and not just a diet.  Out of respect for the magazine sales, once this issue is off the stands I will try to scan and post the article on my blog – or ya’ll can  just go buy one!! : )

Ok, on to food!!  Here are three easy chicken based recipes that can be made in abundance and packed to go so there are no excuses at lunch time…  I have also made the last salad recipe with canned salmon and it’s awesome this way as well!

Chicken Stir Fry over greens…

1 package already cooked chicken from Trader Joe’s or 3 -4 cooked and diced chicken breasts

1/2 package of sliced mushrooms

1 head of organic broccoli chopped

2 organic carrots sliced

2-3 green onions (i used 1 giant one from the farmers market…)

1/2 a bag of frozen onions and bell peppers from Trader Joe’s

1 jar of marinated artichoke hearts

1/4 -1/2 cup organic free range chicken broth

grape seed oil

crushed garlic, black pepper, sea salt, and dried basil to taste

2 bunches of greens to your liking (chard or kale is good…)

Chop up your greens and either steam or saute until tender, set aside.  In a large skillet, pour enough grapeseed oil in to cover the bottom and heat over medium.  Add frozen onions and bells until thawed and add broccoli and carrots.  Cook broccoli and carrots until crisply tender and then add remaining veggies, artichoke hearts and chicken.  Stir together until warm, add seasoning and chicken broth, stir and simmer for just a couple of minutes.  Serve over a bed of greens.  Make a double batch and pack in Tupperware for next day’s lunch!

Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Salad

4 diced chicken breasts or whatever leftover chicken pieces you might have

1 jar sun dried tomatoes

1 diced apple

1/2 a bag of sliced almonds

1/2 a head of shredded green or purple cabbage

olive oil, black pepper, and white balsamic vinegar to taste

Mix all ingredients together.  When I make this I fill up a huge Tupperware and it’s ready in the fridge for school lunches and of course for me.  My two year old loves this salad…

Warm Chicken and Bacon Green Salad

1 chicken breast diced (or 1 can of wild salmon)

4 strips of cooked diced bacon

1/2 an apple diced

2 big handfuls of salad greens

olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and black pepper to taste.

Pretty easy and straight forward but if you take the time to warm up the chicken and then adding the warm bacon on top of the crisp greens and then all that lovely olive oil, it just tastes too good to be so easy..

Enjoy and No Excuses!!

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